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Mapping Theft [Bianca]

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#1Bianca Fleur 

Default on Thu Jul 13, 2017 4:01 am

Bianca had only taken a few days of rest before she decided to take jobs once again. As she had been staying in Hargeon for a while now, most of her jobs took place at the Hargeon dock, and her clients, or more like client was old man Reagan, from whom she had decided to take another request. She was not starting to become his fan or something. She just wanted to make money and it so happened that Reagan gave out a lot of jobs. Holding the piece of paper that had the request details written on it in her hands as she scanned it, Bianca left the request board and headed to have her lunch. There were a lot of people in the streets, and she actually felt hungry so the restaurants she was walking past could not help with that. Her eyes did not hide her starvation. Slowing down near the entrance of the woods near the beach, Bianca folded the paper immediately, almost ruining or tearing it, she did not know. She was too focused on finding prey. There was always someone either lost here or entering on purpose for their own reason. As usual, she would climb a tree and sit on a thick, firm branch as she waited. She had a spot in this forest where she could wait and people were sure to come. Sometimes she had to wait because there were horny couples who would do it in the forest. Yes really.

A while later, she could see a male entering the forest from the exact same side as all the others she had seen enter from. Of course they entered along that path. It was the closest to the road that went to the Hargeon dock, but there was a part where if you are observant enough, you would notice a bit of a gap in between the trees next to you as you walk along the sidewalk, and if you entered through that gap, you would be walking into the forest that Bianca was waiting patiently in, on a tree. The male entered, seemingly confused. Bianca had a job to take care of later, so she wanted to be fast with this and also did not want to make too much of a mess. She watched hungrily as he walked along the path, towards the tree that Bianca was sitting on top of, and when he got right underneath the tree, Bianca dropped down behind him, grabbing him with her hand over his mouth as she sank her sharp vampyre fangs into his neck like two pins into a block of butter. There was barely time for the victim to call for help or make sounds of shock or fear, and after she was done, she dropped him immediately to wipe her mouth of blood. She would clean it properly later, but first she needed to get out of here. She headed towards the beach using the path beside it.

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#2Bianca Fleur 

Default on Fri Jul 14, 2017 5:02 pm

After exiting the forest, Bianca walked along the sidewalk that led to the Hargeon dock. She had walked along this sidewalk one too many times. Staring at the streets in dreamy manner after having her fill for like a week, she stopped in front of street vendor selling cotton candy, asking for one. The street vendor started to make it all fancy and flower shaped, which made her smile a bit. She wondered if he did that because he saw the flower over her eye, or he had been giving everyone flower shaped cotton candies. After he did his little artsy thing, Bianca paid him with jewels and took the cotton candy. Her main reason for buying the cotton candy was so that if there were traces of blood around her lips, she could get rid of it using the cotton candy like a napkin, soaking away the blood. And of course, she would be able to have blood tainted cotton candy for the first time ever. She ate the cotton candy patiently and slowly as she walked along the street. Anyone who saw her would probably think of her as some kind of cosplayer or something. She had plenty of time before she actually had to do the job, which was supposed to be done at nighttime using the darkness as her cover. It was her prime time, of course, being a vampire and all. Plus being sneaky was nothing difficult for her. All her movements were completely silent.

Bianca thought about some things she could do as preparation for the job. She needed to buy a pair of gloves that she could use to make sure she did not leave behind fingerprints, although she was sure the Fiore police did not really check that much so she could just be being extra. However, it was always nice to be fully prepared. At least you could be sure you would not get caught yourself. She was not very familiar with stores here in Hargeon, but she knew that if she entered a store that sold gothic clothes or something like that, she could find leather gloves. She took a quick glance at the dock and noticed the many ships docked there as always. She tried to look for Reagan among the people there, since she had a great eyesight, and could not find him. Hiding, as always, she thought. She first went the town directory to find out where she could find stores like that. They directed her to this mall somewhere far from the port, so she decided to get a little carriage because she was not going to get there by foot in less than thirty minutes. Not going to waste her energy like that. “Platinum Mall,” she told the carriage driver and after seeing the gesture from him, she hopped on the carriage, situating herself on the velvety seat that was very comfy. She crossed her legs as the carriage began to move, a bit fast, probably because it was far she assumed.

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#3Bianca Fleur 

Default on Sat Jul 15, 2017 2:54 pm

The carriage ride took exactly twenty minutes, and that was because of the traffic when they got a bit closer to the center of town. Even with carriages, you still have traffic. Bianca was patient, however, as her job would only begin at night so she had plenty of time for shopping. She could even be buying other things she needed. She had not been to a mall in forever, so she was going to have a good time browsing the shops. Her wardrobe contained of mostly black and white anyways, and maybe a hint of red and pink sometimes. The mall was really large. She had never been into an institution that had so many people in it before, other than stations, but she was used to stations. The smell of odour hit her immediately, and she scrunched up her face in disgust. She could hear the heartbeats of literally everyone in the establishment though, ringing in her ears. It was probably because she had just fed and her senses were performing exceptionally. She knew that it was going to be gone in a bit - the sudden fulfilling feeling after feeding, that is. It was bothersome, to say the least. If she was concentrated on them, then it was not a problem but now that she was trying to focus on something else, it was kind of hindering her. Not a lot, but still, it was noticeable even if she tried to take her mind off of it.

The information center was right in front of her, so she casually strolled towards it, accidentally staring the two counter girls as she did which probably creeped her out but she couldn’t help the hype. She blinked and shook her head slightly, trying to appear as though she had a headache or something, and then asked them to direct her to some stores that sold nu goth clothes. The girls at the counter gave her a look that she automatically recognized as a judgemental look, and then gave her the store name, which she repeated in her head a few times so that she did not forget it, and then went up to the third floor where it was. The store owners or whatever they were sitting behind the counter gave her a approving look, not that she cared or anything. She walked right in and started looking for black leather gloves, which was not hard at all. Everything in the shop was black and they had a really disturbing song on which she did not mind of course. She was here to get her gloves only anyways and once she found them, she tried them on. A salesgirl was watching her the whole time. She took it to the counter and brought out her jewels, paying the amount and leaving a tip for the salesgirl who was watching her the whole time. “Thanks for watching me,” she said in a mocking manner. After taking her purchase in a bag, she exited the mall immediately. She could not stand it anymore.

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#4Bianca Fleur 

Default on Sat Jul 15, 2017 3:36 pm

After getting her preparations done and ready, Bianca waited until nightfall so that she could start her job. Once it was dark outside, she put on her leather suit as well as the gloves that she had bought, and tied her hair into a ponytail so that it could not get in her way while she was trying to steal a map. She walked to the Town Hall, finding the most hidden route possible, and the one that most people did not use so that the guards could not predict her. She had already planned her way of escaping it if she did get caught. And after a while of walking she had reached the town hall. She climbed up to two floors where there was a storage room that the map was supposed to be in. If it was not there and somewhere else, she was fucked. So Bianca made her way through the vent, which she would get out through when she was done as well. Opening the little vent that would get her into the building, she basically just used her instincts to navigate through the vents because it was just the second floor. Once she reached the second floor, she got out of the vents and landed in a corner of a dark corridor. She looked for the storage room where she would find the map. Her movements were silent as usual, which helped a lot, being a vampyre. She had to worry less about getting caught.

She found the storage room quite easily, which she entered and locked, then turned on the light. She noticed that the window in that room was quite high but the vent was there so she did not have to go back to the corner of the corridor to get out again. The map was surprisingly easy to find, so she was starting to get ready to leave already, tucking the map after folding it into her back pocket of the leather pants she was wearing. Then the fucking alarm went off for some damn reason. She was sure she was doing everything right until then. “Ugh, really?” she muttered to herself and switched off the light in the storage room, using her vampyre vision to get to the vent. The map was safely tucked into her leather pants which were super tight so there was no way of falling off out of her pocket. She slipped into the vent and pulled the cover back so that it was back in place. She went through the vent again using her instincts to get out, and was out of the building after a while of struggling in a tight space. Once she was outside, she started to look for Reagan, but was amused to find him sitting quite close to the vent she got out. Maybe he heard her? Since she was struggling in the tight space he probably hear some noises like her bumping into the sides. She handed him the map which he exchanged for some jewels, and killed the cig he was smoking. He said his thanks and then left, and so did Bianca.

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