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Temporary Aquarist [Quest: Kerii]

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Default on Sun Jul 09, 2017 4:24 am

Kerii went back to her room at the inn and took another shower with her coconut scented shampoo and conditioner in order to get the stinky smell of fish and the sea off of her. Both going out on the water for hours just to get a picture of a mermaid and working until sunset on the dock to make repairs was both fulfilling, but also resulted in Kerii smelling like she lived in Hargeon by the ocean and had a job as a fisher, which she did not. Kerii first of all, lived in Orchidia and would never dream of having a job as a fisher. If she wasn't a mage, she would be a doctor, and a doctor was a far cry from a professional fisher. Besides, Kerii didn't even think she had an aptitude for fishing. Sure, she caught one dangerous fish, but that was for a request and whenever Kerii got on a boat, she instantly felt seasick, so she didn't think she could ever comfortably live the life of a fisherman. Unless somehow Kerii managed to conquer her seasickness of course, which she didn't think would happen any time soon. She had always heard of people getting better as they grew older, but Kerii was eighteen. She didn't think she'd ever be "outgrowing" anything.

After taking her shower, Kerii changed into a clean set of pajamas and crawled into her bed. She didn't even bother letting her eyes grow tired via reading. Kerii didn't need to. She did plenty of work when she was doing the reconstructions to Hargeon's docks. Not all of it was hard labor, but a good portion of it was. Kerii expected to be sore the next day. She didn't know by how much, but she didn't expect it to be overwhelming in any way. She didn't even expect herself to be as sore as she was after working in Magnolia as a part time blacksmith for... what was his name? Barras, yeah, that was his name. Well, it didn't matter who she worked for or when she did it or how she felt afterwards. At least, not at that moment. All Kerii needed to do was go to bed so she could rest up for another day of questing. She shut her eyes and let herself drift off into a deep sleep.

Kerii's slumber was full of dreams, but none of which she remembered when she woke up. When she did wake up though, Kerii quickly got dressed and ate some trail mix on her way to the request board. She also stopped by a café, not to get coffee though. Apparently drinking too much coffee isn't good for you and Kerii, who liked to put cream in hers, would end up with yellowing teeth if she drank too much of it. So instead, she went and got a cup of green tea. It was still caffeinated, which definitely gave Kerii a little energy boost. As Kerii walked to the request board, she wondered who she would be working for.

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Default on Sun Jul 09, 2017 4:25 am

As it turned out, Kerii's options were limited. For some reason, there weren't a lot of requests up on the board, most of which consisted of a possible outcome of Kerii going on a boat - some of which seemed more likely than others. Some flat out strongly implied that there would be a boat involved, such as Jacob wanting someone to fish with him again out on the ocean blue. That was definitely not one of the requests Kerii wanted to take ever again. So, Kerii settled for one put out by Raina Burke. Kerii had done two of her requests before. Once, she asked for someone to test water samples. Then, as Kerii was just about to leave, Raina asked Kerii if she could feed some fish with her. Of course, Kerii just assumed that they would be feeding the fish that were in the fish tanks, but apparently Raina wanted to feed the fish living in the canal. At first, she didn't approve of Raina's decision and even asked her a question about it, but in a way that didn't make it sound like she was questioning Raina's intelligence. Evidently, Raina had a good reason for feeding wild fish and it was a reason Kerii agreed with.

Kerii took the request off the board and headed for Raina's lab. Kerii knew where the location was. It wasn't hard to memorize locations in a small and distinct town like Hargeon. It was much harder to figure out where she was going when she was in Magnolia. But thankfully, she wasn't there anymore. Kerii went into the lab and went to one section of the building where she was pretty confident she would find Raina. Sure enough, she saw Raina reading some sort of scientific volume. "Raina?" Kerii asked. The blue haired girl looked up from her book and lit up when she saw Kerii. "Oh! Are you here to look after the lab for me?" Kerii nodded her head. "Great. It's a really simple task. I just need you to watch over the fish and describe how they behave. I want the logs very detailed. Each and every observation is crucial. Oh, and when you're done taking notes, you need to feed the fish. Each fish's food container is on top of their tank. Have fun!" Raina left the lab in a hurry. She was probably running a little late for something. But anyway, Kerii was left alone with the fish and the lab equipment. Kerii grabbed a pad of paper and a pencil. She pulled up a chair and sat down in front of the fish tanks. The fish were interesting. Kerii didn't think she ever saw a fish like them before. But for all Kerii knew, they could have been really basic fish found in coral reefs. The fish didn't do anything too interesting. After all, they weren't anything like sharks or rays. After Kerii was done observing them, she fed the fish just as Raina asked her to, and when Raina came back, she was pleased with how detailed Kerii's notes were. She paid Kerii what was on the sheet of paper and Kerii spent the rest of her day in Hargeon doing whatever she wanted.

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