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Mermaid Picture [Quest: Kerii]

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Default on Sat Jul 08, 2017 10:05 am

Kerii felt miserable after getting off the fishing boat with Jacob. The stench of fish mixed with the smell of salt water mist blowing in her face didn't help with her nausea at all. So when Kerii was done with that job, she went straight to her room at the inn and tried to sleep it off. She didn't even change out of her clothes which smelled like the ocean. She just kicked off her shoes and curled up in her bed. After about five minutes of closing her eyes and slowing her breaths, Kerii was asleep and remained so until she woke up the next day.

When Kerii woke up, her nausea was gone, but she still smelled like a sailor of a fisherman. She took off her clothes and went into the shower to rinse the smell off of her. The inn provided her with a coconut scented set of shampoo and conditioner, most likely to get her to feel like she was at some tropical island, when in reality she was only at the beach, but it was a nice gesture towards the guests. Kerii wasn't a huge fan of coconut, but it was better than nothing. Kerii dried off and, just to make sure she absolutely didn't smell like the ocean, she lathered tropical lotion all over her arms and legs. Kerii knew that, that was supposed to be a relaxing supplement to someone's vacation, but Kerii wasn't on vacation. She was a mage and it was her job to do various jobs for everyone in Fiore so they could get things off their plate so maybe they could get a vacation themselves. Kerii wondered when she would be taking her first vacation though. Maybe she would take one when there wasn't a lot to do. She highly doubted that would ever happen, but it was possible.

Kerii threw on a fresh set of clothes and slipped on a different pair of shoes. She hurried out the door and left the inn. As Kerii walked towards the request board, she kept an eye out for any place she could have breakfast. The elf eventually found a place called "Tropical Smoothies." It certainly wasn't coffee, but it would be a cool alternative. Kerii entered the smoothie place and took a look at their menu. They mostly sold smoothies, but of course offered water and also a small bowl of fruit. Kerii settled for just a smoothie though. She was already awake and didn't need the assistance of caffeine to get her any more energized. She ordered a wild berry smoothie. It was a combination of raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, and strawberries. It was ready within minutes. With her smoothie, Kerii sat down at the bar and began to drink it. As she did so, she wondered what kind of job she would take. Kerii knew that she wanted to do one that involved magic, but what were the chances of that happening? There weren't a lot of ones in Magnolia like that.

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Default on Sat Jul 08, 2017 10:05 am

Well, there were some in Magnolia that involved magic. For example, when Kerii helped Khalash. He gave her magical rewards, but that was just about it, except for the time when Kerii tested a shield with Khalash. He launched a few fireballs at the shield, but it didn't really give Kerii much experience. She couldn't learn anything from Khalash since he was pretty much the complete opposite of her. She was an elf, he was a human. His magic revolved around harming his enemies. Hers was primarily focused on healing and supporting her allies. His was fire and hers was wind. They were complete opposites. Kerii hoped that she would find a mentor eventually though. Healers didn't become healers on their own. At least, most didn't. If Kerii was to grow into a powerful healer, she would need some guidance and teaching along the way from people who were more skilled and more powerful than her. So far, nobody who she met fitted her needs. Videns had wind magic like her, but she was pretty sure he couldn't heal with it. If he could, he would have said something about it.

Kerii finished her smoothie and threw it away in the trash can. She left the smoothie place feeling full and headed out to the request board. Kerii took a good, long look at all the requests she could take. Her eyes lit up when she read that Jacob Fischer wanted someone to take a picture of a mermaid. Kerii didn't know if mermaids were even real or not, but hey, elves and nekos and giants and vampires were real, so why shouldn't mermaids? For all Kerii knew, there were probably more races of magical beings than what people currently knew of. Kerii didn't think there was ever a mermaid caught on camera yet, so Kerii would be pretty excited if she managed to take a picture of one. Excited for the quest, Kerii hurried towards the docks and went over to where she knew she would find Jacob.

"Jacob Fischer! I'm here for the mermaid picture!" Jacob turned around on his boat to see Kerii. "Come on board!" Kerii's heart sank. She was really going to have to go on a boat again? She thought they would just go to a lagoon or something to try to take a picture of a mermaid or go diving or something. She didn't think they would be sailing. Kerii sighed and walked onto the boat. Jacob handed Kerii a polaroid camera. "Just snap the picture when you see her. I swear to God I saw one while I was out fishing." Kerii wasn't sure if Jacob had a hallucination or if he really did see a mermaid, but either way she would get paid, even if they didn't find a mermaid.

It seemed like they searched for two or three hours and nothing showed up. "Jacob, I think we should go back. There's no mermaid out here." "But I swear I saw..." "Look, if you did, the mermaid's not here anymore, so I think it's best we go back." "I guess you're right." Jacob turned his boat around and started to head back. Kerii was thankful he did because she didn't know if she could stand being on that boat for another ten minutes. Kerii looked out to sea and saw a sparkling tail go out of the water, but before she could even bring the camera up to her face, the tail disappeared. It looked like Jacob was right. When they got back to the dock, Kerii was paid by Jacob and went to take another request.

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