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Flier Funky [Latimere]

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Default on Sun Jul 09, 2017 10:06 pm

Words: 1021

There he stood, eyes peering into a closed door, when he heard from behind him girls giggling. He inhaled deeply before turning on his heel, and making eye contact with them from across the hall. Evidently this was a girl's bathhouse and he was a young boy, but he didn't let that hold force over his head. He was much too cautious of his standings, he needed to make money if he were to eat tonight. It was just that simple really. The girls kept up their childish games and ran off. Lati assumed they were probably around the age of sixteen, but he didn't care. This was work; nothing else.

The mage popped his knuckles; approaching Bella Misandra's office. Before his hand could kiss the doorknob's metallic surface, the entry opened to show a beautiful woman. "Ah, you're here! Okay, the job is simple as you already know! Just pass these out to passerbys in town. Thanks sweetheart!" And just like that, the door closed in his face. "W-wait up! I don't even know what side of town is busy.." He quieted down with every word. Dropping his hand and palming the pages. Well, there was nothing to do now, but try. Jobs weren't suppose to be easy after all.

The boy walked down elongated halls, adorned with red tapestry, and fog from bath areas crept through doorways. When he exited, his head tilted to one direction, then the next. "Bathouse! Come check it out, twenty five percent off today!" The boy shouted out to the few people along the streets. He waved flyers around in his hand. Unsure whether he was even an impact on these folks at all. Or if perhaps he were just wasting time. He began to contemplate a way in which he could get the word out better. That's when an idea struck the boy, and son he began to jog down into the central square. He slid into a crowd of people listening to a Rune knight captain. As he did so, he started tucking papers into people's hands, moving along bodies and eventually getting quite a few off his pile. Though the fun wasn't over yet!

He left this small gathering and walked into various restaurants and advertised them there A few places didn't like this, and so he was kicked out. Others were alright. Sort of. Lati looked down at his palm only to see a sticky note tapered to his thigh. The boy tore it off toread names of locations. It seemed that he must have not paid attention earlier, and here there was plenty of places to hand fliers out at.

First on the page was "South Gate Park," the boy inhaled, feeling pretty foolish up to this point.

He turned around and made off for the town's gate. Sure enough there was a big bulletin board there waiting. He grabbed a stapler from a shop not far off after finding the wall. As you can probably guess, the blue-haired teenager began pressing it to the wall all over. He then proceeded t go back to the sticky note in his pocket.

"Having the cheat sheet really helps. Yeesh..." He sighed, feeling a bit glum. Mostly because he was sweating already and he'd barely made any lasting progression. "Uh, let's see here." The kid's eye twitched. Fairy Tail! N way, this was the coolest mission ever. Fairy Tail was a world famous guild just like Lamia Scale, so Latimere was extra excited to reach it. However he accepted that he might not be able t meet any of it's mages today.

Arriving at the guild hall, Latimere entered with a face depicting worry and curiosity. Never had he seen such a place, but now that he was basically up in this place. Why not look around! He saw many mages drinking booze here. None appeared to care who he was. So he calmly made his way towards the wall. Click, click. Stapled.

A slight smile slid across Mr. Graves lips. He took one more look around the hall, wiping some sweat from his brow. He then exited the premises. Holding up the sticky note now once more, the sun gleaming across it like ancient papyrus for the beholder.

"Okay so the third place listed is Olly's Bakery. Nice." Sprinting off for the destination Latimere had plenty of time to think about his day. His first mission and the start of his journey. It was a sweet feeling. Like in the pits of his chest, it felt nice. Perhaps sometime soon he could do a joint quest. Make a friend or something like that. It would definitely be more fun!

Many minutes passed by and finally Latimere saw the baker's place from across a long street. Latimere Graves never was the one for eating a lot of sweets, but maybe he'd treat himself later today. He was about to make a bunch of cash after all.

For a short second there was this weird feeling in his body, he felt a weird sift in his jaw and for whatever reason he slowed his pace. Memories flooding int his head of a lake at night. He knew this place... Why was he seeing it. His ears rang, and his nose bled slightly as a minor headache rooted in.

He decided to break at a bench, allowing his head to stop it's random sting. with his arm he cleaned blood from his nasal, and frowned. "What the heck was that about..." Shaking his head, he stretched before getting back on with his job. It's not nice to keep a girl waiting after all.

Upon reaching the door, the Lamian Scale plastered many sheets on the board hanging out front by the window, and then taped his last flier on an electric pole. Now was the time to get back to the bathhouse. Dusk was setting in on the hero-- so something like this was certainly not easily done. Nonetheless, it was a fun ride. He returned back for his pay in total. Then returned to a motel for a good nights rest.

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