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Ice Cold Intelligence[Fiora]

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#1Fiora Sylvari 

Default on Mon Jul 10, 2017 10:56 pm

Fiora was in Nanuq town for a while now and she was getting used to the cold weather after bundling up in all the new warm clothes she bought. The little birdie told her that there was work so she took a request off the board and would see that it was a relatively easy job and also it paid really well so Fiora was ready to make it happen and she would head towards the now filled roads of white snowy and watery snow that was falling from snowflakes from the sky and then she would head towards the building and see the dark skinned man whose name was Nahin Nataqain who was the man who put up the request and it was a dark request and being a dark mage she could do it because it was dark. Nahin Nataqain was a man who was not happy because he wanted to be a big leader man in the town but he couldn't be a big leader man because he was not having enough power and he needed more power so that's why he put up the dark request for dark guild members because he wanted power and he wanted to complete the missions and he wanted to gain more power from those underground requests. Nahin looked really mad and he was also looking angry and also very frustrated. He saw Fiora had the request and would pull her aside into the side of the streets in the building.

Nahin would tell her the details of the request quickly and aIqin Kinguin and challenged him to a battle of wits in public and then roast his ass so he lost a bunch of credibility. Fiora blinked as this was the first time in the town so she had no idea what to say even this was her first time seeing snow in the her whole life. Fiora would stare wide eyed at the man and he was just like " Go to the library and out debate this guy who has lived here his whole life and is in the most powerful tribe and I'll pay you." Fiora thought this man was crazy but yolo she had to do it for the money. She would go to the library which was some giant ass igloo looking building and then she would go inside and was glad to see the books weren't ice cubes and would start reading nanuq town for dummies and then she would see that it would be a long night so she got some starbucks from the library shop and then would start to read and read and read about the town history because she had to roast this guy in the debate and make him lose credibility. Fiora would finally finish up the book and had a decent understanding of the book so she said screw it and would try the debate out to roast this fool that was harming her client and not giving him power.


#2Fiora Sylvari 

Default on Sat Jul 15, 2017 5:34 pm

Fiora was in the library and she had finished up studying all about the Nanuq Town so she could challenge Iqin Kinguin to the debate and then she would embarrass him and then she would be able to complete the quest. Iqin Kinguin was in public and he was in the middle of town and he was giving a speech then the crowd would be around him and then it would be a good idea to challenge him because he had a big crowd and then she could spit her new wisdom at the man and then she could beat him in the debate. Fiora would then look at him and point at him and then she would laugh and then she would say that she challenged him to a debate on Nanuq intelligence and then Iqin Kinguin would laugh at her request as he said nobody knew more than he did about the town and then she would laugh and then she would say that she knew more and then she was on the outsider and was an elf and didn't even live in the snow and then she would laugh at him again because he was a joke. Iqin Kinguin was angry and told her to come up to the state and then the crew would go into the back and then the crew would then go in the back and then they would get some equipment and then they would get some of the equipment and set up the podium with the mic and then Fiora would step up on stage and she would clear her throat and then she would get ready to prepare for the debate.

The first part of the debate would be economy. The town of Nanuq was famous for trading whale blubber because it was in the ice cold regions and the whale fat was good as it was good for heat and it was good for fuel and it was good for using with food and it was a very good resource that they could use to trade and it helped them also make money. The questions were fairly simple and stuff. It was mostly when it first started and it was also how to include the trade and the money that it made. All of it was hard figures that was easy to remember as it was basic stuff she read in the library so they were both answering the questions fine. The next was the history of the town and that would be around when the town that it was set up and also it would be when the town was founded it also had questions on when the major battles of the town were and also it had the answers of how who was the first tribe that was the ones that settled in. Iqin Kinguin had an advantage here because because he was part of the first tribe that settled so he was all boasting about that and it Threw Fiora off a little bit but eventually he would finish up. Fiora would be able to rebuttal him though she slipped up on some parts. The crowd seemed to be slightly favored towards him on the last debate so they both were probably about one one even. They had one session left before the debate was over in the battle of wits so finally the last subject was revealed and Iqin Kinguin looked like he was nervous. Fiora smiled

Finally, the last subject was philosophy. Iqin was struggling through his section as the crowd didn't seem to understand much of his concepts. He was boasting his view of when he would take over of the town and run it his way which made the crowd off edge. Fiora had red they were a town of Natural Philosophy so she was about to wreck this old fool. Natural Philosophy was the philosophical study of nature and the physical universe that was dominant before the development of modern science. It is considered to be the precursor of natural science.Fiora would talk about how Nanuq was the center of the universe and that reality can not be proven and the town was at the top of the existence. They were dumb eskimo people they didn't know what to do so they bought that shit and cheered for her while Iqin Kinguin was stunned and then he would start to look embarrassed and then he would start to turn red. The crowd cheered for her while Iqin Kinguin was running away and he was destroyed from the battle of wits and probably would never be able to show his face again or at least not win any power in the city after that showing by getting destroyed by an outsider. Nahin Nataqain was in the crowd and he would run up to the stage and hug her and tell her she did a good job destroying that old fool. Though she didn't like people touching her it was an exception because it was their culture from what they read. He pocket and he would then give her the bag of jewels for her trouble and then tell her he would call on her if he needed any more work that needed completed and that she was welcome in his town anytime. Fiora would go find a warm place to stay in this cold hell.


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