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Sign Me Up [Quest: Kerii | Akai]

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on Sat Jul 08, 2017 4:50 am

Kerii had done a lot of quests during her time in Hargeon. She had barely spent any time on herself. She was in *Hargeon.* It was a beautiful town complete with vintage buildings and beaches with warm golden sands and sparkling blue waters. It was the perfect place to vacation. Heck, even the inn she was staying at supplied Kerii with coconut scented shampoo and and soothing tropical lotion in order to make Kerii and every other guest at the inn feel like they were having a true vacation. Only, Kerii didn't need the inn to make her feel like she was on a vacation because as far as Kerii was concerned, she was nowhere close to being on a vacation. She was in Hargeon to help others. Not to relax in the sun and splash in the waters, although the idea was tempting.

After getting ready for the day, Kerii went out of her room and out of the inn and proceeded to go towards one of the cafés she saw on her way to various questing locations throughout Hargeon. Kerik stopped by one and ordered an iced coffee with hazelnut flavoring. She also ordered a chocolate croissant. It wasn't the healthiest, but it tasted amazing. After drinking her coffee and eating her croissant, Kerii left the café and went towards the request board. She took a look at all the quests she could take. She found one by a familiar client: Jay Holiday. It was a surprisingly simple one too.

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on Sat Jul 08, 2017 7:24 am

Akai hadn't been in Hargeon long, in fact he had gotten there that day, and had spent most of his time looking for Kerii, so they could do a quest together, running through the streets he looked for her smell, which was somehow familiar, It wohh as like coconut scented shampoo, he didn't know how it smelled familiar, he'd met Kerii before he became a lycan. The scent just smelled familiar. Which was what he smelled on the beach. He raced towards the sand, searching for the exact scent, it was hard to pinpoint people inside his radius of smell. Eventually after pushing through a few people he saw a the same pink-haired girl he had met and left in Magnolia. Speaking of Magnolia, his life had changed drastically there, now he was a part of a race of strong warriors, those who were faster, stronger and more durable then the others, he felt more powerful, and safer as a lycan then he ever did as a human, he wondered if this was how Kerii felt when she was in nature, y'know being an elf and all. He began to walk towards Kerii, her scent getting stronger in his nose, he felt so much more alert now, he wondered how he would break his, new person thing to her. Maybe he wouldn't he wasn't exactly a new person yet, so he decided to keep it underwraps for now, if she asked him about being not human, and was serious about it, he would tell her that he was a Lycan. He was getting fairly close now and decided he should at least call her name out, "Hey Kerii, long time no see, I guess... Well, not really but, hey. I knew you were in Hargeon so i guessed i would look for you, and well here i found you at the request board, speaking of requests, wanna do one?"



on Sat Jul 08, 2017 7:25 am

Just as Kerii was about to take the request off the board, she heard a familiar voice. It was... Akai's? Kerii was confused. Wasn't he supposed to be in Era? Akai said "long time no see," but then said that, that was actually kind of inaccurate since she only didn't see him for a few days. Not even a week passed. But for some reason, Akai said that he knew she would be in Hargeon so he went looking for her there. Kerii raised her eyebrows. From what it looked like, Akai was possibly stalking her. Why else would he follow her to Hargeon if he wasn't a stalker? Gosh, why didn't she know something was up with him before? After he suspiciously said that he may become a whole new person when she saw him again, she didn't know he meant that she would realize he was a stalker... unless Kerii was completely misreading the situation, but she didn't think that was likely. Akai explicitly said that he came to Hargeon to look for her. Although he wasn't being secretive, if that wasn't being a stalker, she didn't know what he was doing.

Akai did ask if they could take a request together though. Kerii shrugged. Akai may have been a stalker, but that didn't mean she couldn't let him tag along. Besides, he was a member of her guild. She would have to deal with him anyway, even if he was a stalker. "Sure, we can take this one," Kerii said showing Akai the request.

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on Sat Jul 08, 2017 7:29 am

Kerii didn't ask about how he'd found her, maybe telling her how wouldn't hurt. She suggested they take one to help sign up some body builder guy, apparently all the guy wanted was for them to sign him up, seemed relativly easy. "Yeah sure of course we can it, probably isn't even hard, but just to make sure you don't think im so creepy follower, and followed you to Hargeon, Era was pretty barren, so I packed up and came here, I heard there was more quests. Then i remembered you were here, so I decided I'd go looking for you, and I sm-saw you in the crowd." Akai had almost let the fact that he smelled Kerii out, Rhar would have been a pretty big mistake on his hand, with the fact that many lycans believed that secrecy was the way to ensure the survival of their species for the time being, and right now, that made pretty good sense. But considering the fact that lycans could also fight pretty well, if the time came for them to fight, they ould hold their own, and probably come out victorious. Unless there was fire, then thigs would go down hill, but as of right now his race was safe. He kinda wanted to know how Kerii felt about humans and their views about other races, he had never really seen other races as a child and never experienced racisim towards them, but now he could be on the recieving end of that racisim if people knew. Maybe he should tell her, she wasn't human afterall.



on Sat Jul 08, 2017 7:30 am

Kerii saw Akai read over the request she handed him, which was also put out by Jay Holiday, Hargeon's resident beach buff and body builder, who apparently was also a bit sexist. She still couldn't believe he didn't trust her to spot him while he was doing his bench presses. She was more than qualified to do so. She was a mage of Lamia Scale, the very guild that prided strength and endurance. Like most mages of Lamia Scale, Kerii was physically strong and was well on her way to becoming even stronger. Just because she was a healer didn't mean she couldn't be strong and be a good fighter. In fact, being a healer meant that she had to be able to defend herself. If she couldn't and got hurt and was then unable to help anyone else, how would she be able to be a good healer and overall supporter?

Akai agreed to take the quest with Kerii and agreed that it was a relatively easy quest. He went on to explain the fact that he only came to Hargeon because when he went to Era, there wasn't a lot of people there and remembered that she went down to Hargeon. Well, at least she knew that he went to Era first like he said. At least he wasn't a liar. At least, she didn't think he was. The fact still remained though that he followed her to Hargeon. "Let's just go," Kerii said, avoiding commenting on his explanation.

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on Sat Jul 08, 2017 7:30 am

Kerii didn't seem very happy with her, "lets just go" comment so he decided it was time to "drop the bomb." , "Hey, Kerii, can we talk for just a moment, you seem pretty distubed by the fact that I followed you somewhere, and then managed to find you in a pretty big town. There is possibly a reasonable explanation for that, and if you would let me explain, it might not be as creepy, and would definitely lift whatever weight that is on my chest, off of it." looking to the side he pulled Kerii into an alley, "Sorry for the teenage antics right now, but its time you discover a little odd truth i learned about myself recently, well it wasn't learned, more like happened. But anyways, you're not the only non-human in this friend group anymore. Surprised? So was I, byt anyways, im now a lycan." Sighing now that this was off his chest, he walked back out in the street without giving Kerii a chance, they were late for the job and really needed to get on track. The beach was full of buff people, drunk teenagers, playing children, and some lifeguards too, but most of the lifeguards stunk of alcohol, they were just as drunk as the teenagers. Shaking his head he moved towards the place where Jay Holiday worked out. Jay sat benching 350 lbs, "Uhh, Mr. Holiday? We're here to help you sign up for the competition." He looked over at them, giving Kerii a somewhat distasteful look, but quickly erasing it, "Yeah I need you two to go sign me up over there, he shook his head over at the end of the beach where a long line of bodybuilders were. Go quickly the times running out, the signup closes at dark." He turned back around and started benching again. Akai looked at Kerii, "I guess we better run."



on Sat Jul 08, 2017 7:31 am

When Kerii said "let's just go," she expected them to just go. She didn't expect Akai to ask Kerii to have a talk with him, especially about how he found her. "Can't we just talk while-" Kerii didn't have any more time to reply because Akai suddenly pulled her into a nearby alley. Okay, he was definitely a stalker.

Akai rambled on, apologizing for the "teenage antics," but for some reason she needed to learn some kind of truth. Apparently, that truth was that Akai was not the only non human in their "friend group." He was a Lycan. Kerii was taken back by this. Akai was a Lycan? She didn't think that he would be one. Akai just... didn't seem like a Lycan. Wen Kerii thought of a Lycan, she definitely did not think of someone like Akai. Not that there was anything wrong with him. He just didn't seem like the stereotypical Lycan most people thought of when they thought of one. She honestly expected a werewolf or a Lycan to be... harrier, but maybe that wasn't even common in wolves or vampires, but at least that sort of explained how Akai was able to find Kerii. "Well... okay. I'm glad you told me, but I was more disturbed by the fact that you decided to follow me to Hargeon, not that you were able to find me. Now come on. Let's get on with the quest." Kerii left the alley and walked over to the beach gym where she found Jay Holiday. Akai explained what they were going to do and and Jay told them exactly what they had to do. So, they did it, which included standing in line with a bunch of sweaty guys, and when they were done, Kerii returned to Jay to get her reward.

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on Sat Jul 08, 2017 7:32 am

Doing the quest was fun, but Akai got the sense he wasn't exactly welcome in
Hargeon yet, so after he got his reward, he would pack up and leave, he had decided on that. And anyways he still had some figuiring out, that he would rather do alone then with another person. Once they got their reward from Jay, he waved goodbye to Kerii, and returned to the inn, packing away his few belongings. He decided he might give Era another try, afterall there seemed to be some pretty interesting job there so it was worth a shot, he shoved the money in his travel bag, and checked out of the Inn, he headed towards the exit of Hargeon, he'd be back to hargeon sooner or later, just not right now. he decided taking a quick nap before he left wouldn't be a bad idea and he curled up in a small area concealed by bushes, and closed his eyes, maybe he should have told Kerii he was leaving, she'd find out sooner or later. The sun was warm and he hoped it kept him that way, even if he didn't fall asleep, which he probably wouldn't he could still sit here and just be calm and peaceful, something that was soothing to him, it was the only other way to keep the memories at bay, other then his magic. He was alone, which was comforting in its own odd sense he was perfectly safe hidden awya unseen by those who would want to hurt him.


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