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Orchidia to Era - Footwalk

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#1Phoebe Rainsworth 

Default on Thu Jul 13, 2017 5:16 am

So as soon as she came home, Phoebe dropped off her heels at the back door, tiptoed upstairs and grabbed the bag she had packed for this right moment. She grabbed the back of jewels out from under the matress and wrote a paper on her desk. She tiptoed back downstairs and shoved her heels in the bag that she was carrying and left the note on the kitchen table. She changed into her running shoes and closed the door softly behind her. She jogged back to Orchidia streets and was almost sure her father was looking from the window, but she didn't look over her shoulder nor waved. She would be back. She was sure of it. She wasn't her mother afterall, she was a nicer person.

As soon as she was on her way, she felt stressed and nervous. This was her first time out of Orchidia all by herself, or maybe even out of Orchidia at all. She had first thought about going to Nanuq or even Crocus but in the end she decided that she wanted to feel safe and just go to Era straight. It should be the most protected city after all with the knights there. She shivered at night, would wait for dawn to sleep and continue on. Thank god she was always a runner so the foot walk wasn't that difficult, of course fun was always something else but for two days it was fine.

She used her jewels to pay for an inn as soon as she arrived in Era, it was around midnight and she didn't even do that difficult about clothing. She kicked off her shoes, dropped off her bag on the table, shrugged off her demin jacket and collapsed on the bed. She was sure she would regret this in the morning but right now she made it and that was fine.


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