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Satisfaction [Social | Marina]

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#1Alisa Vollan 

Default on Sat Jul 08, 2017 12:00 pm


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It had been a little stroke of luck.

Out of nowhere, Alisa had ran into an acquaintance from the guild who promptly handed her two tickets for the Rolling Lacrimas concert, mere hours before the show began. She knew of the concert and of course she knew of the band (seriously, who doesn't?); these aging rock stars had been at this since her parents and uncle were kids, so who knew how many more tours they'd have left? She knew her uncle would have been jealous if he heard, after all he'd been the one who nurtured the crystal mage's taste for rock music, and in time music as a whole. Alas, he wasn't anywhere nearby, and Alisa was left hanging with an extra ticket; a double edged sword as she had nobody she could invite on a short notice.

She wouldn't invite just anyone, it had to be a person she was somewhat close to, or at least somebody she wanted to be close to... But she could think about that in a while.

What she did have, was enough time to head back to the hotel and grab herself a quick change of clothes. As she was getting ready for a rock concert, she had only one plan in mind as she picked out her outfit: 'If looks could kill, I'd be a mass murderer'. This time, she'd make no attempt to look younger or cuter, and instead went with pure, unadultered sex appeal.

And if sunglasses are cruise control for cool, leather is cruise control for sexy.

A short leather mini skirt and a low cut halter top - sheer, lacy white underneath smooth, leathery black - flashing not only a tight, impressive cleavage, but also most of her back and midriff, flawlessly flaunting not only her Blue Pegasus guild stamp but the platinum white brand behind her shoulder. Down below, she wore black stockings over high boots, showing off a good deal of thigh between them and the skirt above.

And with an elegant, breeze assisted flip of her hair, she stepped out of the inn and immediately turned her gaze up to the sky. The clouds had cleared up somewhat, yet not for long it appeared. No rain on the horizon though, that's good. Fortunately, Alisa rather enjoyed windy and cloudy summer days like this, so long as it didn't rain: Getting soaked would make the outdoor concert far less pleasant... She'd been steadily psyching herself up to cope with the crowded envoiroment she so hates, but the only way to make it genuinely enjoyable was if she found somebody

"I wonder if I'll run into anyone from the guild...", she wondered, brushing her hair and rubbing her cheek as her head turned left to right, scanning her surroundings.

One of the reasons she exposed her waist so brazenly was to let guildmates spot her tattoos from a distance, even before they got close enough to recognize her face. But anybody who knew Alisa could just as easily recognize her, and that would work just as well for her.

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#2Marina Wulfstan 

Default on Sat Jul 08, 2017 5:54 pm

Ever since Marina became more active she was able to tie up some loose ends like finding an beast to be by her side. Spending time in the forsets she finally a small beast that took a liking to her, but that would be a story for another time and place. At the moment, Marina wasn't sure what she was doing at the moment. When you suddenly found yourself living in a safe area you have a lot of free time since your not worrying about your life or trying to find a decent meal. Sure, Marina could stay in bed all day, but even that got boring no matter how comfortable the bed was.

Marina let out a sigh as she wander the streets of Magnolia. Marina was dress in a simple black T-shirt and pair of form fitting jeans to go along with them. A simple and practical outfit for today. She wasn't planning on going anywhere fancy or high. class. As Marina continue to aimlessly wander around she would glance up towards the sky and frown. Hopefully, it wouldn't rain since she doesn't have or even own an umbrella. Today was chiller than normal, but nothing the guidless mage wasn't use to. It could get quite cold in the desert during the night.

The young woman kept to herself as she enjoy the lonesome walk listening to bystanders that pass her. Nothing catching her attention until she thought she spotted a familiar figure up ahead in a drop dead gorgeous outfit. Marina mood instantly improve as.she saw tattoo of a Pegasus. She didn't think she ran into her today, but Marina isn't going to complain, but Marina did wonder why her friend was dress like that?

"Wow. No wonder you have men constantly trying to hook up with you. Break any hearts today? Or bones?" Marina would shout out towards Alisa closing the distance between them. A huge grin on Marina face as she greet her friend. Hell, her only friend in Fiore so far for now.

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#3Alisa Vollan 

Default on Sat Jul 08, 2017 7:30 pm


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The question of who to give that last ticked to still weighed on the sculptress' thoughts, and the closer she got to the venue her search expanded to not only people she knew, but just about anyone she could find who also appeared to be looking for a ticket in.

What she didn't know was how fate had finally decided to solve this problem for her, with a delightful feminine voice calling out to her not so far away.

As Alisa turned to face her, her lips widened and her eyes glimmered... Even for all her aloof elegance, there'd be no doubt left in any bystander's mind as to how much she enjoyed setting her gaze upon that girl. That irresistible cocktail of cute, stunning and sassy named Marina. What a sight for sore eyes.

"Oh, Marina...! How lovely to see you.", she'd greet, scanning down from the girl's face and admiring the attire hugging her shapely figure.

That tried and tested T-shirt and jeans combo suited her like a glove, a charming contrast between the latter's tightness around her hips and the former's looseness around the torso. Indeed that black tee scarcely hid what alluring curves she had underneath, yet without a slightest attempt at making them seem larger or more impressive. They'd only known each other for a rather well spent afternoon, yet the Pegasus knew enough to understand this was Marina in a nutshell.

Here she is, take her or leave her.

Of course, that last question from her lips got a giggle from the crystal mage, who just crossed her arms and rubbed her chin - as if seriously pondering her response - her eyes darting away as if to tease the nomad with a prime view of her cleavage. She wouldn't guess how much work it took to fit into that top and actually make it look good... Being attractive without being indecent is much harder than most people think.

"I haven't...", she'd finally answer with a playful smirk, moving one hand to her hip, "Not yet anyways~"

Far too soon to call it a day after all.

With this, she slipped her hand into her pocket, quickly finding the extra ticket. Yup, this desert beauty gave her the perfect solution to her problem, and a new opportunity to get to know her better.

"Say, so you feel like going to a rock concert? I have an extra ticket for the Rolling Lacrimaaas~", she hummed, presenting the two tickets and wriggling them teasingly in front of her, throwing in a little wink for good measure, "You could be my plus one if you want."

Good news were, the clothes she had on right now were perfect for such an event, she wouldn't need to get changed. Bad news was, Marina had lived most of her life in the desert. In her mind the Rolling Lacrimas were famous anywhere on Earthland, even the the far reach corners of the globe, but the whole rock concert experience might be somewhat alien to this girl.

However, she also knew Marina didn't shy away from new experiences...

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"Shall we rock?"
- Alisa Vollan

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#4Marina Wulfstan 

Default on Sun Jul 09, 2017 4:18 pm

So no one dude try to hit on her friend today, that was nice to know. After hanging out in the pool, Marina did see why people hate dealing with unwanted advances. People in the city were certainly more determine which was both something Marina like and fond annoying at the same. "If you do have to turn some down. Just be blunt about it. Heh. I notice people here seen to have trouble with understanding what no means." Sure, there was always let them down easily approach, but where Marina came from people when blunt if not down right mean at times.

Marina gave Alisa a confuse look. What or who were the Rolling Lacrimaas? Oh right it must be a group of sorts. Marina rub the back of head and shrug her shoulders. How could she refuse an offer like this?"I have no idea what a plus one is, but I have nothing better to do. So yeah I go to this concert.." Marina had no idea on what she agreed to go to, but it another new experience for her to witness and she got to spend some more time with her artistic pal.

The grin on Marina's face shrunk as she thought about the p!us one comment. It didn't sound all that appealing to the tomboyish woman. Next, she would found her arms across her chest as she began to ask some questions.""But, please explain that plus one thing? Also, who are the Rolling Lacrimaas. It such a strange name. Are we going to watch something roll? I don't have get dress up right? These clothes are quite comfortable. The desert dweller quick look at her simple outfit, she really didn't felt like changing out of them.

#5Alisa Vollan 

Default on Sun Jul 09, 2017 5:53 pm


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"That's true; even when you're as blunt as you can possibly be, some people still don't get it...", Alisa shook her head, then finally smirked and winked at her new friend, "Though you had the right idea yesterday."

And soon, Marina had accepted her invitation, though the look on her face made it rather clear she had no idea what she was agreeing to at all. The sculptress took it as a compliment, of course, since the only thing the pretty brunette guessed was how it involved them spending more time together. In the end, Alisa was still struggling with staying away from all these terms an expressions people used in Fiore. Yet part of the problem laid in her not knowing what expressions were or weren't used outside at all.

She travelled a lot, but had only seldom ventured away from her homeland, and never so far as to reach the desert. So it would appear she'd have a lot of explaining to do. She rested her hand on Marina's shoulder and started walking towards the venue, looking over at her and smiling the whole way:

"When you're invited to an event, you're often allowed to bring a plus one, meaning a guest. Usually your lover or spouse if you have one, but if you don't you can bring a friend or a relative.", she'd explain, before glancing away for a moment with an excusing rub of her head, "Though I'm not really using the term correctly since both of us have tickets..."

Inviting someone you obviously found attractive to be your plus one naturally came with a flirtatious undertone to it - especially in this case where both had proper tickets - but owing to their different backgrounds this hint was completely lost on Marina.

"And the Rolling Lacrimas are a rock band; music from our parents' generation. Don't let their age fool you though, the years have only made them better.", her smile widened with a reassuring look; Alisa defenitely looked confident in her words, and even more so in what she said next, eyes scanning down Marina's sporty but stylish wear, "You don't need a change of clothes though, for this envoiroment, what you have on right now is just... Perfect~"

She'd see it for herself as they soon arrived at the concert, or rather the line for the concert: Most of the people here wore leathers, denims, in a sporty casual style. The line, however, was huge, and they'd likely be here for at least a good few minutes, if not half an hour. Fortunately, they had each other for company, and in Alisa's case, distraction. The more people crowded around them the closer she'd draw to Marina, and she was hardly comfortable around these many people.

The show was worth it though, and a good time with this girl even more so, and that's exactly what she planned on doing:

"What kind of music do you have in your homeland?", asked the artist, raising a curious eyebrow, "These men are famous enough that some their songs might have actually reached that far..."

The last guess was a stretch; even assuming it was true, she doubted Marina would be able to put a name to any of the songs until she heard them live. However, this artist honestly believed that where there are humans, there is music, perhaps even more so than painting or writing. So she didn't doubt for a second Marina's homeland and culture also came with its own musical styles, even if it was too far for foreign hits to reach.

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#6Marina Wulfstan 

Default on Mon Jul 10, 2017 5:15 pm

Well after that explanation Marina was thankful that she wasn't being insulting. She thought it was an odd way to refer to someone, but hey this is Fiore. "Oh. So that what the whole plus one thing means and here I thought it had some sort of horrible meaning. Heh. Though, Inviting a friend instead of a lover as a plus one sounds a bit of downgrade of sorts. Yet, Marina wouldn't linger on these thoughts as received information about the Rolling Lacrimas. So they're some old group of people who play music? Rock music to be more precise. Maybe, her mom or even her brothers might have encounter then. Sadly they weren't here so she could ask them. "Are they a bunch of elderly folk? Regardless I'm not the picky when it comes to music. As long as they don't make me go deaf. I'm sure I will enjoy them." Even if Marina turn out hating them at least she has good company. that was very pleasing on the eyes. If Marina was more like her brothers she would have struggle to keep her eyes from wandering around too much. The fashion here in Fiore was amazing much better compare to anything in her homeland.

Since she didn't have to change clothing. Marina thought that it wouldn't be long until she got to enjoy some music, but it seem her friend forgot to mention that these concerts had lines. Long lines from the looks of it! Before Marina could voice her discontent with the slow moving long, Alisa ask he about the Marina had back home in the sandy wastelands.

"If I remember the correct term for it. I think the type of music I heard most often was the blues or whatever that brand of music is call." Marina figure she needed to do better job at explaining it. As she rub her chin, sighing at the speed the line was moving at.,"That style of music when people sang about their troubles and pay those blow things? Harmonicas! Yeah. Life is tough in the desert. Dealing with the heat, dangerous bandits and slavers. Plus being on constant look for supplies especially water. " Marina pause for a moment as remember listening to a wandering musician play one. She enjoy those rare moments of peace and relaxation."I guess people enjoy banging on stuff,. but I don't know if that is actually consider music or not. My brothers gave me a headache with that ruckus. Marina groaned at the memory.

#7Alisa Vollan 

Default on Mon Jul 10, 2017 7:11 pm


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Alisa looked rather curious at hearing Marina's answer, and quickly figured out the brunette thought 'plus one' was an insult. Like most people might when they come to a foreign land and find themselves addressed by a word they'd never heard before: "You? Horrible? Never~", she'd chuckle, playfully nudging her friend.

Insulting a girl who was pretty both inside and out? This lover of beauty would defenitely not do something like that.

"They're in their sixties, If I'm not mistaken.", she'd rub her cheek and quirk her brow, wondering whether or not she recalled the band's exact age. She didn't. After all Alisa just liked the music, she seldom cared enough to research each band member's individual age. They already played music when her parents were kids, but they were young then. She did enjoy Marina's lighthearted approach, it never failed at getting smiles and giggles out of this Pegasus, "Well, don't worry, I'm not planning on staying too close to the speakers. I also like my hearing the way it is.", that and she didn't really like getting pushed around by random people on all sides.

Fortunately for them, it didn't look like they'd end up waiting too long; though the answer laid not in the line or it's size, but simply how easily they kept each other entertained by talking. The tall girl soon found she was indeed correct; where there are people there's music. At least, Alisa had never met someone who flat out told her their homeland didn't know what music was. To make things even more interesting, Marina's culture had a rather interesting choice of music though she was more familiar with Blues rock than proper blues. Once again, she had her uncle to blame for that.

"Mmm, I can't know if it's blues until i hear it, but it sounds that people have good musical taste in the desert.", she'd smirk approvingly and nod understandingly, "Though all that hardship... It's made you stronger has it not?"

She could imagine how hard it must be when even water becomes a precious resource. Yet Marina and her family had survived them all, without growing cruel and heartless in the process. That was strength in and of itself, though she probably didn't need Alisa to point that out; "Now that I think about it, that might very well be the first form of art that ever existed. About as old as people smacking things with a rhythm.", Alisa laughed and winked, "Of course, just because you can make art doesn't mean your art is any good~"

Soon enough they were able to hear the music from inside the venue. It wasn't the Rollin Lacrimas yet, likely just a warm up band. But at this rate, they'd be inside in a few minutes.

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#8Marina Wulfstan 

Default on Tue Jul 11, 2017 4:49 pm

It look like Marina misjudged about how long they would be in this line. Despite how large the line appear to be. It was moving rather quickly which Marina was grateful for. Dealing with long lines was something she rarely encounter before coming to Fiore. The only time where she can recall waiting in a line is when her family stay in a small trading town for a week or so. The lines for wanting to use a proper bathroom where shockingly long. As the line got shorter she could already her some music playing. It was okay, but nothing that would get her to dance or anything.

The desert dweller place her hands inside her jeans pocket as she thought about her home life. "Well I guess living in a place like a desert in bound to make me stronger, but it's also makes me wonder how different I would be if I haven't grown up in such an environment." Marina didn't had the easiest life growing up and she is grateful for all the experience she learn from her desert homeland. Yet how much will her experience will be useful for her stay in Fiore? Anyhow, Marina laugh at the art comment as she place her hands on the back of her head.

Marina took her glance away from Alisa. A small smirk appear on face as she taunt her friend a little. "Since we are on the topic of good art. One of these days you should show me some of your art work. I'm awfully curious on what those hands of yours is capable of. Heh." It's not every day that someone can claim to have a talented artist as a friend. Or well an artist at least, Marina didn't knew if her friend was actually any good at it.

#9Alisa Vollan 

Default on Tue Jul 11, 2017 6:46 pm


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The brunette had a rather contemplative look in her eyes and tone in her voice as she commented, no doubt thinking about her youth spent in her homeland. The raven haired Pegasus could scarcely imagine what she had to do to survive, but she knew she didn't envy her. Alisa had her fair share of struggles, but also knows they could have been a lot worse in a different place.

"You'd be a completely different person.", Alisa would comment matter of factly, nodding and rubbing her chin, and then smiling, "The same for me had i been born in the desert."

Only for that smile to widen at the nomad's challenge, she was obviously curious about Alisa's crystal art, and with good reason after how much the sculptress had talked about it already. Of course, she also remembered the deal they made about showing each other their magic. She was just as curious about that, no doubt just as Marina was if not more so. Still, she found it incredibly flattering to find someone so pretty this interested in her work, enough to make brush her hair behind her with grace:

"Why, you could even see it today if you wanted to.", she answered confidently. However such a flirtatious choice of words on Marina's part, that couldn't go without a response, "...Or perhaps when you show me your magic~", Alisa winked, seeing her friend's suggestive comment and raising a teasing rub of the girl's arm, the soft, exposed skin right below her sleeves

She wondered if her friend would realize the connection between her magic and her artwork without Alisa saying so... Of course, she wouldn't be opposed to carving a crystal in front of Marina regardless, or even just show her some of the existing works - gotta give the people what they want, especially when they're this pleasant a company. But most of all, the she was wondering as to how or when would the gorgeous nomad tend to the sculptress' own interest.

As the line moved forward, Alisa would grab a compact from her handbag and look at herself in the tiny mirror, like the vain Pegasus girl she was, only to smile approvingly and switching it for the ticket. The guys at the gates were pretty fast about it, tearing the piece of paper with a smile and "Enjoy the show.", and letting the girls into the venue

Thankfully, the entrance itself looked a lot less crowded than the line outside, with most of the people quickly heading either towards the stage or the drink stands, with others walking away from said stands with a beer in hand.

"We should get something to drink.", flashing a cool smile, Alisa nodded towards one of the stands, motioning Marina to come along with her.

There were other salesmen going around the venue, but right now it seemed faster to just buy it here than walk around searching for one.

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#10Marina Wulfstan 

Default on Thu Jul 13, 2017 5:27 am

It wasn't until after Marina finish speaking that she realize how flrity she sounded. Another one of her brothers habits that rub off on her. Was blaming her brothers really necessary? It was only natural to act like this around someone you think is attractive? Right? Of course it was. Anyway, what was that about magic. Marina did told Alisa that she would show here magic. A small display of magic in exchange to view some art? A fair bargain it was. "Fine. You just made yourself a deal." Now, the desert dweller wasn't so sure in how she should show off her magic. It wasn't something she really didn't use unless it was needed or if she was training.

Unlike her stylish friend, Marina didn't had a way to look over herself, but she was fairly confident that she look good regardless and even if she didn't. She was sure her friend would draw more attention then she would with that sexy outfit she had on."Oh. Do they have that drink we have at the pool? I totally forgot the name of it. It had a fruity taste to it. Lime or was it Lemon?. And since, Marina was on the topic of fruits it was just as good a time to display her magic. The tomboyish woman would hold out her hand and use a bit of Mana to conjure up two apples and begin to juggle them in her hands like she was preforming street magic. Not the most impressive display of one magic, but she didn't want to cause too big of a scene.

"It funny that living in desert that my magic in nature base and not sand base. Like I mention when we first magic. I mainly use this magic for healing and for defensive purposes. " Since, magic wasn't her strong suit. Marina chose not to learn offensive ways to use her magic since learning those type of spells are difficult. "Here have a juicy red apple. When I couldn't find food I sometimes just conjure up some fruit. It won't fill you up, but it's help you to keep going." She would stop her juggling and offer Alisa an apple. After that, Marina would take a bite out of her own apple and shake her head.

#11Alisa Vollan 

Default on Thu Jul 13, 2017 11:20 am


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Finally, success! The moment she realized she'd successfully persuaded Marina, her expression brightened from that flirty half lidded look into a wide smile of visible delight. Truly there was nothing wrong with flirting with someone you find irresistible; for all her cool Alisa couldn't help but express that, especially whenever Marina teased her.

Thus, this presented a pretty good deal for both of them, and the brunette was about to see both Alisa's magic and art all in one. They had plenty of time to do so between getting themselves drinks and finding a nice place to watch the show, with a good view of the massive stage.

But first, the drinks. Alisa actually considered just going for the average beer, the most obvious concert refreshment she could think of. However, Marina's request almost made her mentally facepalm at how unimaginative that choice might have been, with that a fresh reminder of that delicious drink they had at the pool. The time for beer would come later once they were watching the show and didn't feel like moving away to get drinks. All those people wandering around with kegs on their back would suddenly become very interesting:

"That was a Mai-tai, and they make it with lime juice.", Alisa smiled and explained to the cute foreigner, chuckling when she wondered if the girl wouldn't be taking home a recipe, "Hmm, I doubt it will be as good as the one in the pool, but I'm pretty sure we can get one of those."

As she rubbed her chin and looked around, her brow raised slightly when her eyes settled on Marina and saw the girl holding her hand. A shift in her aura indicated Marina was about to reveal her magic so Alisa kept her eyes peeled, bringing her hands behind her back and bending over for a closer look. And was immediately surprised not by the blast of fire or wind she expected, but rather a form of nature magic when the girl conjured two apples and started juggling them:

"My, you never cease to surprise me.", she praised, a nod and a playful clapping signalling her aproval. It looked to her like Marina already had a bit of showmanship in her, always picking a flashy route, "I had you pegged for a sand or wind girl, maybe even a fire girl?"

She already had all the heat and passion going for her, as well as the free spirited nature of wind. But her argument made sense too, enough for Alisa to cross her arms and nod again, "Makes sense, after a whole life devoted to looking for nature wherever you can.", it made her think about how her own choice of magic might have been motivated by a desire to go back to a time when she was surrounded by crystals. Only the nomad's gift of an apple pulled Alisa from her inner pondering

An attractive young brunette giving you a gift? How could you do anything but give her all your attention in return?

"Why thank you~", she'd answer, accepting the little snack with an elegant smile and promptly biting off a little chunk, immediately surprised by the pleasant flavor gracing her tastebuds. There was a lot to be said about a nature mage and the taste of her produce, "Mmm, quite tasty too!"

So Marina had shown her magic, and now Alisa would show her own too. Fair's fair after all, but truthfully, she was more than ready to show her new friend what she could do, a sign of mutual trust:

"So, now it's my turn.", though one hand was busy eating her apple, Alisa presented her open palm, to Marina as a faint pinkish white glow radiated from it.

She only needed a little bit of magic power to pull something like this off, but once she did the brunette would finally understand why Alisa's magic and art were one and the same. A small cluster of crystal would quickly grow over her palm, to roughly the size of a baseball.

Colored deep pink with a light red hue, as Alisa continued channeling her magic, she'd gradually shift and carve the crystal into a different shape. Doing this with both hands allowed her for much better detail and control over her resulting piece, but she could work on the finishing touches later. As they arrived at the drinks stand, Alisa would be halfway done with her carving, occasionally using both hands with whatever fingers she didn't need to hold the apple.

It started to look like... A cactus?

One thing's for sure; the moment she started using both hands the sculpture suddenly grew a lot more detailled, with defined lines and a lifelike shape. If there were such a thing as cacti made of crystal, they'd defenitely look like this one.

"Here, something to remember me by~", she'd offer the little sculpture to Marina once it was done, flashing the girl a cool but welcoming smile before biting the final chunk of her apple.

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#12Marina Wulfstan 

Default on Fri Jul 14, 2017 10:23 am

So that was the name of the drink. A Mai-Tai. Marina would mentally repeat the name of the drink so she could remember for next time when she want a drink. And it was lime flavor. Good. Even if the concert drink was nowhere as good as the pool one it was still better drink mainly water. Not that water was awful especially in a place like the desert, but when you only have water to drink. One can grow to get sick of the time and want to drink some else for a change.

"I suppose fire would be an awesome magic for me, but the last thing I want to do is make the desert hotter. More heat on top of heat. No thank you." Then again for those chilly nights being able to almost instantly conjure up some heat would have come in handy for Marina. Anything to avoid sharing blankets with other members in here family. ,"Well. You got to have a few tricks up your sleeve." Maybe Marina could have a career in juggling or something involving nature.

"Only the tastiest apples. Plus since some of my spells involved eating something to receive it's benefits it's better to have a tasty treat instead of having horrible tasting fruit that I have to shove down someone throat." The first time she try out her magic. Her brothers weren't fans of being taste testers for Marina. Good times back then despite the harsh environment.

Now it was Marina's turn to be in awe as she Alisa show off her magic. Watching the pink glow of magic take form into a small crystal cactus. One of the first thoughts that ran through her mind was that she was grateful that none of the cactus she dealt with were made out of actual crystal. That would been a lot more painful. Tossing her apple to the side, Marina would warningly smile at Alisa as she held the tiny work of art. "Don't worry. The next time get prick by one. I will always remember that it could be worse, but seriously thank you. I make sure to keep this safe and away from greedy hands." Alisa's magic was turly a work of art. No wonder she became an artist. Marina was almost jealous, but she couldn't see herself using this crystal magic. Doesn't fit her style.

#13Alisa Vollan 

Default on Sat Jul 15, 2017 3:48 pm


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The Mai-tais here truly weren't as well mixed as the ones at the swimming pool; their taste was less fruity and more alcoholic, but still refreshing and enjoyable. Probably better than beer too, though granted Alisa had yet to try out whatever brew they were selling here. She'd try it later; it's not as if she was in any kind of hurry:

"Mmmm, good point.", she conceded with a nod and glance down, not having thought of the desert problem when she crafted that mental image. For all a fire mage's resistance to heat, getting to that point defenitely sounded uncomfortable. Sure, the nights are cold but being unable to use magic during daytime defenitely counts as a massive flaw.

She had the right idea when it came to picking a magic, of course that paled in comparison to her methods of refining said magic. Considering the girl's relationship with her family, Alisa immediately guessed who were the most likely guinea pigs for tasting her fruity medicine; whether because they needed it or simply because Marina herself wanted to test them.

At some point she figured her brothers might have just surrendered and said it tasted good just so they wouldn't get another shoved down their throat... But considering the sweet treat Marina just gave her, Alisa sure was glad the girl went to all this effort to make it taste good.

"...Also good thinking.", praised Alisa with a chuckle, "The cutest doctor with sweetest medicine? I'll be sure to come visit you If I get hurt~ Though I doubt you'll ever have a lack of patients anywhere in the world.", with that she bit off the last chunk of her apple and threw the core into a nearby trash can

As an artist, it naturally warmed her heart to hear her work praised, enough to reach one hand for her chest. And that smile on the brunette's lips... One look at it would have sufficed for Alisa to understand, seeing such a warm, beautiful smile was its own reward.

"You're welcome~", she'd giggle and answer, gracefully brushing her long straight hair as a sudden breeze whipped it around behind her. She had cases of people trying to steal her stattuettes at one point (why do that when Alisa would have just given them away), but they soon found materials produced with magic were often worth significantly less. She appreciated Marina's thought however, "I can carve them for you whenever you want, so feel free to ask."

Maybe she wanted a gift for someone special, or perhaps a souvenir to bring back home? The possibilities were endless! The two of them would walk around the grassy venue - basically a big park with a large stage set up in the middle of it - and eventually they'd reach a place atop a hill with a damn good view of the stage. Atop it stood the warm up band, with the lead singer showing off his mean guitar solos and getting the audience hyped up for the main event.

"So, what do you think?", she'd glance at Marina, and then pitch her own two cents as her eyes trailed back to the stage, "These guys might just be the warmup but they're not bad at all."

They were also high enough that they'd be able to sit down and still see the show... But If Marina wanted they could also head down and closer to the stage.

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#14Marina Wulfstan 

Default on Sun Jul 16, 2017 5:03 pm

With this discussion on doctors the young woman mind did wander off a bit thinking about how the Blue Pegasus mage would look in a nurse outfit. Even in the desert people had their kinks and one of them was nurses. She knew her brothers talk about them often and how sexy they are. Not that Marina could blame them. There something about them that just get people blood pumping for some reason. Maybe part of appeal is how they tend to your every need?. Marina would.shake her as regain her focus. She didn't Alisa to think she was ignoring her. "Oh. Yeah. Every one would be line to get treat by me, but since your a friend of mine I make sure to prioritize you." Marina would put on her most charming smile as the wander through the area. This place was huge. Sticking close to her friend while at same time keeping a from grip on this crystal cactus.

"Sure, but then what could I give you in return.
Giving you fruit instead for a crystal figure seems just a bit lackluster to me., Despite how tasty they are."
Marina assume that Alisa wouldn't ask for something in return, but still Marina ponder about what she make or do in exchange. As Marina was thinking the duo would reach a hill top that offer a perfect view of the show below.

"This spot is fine with me. I'm going to guess the closer we get to stage. The more crowded it gets? I don't mind large group, but I rather avoid having strangers rub up against me." Marina could see more people gather around the stage as the warm up band kept on playing. She almost wish her family could see this. The guildless beast master would sit down and and look up at her friend."I'm not sure what to think of them. I guess they're okay. I don't have the urge to cover my ears." Marina laugh for a bit as got use to this new style of music.

"Have you ever thought about being in one of those bands or something?" Maybe the sculptures was gift in the art of music as well.

#15Alisa Vollan 

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The pretty brunette visibly spaced out there for a moment, but before Alisa could offer a penny for her thoughts, she was comforted by knowing she'd get priority treatment should she get hurt. Thus she beamed that appreciating smile on her friend, watching as she wondered how to repay the sculptress' offer:

"I do like your fruit, but it's not like you have to return anything.", Alisa answered with a reassuring comment, eyes trailing up as she raised one finger to her lip. She could make crystals as easy breathing and she never really charged her friends for them. Of course, she also couldn't stop Marina from showing her appreciation; that wouldn't be fair to her either now would it? So she smiled and leaned into the girl, rubbing shoulder to shoulder slighly, "But if you insist...", when she spoke up again, it probably might look as if she was about so suggest something; but instead, her expression brightened into a playful chuckle and teasing look, "...Surely you can think of something when the time comes~?"

Flirting aside, It took far more than that to truly ignite the flames of her passion. Yet that didn't stop Alisa from thinking that little tease might have come off more suggestive than she'd have liked. Well, she was nothing if not cool and nonchalant, so she didn't really care much once the words left her lips. The sculptress was growing rather fond of Marina, hanging out, sharing stories with her, or even just looking at her.

"Good times together, something we can both remember fondly.", just in case Marina was still mulling over what to give her, the artist would look into her eyes with her most sincere smile, pulling that ever flowing strand of raven hair back behind her ear.

Like what they were doing now: She nodded when the girl asked if it got more crowded the closer you got to the stage; indeed it would, and it would only get worse once the main event was underway. Yet she warmly empathised with the desert girl's comment. Guess even an audacious girl like her wasn't fond of being pushed around by dozens of people at once, "Agreed.", she returned an uneasy smile, clearly not too comfortable with the idea of diving headfirst into that crowd, "Up here, we could be sitting and still see the show."

For all their differences, she was glad to see mutual attraction wasn't all they had in common, laughing along at her simple view.

"Hmmm, I never thought about being in a band...", she crossed her arms and mulled over her past, finger tapping her tricep, before finally nodding towards the stage, "...At least, not like these guys, far too noisy for me", she chuckled, then settled her gaze on Marina's ruby eyes, "Although I used to play the Piano: But I haven't done it in years, so I might be rusty", Alisa rubbed her head excusingly, hoping not to have built up any expectations she proabably couldn't deliver.

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Something they both would remember fondly? She was sure she could do that. That smile Alisa gave her only mad Marina more determined to think of something. "I can see your point. I don't know if I could listen to that everyday. I would most likely get sick of it. But at least the guys look decent? Even from here I can here the female fans scream about how much they love the band." As Marina continue to watch the show she would pat the spot right next to her, offer Alisa a seat if she wasn't sitting down already. "Don't worry I don't bite. Unless that something you like?" Marina said half jokingly and half teasingly with a small smirk across her that lasted for a couple of seconds before she went back to enjoying the show.

It look like the warm up band about to finish their song as the music playing seem got less intense. She wonder how many bands were going to be playing tonight."Neat. Can't say I'm super interested in the piano. If I was in one of these bands. Despite complaining about my brothers, I would follow their example and find something to bang on. Or Maybe I be like that guy in front of band playing the guitar. That looks like pretty fun to play." The desert dweller could see herself playing a guitar and rocking out on stage with a hundred of people chanting her name. Though at same time she didn't like idea of those creepy fans asking for used tissue or something. "Then again the fans could be a problem. I haven't experienced a concert in the desert, but even there people tell tales of admirers doing crazy things to gain attention like shaving their heads. Marina shook head a thought of getting rid of her hair to impress some guy.

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Once the two girls decided where they'd be staying, the crystal mage revealed a little secret. She'd come prepared for a grassy setting such as this one, so she reached into her bag and pulled out a plain blue cloth - like something she might wrap around her waist when going to the beach - and set it down on the ground like she might for a picnic, "If you think that's screaming, just wait until the Rolling Lacrimas hop on stage.", Alisa laughed and smirked playfully.

Thus when Marina sat down, she'd find something a bit better than grass. Considering her sporty choice of outfit, she probably didn't care much but Alisa certainly did.

"Oh my, is that a proposition~?", Alisa would tease right back, sitting down next to her gorgeous date in a slow but seductive fashion, testing the limits of the nomad's boldness. Her sinuous side would press softly against Marina's, and though they couldn't really lay back and still see the show, they could lean slightly onto each other, just enough to get that measure of support, "Don't mind if I do."

Of course, she'd give the girl her space if she looked uncomfortable but for the most part Alisa enjoyed this momentary closeness. And she defenitely didn't enjoy scooting close to just about anyone. Plus, she had to ensure her flirtatious friend got as good as she gave: She held that charming ruby gaze of hers without flinching as a tempting smile drew on her lips, just as the warm up band's show came to a close.

Drinking another sip of her beverage, she couldn't help a chuckle at Marina's observation. It appeared she the only instrument she'd see herself playing was a guitar, like the lead singer was doing before he took his bow: "I had a feeling you'd fit right in as the front girl, get all the pretty groupies fawning over you."

Yet her tale about the desert fangirls earned a different kind of reaction entirely. Alisa's smile turned uneasy, almost cringing, "That sounds... Excessive... To say the least.", she commented, taking another drink before bending one knee and hooking one hand around it, "It takes a very special kind of beauty to look good bald. And even then she'd look better with a proper hairstyle."

Truly she never really liked the skinhead look, not even in men. She liked it far less on women though... of course, that particular conversation was momentarily silenced by the roaring crowd, as the stage's lights faded into darkness.
Everyone knew what followed: It was finally time for the Rolling Lacrimas!

The music started up again out of nowhere, and the lights immediately after, revealing the band everyone had come her to see, rocking everyone's socks off from the get go. The kind of entrance you'd expect from veteran, experienced rock stars, with the kind of energy you'd never expect from men that age, enough to put any youngsters to shame. And no matter how loud the crowd got, the music still deafened it out: Even Alisa who was far from the loud type couldn't help but tap her foot to the rhythm.

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#18Marina Wulfstan 

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Oh. She almost didn't notice the cloth underneath her. Marina was use to lying on the ground the cloth did add a bit of comfort she was thankful for. Also she should have known that she would get tease back and then some. The guildless beast master didn't mind the closeness. They already had a similar experience when they first met in the pool. Marina would simply glance back at her friend matching her unflinching gaze with her own. A confident smile play across Marina face as show she wasn't going to be that easy to fluster.and to show that she comfortable being this close to her friend. She thought about making some remark, but instead she chose to enjoy the moment.

Marina got a laugh out of Alisa reaction."What can I say? Love makes people crazy and the heat only makes them crazier. At least you don't have to worry about me acting crazy like that. I know people are turn off by that." She would then take a sip of her drink and snuggle closer to the artist. Making herself more comfortable and relax as the real stars of the concert would appear. The amount of cheering the audience gave was almost deafening, but the music was even louder. At first, the desert dweller didn't see why the Rolling Lacrimas were such a big deal, but as they continue to rock. Marina found that she couldn't help hum out the song and nod her head to the rhythm. "I have to admit these guys are great. I can see why so many people came out to see them. There just something about them that draws you?" Marina could almost see herself becoming a fangirl of them.

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Marina's confidence both challenged and thrilled the aloof crystal mage. Truthfully she rather liked gazing into someone's eyes for a long time; one could not simple win Alisa's heart without looking into her eyes for hours... Whether the desert nomad could do that remained to be seen, but for that didn't stop the artist's admiration of what she did see. As bold as ever, the tomboy took it all in stride, smiling without flinching even with the curvaceous Pegasus pressing her full bust against her.

She escalated it, of course she did, but not excessively so: Without looking away from the girl's eyes, she rested her arm around behind Marina's back, slipping around her and petting her waist; before finally resting her hand on the ground right beside her... Seeing where the petite beauty preferred she put her hands from her reaction alone, without asking a single word.

Though that reaction might have been lost in between the nature mages's amusement, Alisa actually found it reassuring to the brunette wasn't the type to suddenly shave off that beautiful hair of hers. Truly she liked it too much to see it gone:

"Well, there's bad kind of crazy... But also good kind of crazy.", chuckled the artist, leaning into Marina in turn, "Though I'm glad you're not thinking about the former...", with this, she'd all but nuzzle the girl's hair, letting it's scent tickle her nostrils, "Your hair smells too nice to be cut off. You must tell me what kind of shampoo you use."

...Plus she was warm and soft, almost sinfully so, making it rather easy for Alisa to feel comfortable sitting close to her... Judging from the way Marina snuggled close, she felt exactly the same, and the Pegasus' smile widened in turn. More so when she found the girl humming along with the music, and soon admitting she was enjoying herself.

Taking her here had been a good option, clearly...

"Hard to say. At first i just liked the musical arrangement, the rhythm, how the songs stuck in my head for days...", she answered, looking between Marina and the stage, "But as I listened to more of their music I started admiring how they drew inspiration from so many musical styles and made it their own. How they've been doing that for over 50 years really..."

Her eyes settled on the stage for good this time. After all this was Alisa's first time watching these guys live, though she'd wanted to do so for a long time. Their surroundings were slowly getting a bit more crowded, but still well within Alisa's comfort zone. Not everybody was sitting down like they were but fortunately nobody stood within her line of sight; there was enough space for everyone. That was, until a pair of guys walked up to them - Alisa didn't even even see them until they got to close - and took their place right in front of them.

Alisa clicked her tongue. Those idiot, were they trying to get their attention?

They picked one hell of a way of doing so...

"Excuse me, do you mind?", she asked cool and politely as always, a simple walking movement with two fingers getting her point across. Well, if they were smart, they'd move away in the next 10 seconds.

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#20Marina Wulfstan 

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This concert was turning out better than expected. The music she was listening to was far different to anything she experience at home, but it was still enjoyable and it was something the desert dweller could see herself coming to more often. The atmosphere, the energy it was so exciting for Marina. Though some of the screaming from the audience did get annoying at times. Still, what made this night truly enjoyable and worthwhile was being able hang out with her awesome friend who was quite comfortable to rest on. Also the artist made a group source of heat just in case the evening got chilly.

In between her thinking and listening to the band. Marina fail to notice the arm that was around her waist. Not that it would have bother her in the first place. Being like this reminded Marina of their first encounter at the pool causing the beast master only to be some what distracted as she listened to Alisa. Their time at the pool was nice until some idiot had try to ruin it. It would appear like history would begin to repeat itself as the spot they were sitting at was getting crowded as the band continue to play.

Marina wouldn't have notice that more people were coming in to their area until a pair of guys would block her sight of the band. It was a this moment, Marina wanted to swear as she look at guys in bewilderment. Why? Why did it seem like every time she just wanted to spend time with her friend that a guy always has get involved? Did the guys here in Fiore had no respect? At least when her brothers try to spend time with a girl, Marina did get her involved unless that girl was trying to hurt or scam her brothers.

Despite, Alisa making it clear that they had no interest in them. The pair of guys didn't seem to understand her or they just didn't care. Maybe they were just cocky? Marina try to smile, but it clear she didn't want the men around. Maybe if she wasn't with Alisa she would actually give these guys a shot. "So are you guys lost?." Marina ask as she held back from glaring at the men.

One on the guys would flash Marina a charming smile as he began to speak. There was one thing Marina was certain of. He seem to be confident. "Oh. We aren't lost sweetheart. We saw you two here looking lonely. So we figure you can enjoy the show with us. Even hang out when the concert ends." Marina almost wanted to gag, but she didn't and look at Alisa. So how were they going to get rid of these guys?

#21Alisa Vollan 

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The warming up might be over yet the show just kept heating up, to the point even Alisa was impressed by the lead singer's stamina despite his age, jumping around and riling up the crowd with their music. She couldn't stop tapping her foot or bobbing her head with the groove, while her friend seemed perfectly comfortable with the artist's hold around her waist. That in itself already a rare display of affection on the part of a normally aloof artist, but the more she got into the music the more she expressed that enjoyment by holding the brunette closer.

Regardless, Marina was either distracted or so focused on the concert she barely noticed whatever words Alisa spoke.

No matter, she'd ask them again later if she remembered, and if she didn't that just means they weren't really important to begin with. So she took the girls cue and remained silent, enjoyed the great music and the delightful company, drinking the last of her Mai-tai in one gulp.

Of course, then soon they had that problem with those guys, who, it appeared, had no interest in getting out of the way.

"This again, huh...", she sighed when they flashed that smile, trying their damndest to look smooth.

As a rule, Alisa was used to being hit on. I happened more when she was with other girls, and almost not at all when she was with guys. Though some were even bold enough to hit on her with a man standing right next to her, those were few and far between. Sometimes she wished she got girls flirting with her more often, like what Marina so easily did, even the pushiest of girls seldom missed it when Alisa wasn't interested:

"Enjoy? With you? We can only have one or the other.", she answered right away with a confident but dismissive smirk, gracefully flipping her loose raven hair.

Only the guy didn't understand it immediately. Marina was right, with guys like these you really have to be blunt; If you're witty, they'll just pretend not to get the hint.

Even assuming they do get it.

But not only did these guy not understand the cue, but one of them simply laughed it off, "Hahah, you're funny!", and moved closer, clearly intending to sit next to her.

For a powerful mage with trust issues, unwanted approaches could easily be met with violent retaliation. Though she didn't do that, her brow furrowed, Alisa's annoyance overflowing in the form of leaking magic power. Her powerful aura spiked in a split second of killing intent, more than enough to startle anybody who wasn't a strong enough mage, "In case you didn't understand, that was a 'no'", she answered with a frigid glare.

In that resolute moment, she couldn't help but squeeze a bit tighter around Marina's waist: On some level, she didn't want to share her, and defenitely not with anybody she didn't even know, let alone like. But it worked. They both shievered and tensed as the one closest to them had a rather visible trail of sweat dripping down his face.

"S-sorry...!", both of them bowed their heads, excused themselves, and darted off.

It appeared none of them were any stronger than ordinary people. Fortunately everybody else was so preoccupied with the concert that even the people closest to them didn't really why those two had suddenly ran away, and left the two mages in peace.

"It must be because we're together, seems the guys are all over us.", chuckled Alisa, lightening up the mood the only way she knew how, turning towards Marina with a cool but sweet smile

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#22Marina Wulfstan 

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It would seem like no matter how many times you try to explain to a guy that they aren't needed. No matter who told them. These girls were truly dense or downright stubborn. Marina would shake her head as the men continue to stand there, but one of them seem to get even bolder as he try to sit next to Alisa. Clearly he was overstepping his boundaries and Marina thought that she had to do something about it. Of course, the desert dweller shouldn't have forgot that her friend was a mage and part of a guild.

Even Marina was started by sudden burst of power coming the crystal mage. Marina was used to magic users in her fromer home, but she wasn't sure if any of them gave off the amount of power Alisa had. Yet a quick show of power was more enough for the two men to finally get the message. They even apologise for disturbing them. While Marina doubt that they really felt sorry. She could relate in the desire of not wanting to get hurt. Marina resist the urge to laugh as she watch the men flee like dog with it's tail between it's legs.

Between the arm around her wrist which she finally notice and the smile her friend gave. Marina would join Alisa in chuckling to lighten the mood."Well. You can't blame them for trying. A concert seems like a place where people try to hook up. Sadly. They chose the wrong girl to hit on. Remind me to never get on your bad side." Marina finished laughing and then look back at the band. No one else seem to notice or care about two guys running.

"Hopefully. No one else will try to hit on us. Next time I throw some fruit in their face." She would have said pie, but she didn't had any pies on her.

#23Alisa Vollan 

Default on Thu Jul 27, 2017 8:30 pm


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She seemed rather amused just from watching those guys running away as if they'd come face to face with the devil herself. Well, Alisa had been far from the nicest of people in the past, and even if those days were long before her, on some visceral level she was still the same person.

"It is a good place to meet people, but they could at least try to be smooth about it~", Alisa winked, fully aware Marina's flashy approach had been far from it. But the nature mage was herself, and no matter how flirty she could be she was never the pushy type. That said, judging from her words made Alisa feel like she might have gave the wrong impression, "I have a feeling you're safe though...", she'd mention, her wandering hand rubbing the girl's waist, stopping only once she teased the edge of her tight blue jeans, "...After all you're already seeing a side of me few people ever see."

Whether she'd done it on purpose or not, the beautiful nomad's earnest nature had clearly captivated Alisa, yet her boldness left her wanting to respond in kind. But for all romantic experience she might have, none of it included being the forward one. Cool at heart, the crystal mage was far from the affectionate type, yet just being close to Marina, and especially trying to get a rise out of her... She'd be lying if she said she didn't like it.

And with an almost playful giggle, the sculptress turned her eyes back to the concert... Just as the brunette expressed her frustration at the constant hit ons, in turn turning that giggle into a genuine laughter:

"Well, if you can make Tomatos, I'm certain that would get your point across~ You can make just any fruit or vegetable, right?"

Even as they shared a pleasant chatter, the Pegasus couldn't help but wonder how would Marina react if the people hitting on them were girls... Personally, Alisa might be more receptive owing to how rarely that happened, and like her, the nomad looked at both men and women.

Just as Alisa wondered, a feminine voice called out to them, "Hey there!", and immediately turned her gaze towards it. Alisa turned up immediately and saw a smiling woman, yet for once not someone her to hit on them. A pretty blonde in her work attire, with a T-shirt and cap both tagged with a brand name on it, the brand of beer she just so happened to be carrying behind her back, "Wanna buy a beer?"

Good timing. After all Alisa had already finished her drink a while back and if Marina hadn't finished hers she must be close to.

"Sure, I'll have one, and...?", she returned an elegant smile, but her words trailed off as she turned to her friend expectantly.

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Marina was glad to know that she was safe and she was about to respond, but she did felt the roaming hand off her dangerously close to the edge off her jeans. Which cause her to be speechless for a bit. Usually she would have a response in turn, but this time her mind was blank. With a mixture of being annoy and being impress. Marina would just laugh it off like it was nothing. Thankfully her brothers weren't here. She had a feeling that they would have poke fun at her if they saw her like this.

Oh right, throwing stuff. "Oh. Yeah. I'm like a living garden so I could make a tomato, but that seems less entertaining. Maybe something harder like a watermelon to really get the point across. Anything to stop people from in trying to ruin the mood."[/color] And right when she mention about people coming in. She heard a woman voice call towards. Was this another person who going to hit on them? If it was then these people were like vultures or maybe like a pack of dogs.

When Marina finally laid eyes on the woman doing her best to not glare at her. The worker was attractive, not as lovely as her friend, but still she was quite the looker. She could that the woman was here for business with those beers on her back. Instead of a glare, Marina had a small grin on her face. "Sure, why not? I could go for another drink. She wasn't too thirsty, but she did felt a bit hotter. Shaking her head, Marina would whisper to her friend as she watch the worker tending to their drinks."What do you think of her?"

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That reaction... Alisa had her eyes firmly peeled on her friend's, and thus she immediately picked up her surprised

look. The beast master was completely and utterly speechless, so much all she could was laugh it off, as opposed to the witty comment she might have ordinarily voiced. And Alisa hadn't even done that much: it seemed like catching her off guard truly was the way to go. While she wouldn't give up until she painted a blush on that cute face, Alisa was a patient woman and she'd never go as far as harassing her new friend. But she'd tease her, just a little bit~

"Watermelons huh...", the Pegasus chuckled at the idea; indeed if her aim was spot on, nobody would want to mess with a girl who can lob watermelons at your head, "You must be really popular at beach parties."

The people of Fiore did have a fun like summer game involving smashing watermelons at beaches. Who knows, maybe even Marina had that too back home. Predictably enough, she wasn't too glad to hear yet another person call out to them after just being rudely interrupted, but once she set her eyes on the woman, that look faded immediately. It would appear as if her friend truly preferred girls huh? All the better then...

She ordered herself a beer too, and with that the two were free to look at her as she poured them in glasses. At Marina's question, the artist's admiring gaze settled on the pretty blonde, calmly scanning her head to toe, then back up again: "Rather beautiful, isn't she?", Alisa would whisper back and answer the question with a question. With her sandy blonde hair, cattish eyes and playful look, the sales girl was quite attractive indeed, and that confident grin on her face hinted how she was fully aware of this.

But the woman finally handed them their beers with a smile and a wink, "There you go.", though with how close they were, it was pretty hard to tell exactly who she was winking at. Grabbing a few jewels from her handback, she paid for the two drinks, hopefully Marina wouldn't complain about her buying this round.

"...And I think she likes you too.", Alisa added as the woman headed off to find another customer, taking a little sip of her beer as she raised an amused eyebrow at the brunette, wondering how she'd respond.

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