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Little Bit of Mischief [Quest: Kerii]

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Default on Mon Jul 10, 2017 10:12 am

Kerii left Hargeon and arrived in Marigold in about the same amount of time it took her to go from Magnolia to Hargeon. Before entering Marigold, Kerii expected it to be somewhat similar to Magnolia. Not only did they sound similar and were both named after flowers, but being named after flowers gave Kerii the sense that both towns were relatively lively and upbeat. They may not have looked the same, but Kerii expected them to be similar in that sense. As it would turn out, Kerii would be right about Marigold. Although it wasn't as festive as Magnolia was, it was still cheerful. Kerii wouldn't have been surprised if she found Fairy Tail residing in Marigold instead of Magnolia.

Kerii stepped foot in Marigold. She didn't exactly know what she expected out of the town, but she wasn't surprised to see that it was as simple as Magnolia. Although it didn't have the slight medieval touch Magnolia did, Marigold did have a semi quaint appearance to it, but less so than Magnolia's. Not by much though. Either way, Magnolia was a very pretty town, especially in the summer. Kerii guessed that it would probably be even more beautiful if it was spring time. Most towns in Kerii's opinion were prettier in the spring. Some people liked the summer more, but Kerii definitely preferred spring over summer. Most of the time, summers were scorching hot but spring fluctuated between warm and chilly, which was more bearable in Kerii's opinion than constant hot weather. Plus, all the flowers began to bloom in spring and Kerii did love nature.

First, Kerii looked for the request board. She noticed a pattern when she went to the request boards in Magnolia, Orchidia, and Hargeon. Although they were all very different towns, the request boards were more or less in or around the same location. So, Kerii looked for similar buildings to the ones she saw in Orchidia, Hargeon, and Magnolia. Though she knew they weren't even close to being structurally (both in the interior and exterior) similar, they did serve a similar function. Kerii found a good number of those buildings and sure enough, the request board was nearby. Kerii familiarized herself with her surroundings and went to go look for a nearby inn. It would be helpful to check into one that wasn't too far from the request board. It would just make her life that much easier in the mornings when she woke up to go do some requests.

Luckily, there was an inn nearby. She went inside and asked for a room. Also luckily, they weren't booked. They weren't even close to being crowded. She supposed that most people and travelers would want to go to Hargeon over the summer and not Marigold, which was understandable. Kerii's stay in Hargeon was fantastic. Although she didn't have much of a vacation there, she did enjoy the scenery and old look of the town and got to spend a little time at the beach.

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Default on Mon Jul 10, 2017 10:12 am

After checking into the inn, Kerii set her stuff down by her bed and quickly exited the room. Like in Hargeon, Kerii decided that she would have time to unpack after she went and did some requests. Only this time, it was in Marigold, which seemed like a more crowded and larger town than Hargeon. That meant that Kerii would probably have a harder time trying to find the specific spots where her future clients would be at, but at least she knew where the request board was. But, just like in Magnolia, Kerii expected herself to know her way around Marigold fairly well after maybe four or so requests.

Kerii took a look a the request board and began to decide which quest she could take. There were a lot to choose from. Kerii obviously knew none of the clients, so she was unable to help someone who she was familiar with, but that just meant that the young elf would be able to spread out her help and her name among lots of people in Marigold. Kerii eventually decided on aiding a client with another relatively fancy name. Her client's name was Rosalia De Syllas. In Kerii's experience with fancy names, those people tended to be rich or had nobility. Now, this person could have just had parents who liked giving their children fancy names, but Kerii would just have to see the client for herself.

Apparently, Rosalia, on the request, very vaguely said that she needed someone to help her with "some activities." She didn't know what those activities were, but decided that she would help out Rosalia anyway. Kerii took the request and looked for an address. Instead of an address, Kerii found a location: Castle Syllas. So, that pretty much confirmed that Rosalia was either born of nobility or royalty. If Kerii had to guess, she would say nobility. Either way, she lived in a castle, which made finding her destination that much easier. The castle was impossible to miss.

In no time at all, Kerii found herself at the castle gates. "Can I see Rosalia?" she asked. The guards said no unanimously. "But I-" They interrupted her and both just said no. Kerii crossed her arms and walked away. How was she going to talk to Rosalia if the guards didn't let her? Luckily though, it seemed that Kerii didn't have to go and talk to Rosalia. When Kerii was away from the guards, Rosalia caught her eye. Kerii showed the red head, hoping that the girl was indeed Rosalia. Her face lit up at the sight of the request and used hand gestures, motioning for Kerii to distract the guards. Kerii nodded her head in understanding. Rosalia didn't want help with activities. The young noble just wanted to go outside of the castle. So, fulfilling her request, Kerii managed to distract the guards by making it look like she was trying to break in (rather noisily too) and started running away. Kerii made sure that the guards were chasing after her and made sure that Rosalia made it out. Unfortunately, the guards noticed that Rosalia made it out too and began to chase after her. However, they would have to run fast because Rosalia was on a horse.

Rosalia's maid came out of the castle and handed Kerii the reward, quickly afterwards telling Kerii that she should go before the guards came back. Kerii thanked the maid and did as she was told and left the castle's premise.

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