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Hammer Time [Latimere]

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on Thu Jul 13, 2017 5:43 am

Words: 543

There the boy now was, the Black Anvil. A craftsman's paradise and also the beginning stage for his second mission. The last one was fun, hanging up flier's, seeing Fairy Tail's guild hall. It was one heck of an episode! Now he was here, at a new destination, a new reason to carry out a mission, and new paycheck if he could finish it successfully. A face of uncertainty painted the picture together while our scene opens slowly to meet the tall young man's piercing electric blues. He didn't exactly seem content with himself. However that's to be expected. When you live the life he has, there isn't much room for confidence. Then again, screw sap stories. He didn't dare recall anything of his past now. Because... He would eventually erase that. He needed to forget that he was a loser, it was time to recreate his image. What better way, than to become a famous hero? It seemed like a plausible dream. He understood that many people kept that goal in their minds; however, it was a big line t draw, or dreamers... Against do-ers. Latimere was not just a dreamer. He was a believer. Steady the course, and the pieces shall line up... The boy nodded to himself thoughtfully, he would indeed keep his spirits hopeful. High just... Not too high, obviously.

Not far from the entry way, was a strong man. Barras of the Black Anvil-- a prestigious blacksmith who vendors all sorts weapons, trinkets, armors, you name it. He is a well-natured man with a fine talent for his profession. His prowess being so esteemed that it wooed in the eyes of the local lord, getting him the job of creating powerful equipment for the defenders of Magnolia Town. Even though this alone brings in a large sum of money, he still enjoys producing for other consumers' coming through the town as well. Hence, his shop's creation. Latimere approached calmly and sternly just as Barras was crashing down on a piece of metal, his senses alert as per usual, the teenager inhaled sharply. He offered a show of respect to the inventor, bowing quickly at his neck. "Hey there, Latimere of Lamia Scale, I saw your request while I was in town. Need help still? I'm ready to accept your job, whatever it might be. Just say the word; it'll get done." The man stopped hammering. He would wipe dirty ashes from his hands, breathing in slowly, and releasing sweat at the same time to a white rag he dappled his temples with. Turning a joyous smile to the adventurous water mage. "Aye, how do ya do? Yeah. I'm looking for a favor, I'll pay you if need be of course." Latimere rose his head, meeting the quest-giver at his eye level, the smith offered a warm friendly invitation. However, Latimere was more hesitant as to whether this might be a bad idea, what if it surpassed his listed mediums? He doubted his powers enough to pull of C-ranks.

"Oh, great; yeah I have some stuff I need worked on. My assistant will help you now."

The man waved a hand, and another boy came out. Filling in on the intricacies of the job at hand...

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