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My Cabbages! [Quest: Kerii]

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on Mon Jul 10, 2017 10:37 am

Kerii grinned from ear to ear. Distracting guards and helping a member of the noble family Syllas escape from their own castle was a great way to start her stay in Marigold. She didn't think that every single quest she did would be nearly as fun as the one she just did, but one could hope. But at least Kerii knew that there was a noble family out in Marigold that most likely wouldn't hesitate to ask for help from passing mages. Kerii was fairly certain that there wasn't a guild residing in Marigold, which meant that Marigold would never have the personal help from a guild like Orchidia had from Lamia Scale, Magnolia had from Fairy Tail, and what Hargeon had from Blue Pegasus. Marigold solely relied on help from either guildless mages and adventurers who happened to pass by or lived in Marigold and help from members of guilds.

Starting from just outside of Castle Syllas, Kerii began to make her way back to the request board. From what she could see, Rosalia was long gone and so were the castle guards. They probably got smart and hopped on a horse to chase after her. How far Rosalia would go, Kerii didn't know, but at least the young noble got to have a little bit of freedom. Kerii would rather have some freedom than none at all, which was one of the reasons Kerii became a mage. Kerii wanted to have freedom and wanted to travel to several locations throughout her time as a mage. Kerii could have stayed home and grew up to be a doctor or she could have made the decision to go to Galadriel with the rest of her family (excluding her parents) and lived a comfortable life there with other people of her kind who would be generally much more accepting than humans, but Kerii didn't want that. She didn't care if she lived with humans and not every single one of them was comfortable around her. As long as she could do what she wanted and was able to help others, she really didn't care, so Kerii could really see where Rosalia was coming from when she wanted to escape Castle Syllas.

Kerii arrived at the request board and, like every time, reviewed every single request to see which one she would take. Kerii ended up deciding on taking one put out by a farmer. Besides the fact that this man needed help with boxing up or crating up cabbages, he labeled himself as Farmer Jim on the request, as if he didn't go by anything else. Not fully knowing why he wouldn't just put his full name, Kerii took the request anyway. It didn't matter if she knew the client's full name or not. If this man wanted to go by Farmer Jim, he would be called Farmer Jim. Although, it was odd. Kenji Maki wanted to be called Officer Kenji, but still labeled himself as Kenji Maki on the request.

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on Mon Jul 10, 2017 10:37 am

Not really caring too much about what to call Farmer Jim, the young elf started off towards the farmland residing in Marigold. Kerii always liked the idea of growing up on a farm. If Kerii had to live somewhere, she would either live in a rural area filled with open land or in a forest. Both of those places were perfect for Kerii who wanted to be surrounded by nature. Although most elves did like being around nature, Kerii's father's job required him to be around humans and thus, had to be around human civilization. Kerii didn't mind living in a suburban area. She had gotten quite used to it and was comfortable there, but she would always prefer to live further away from people (and not even remotely because they were humans and not elves) and closer to nature. It was just how she was wired she supposed.

Kerii arrived at Marigold's farmland and walked down the dirt path towards Farmer Jim's farm. She double checked the address listed to make sure that it was, in fact, Farmer Jim's farm. After confirming that she had arrived at the correct location, Kerii walked down the path leading towards the farm. The man had a big red barn and a field full of crops. Kerii smiled, thinking of what it would have been like to grow up on a farm. She didn't think she would have minded the work, but she also really wanted to have a horse. She remembered asking for one when she was younger. Oddly enough, she never asked for a pony, which was what most younger girls wanted.She had always asked for a horse, but of course never got one.

Kerii walked up to a stout man who had black hair and wore circular glasses that rested on the bridge of his nose. He wore a plaid shirt with blue jean overalls over it. Besides the absense of a straw hat and lack of a pitchfork and piece of hay in his mouth, he looked like the stereotypical farmer one would imagine when people thought of a farmer. "Farmer Jim?" Kerii asked. The man turned around and looked at her. "Yes?" he responded, raising his voice's pitch at the end. "You wanted some help crating your cabbages." The farmer nodded his head. "Yes, yes. They're over this way." Kerii followed Farmer Jim over to where all his cabbages were. He described Marigold's love for cabbage and told Kerii how to properly put them in crates and made sure that she would carefully put the cabbages in crates so that that the cabbage vendor wouldn't receive any bad cabbages. Farmer Jim even began to enthuse about the cabbages. Once Kerii was told what to do, she literally spent the rest of the day putting a hundred or so cabbages in multiple crates and the setting and stacking those crates carefully on the cart so that it would be taken to the vendor. Once Kerii was done, she was rewarded and headed back to the inn.

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