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Hidden in the Woods [Akai]

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Default on Fri Jul 07, 2017 1:16 pm

Kerii walked into the woods just outside of Hargeon Town. She often liked to escape into the forest to have some time to herself and connect with nature. She may have grown up in a human society, but she was still an elf and was raised by elves who did not grow up around humans, but were raised in Galadriel. As such, Kerii came to grow a deep bond with nature, just as any other elf did. Whenever Kerii travelled, she took the path through the woods. If that wasn't an option, she would take the path most closely aligned with nature.

Kerii ventured deeper into the woods. She remembered hearing that there were possibly dangerous animals in Hargeon's woods, but none that were too dangerous such as the forest Vulcans or some of the other creatures she heard of that resided in different forests far away from Hargeon. However, from what Kerii could see, the most dangerous thing she saw was a fox that skidded away the moment Kerii came within fifteen feet of it. After walking for a straight five minutes. Kerii began to climb a tree and sat one one of its lower branches. Kerii felt better being up high for some reason, even if it was only ten or so feet off the ground. Plus, when she was higher off the ground, that meant that she could see further. Her eyes fell on a certain person's silvery hair that stood out a lot in the brown and green background of the forest. "Akai?" she called out, getting down from the tree.


Default on Fri Jul 07, 2017 1:42 pm

The woods were a nice place to sit, he was already planning on going back to Era for a little bit, it didn't seem like such a bad idea. He could smell the leaves and any dangerous animal that came possibly near him, but luckily he didn't smell any currently. But the fact that something that smelled like Kerii drifted into his nose, then not many seconds later he heard his name being called, by none other then Kerii herself.

"Kerii! What are you doing here?" He spun his head around until he saw her oink hair standing out from all the trees. She was an elf so it wasn't a surprise that she was out here. But Akai thought he had hidden himself well enough, he guessed he would just have to do it better next time. He pulled his bag over and stood up and wiped the little bit of dirt off of him. He pushed his way over through the bushes, to the tree where she sat. He looked up debating if he felt like climbing right now. He looked over the branches, he had liked his relaxing nap and decided not to ruin it yet, so he'd wait for Kerii's answer down here.


Default on Fri Jul 07, 2017 2:16 pm

It turned out Kerii was right. That silver haired person she saw was indeed Akai. There was always the off chance she was wrong. After all, Akai wasn't the only person in the world who had silver hair. But the person she saw also had the same posture that Akai did and had the same haircut, which made it even less likely that it was just some random person who happened to look similar to Akai, but that didn't mean Kerii wasn't surprised to see Akai. It made sense for Kerii to go into the forest. She was an elf. But why would Akai be in there?

As Kerii climbed down the tree, she heard Akai ask what she was doing there too. When Kerii got to the forest floor, she faced Akai and put her hands on her hips. "Well, I'm an elf. That's kind of self explanatory, so I should be the one asking you that question." Kerii really did wonder why Akai was in the woods, especially when he had his bag with him. It was entirely possible that he was camping, but why camp when he could be enjoying the beach or be enjoying the rest of Hargeon? They both had barely left Magnolia, so it would make sense to enjoy and experience as much of the beautiful and old looking town known as Hargeon. At least, that was Kerii's opinion and she was sure that a lot of other people shared the same opinion.


Default on Fri Jul 07, 2017 5:51 pm

Akai didn't want to tell Kerii he was leaving because she sounded like she didn't want to tell her he was leaving because she sounded like he wasn't welcome here just yet. Technically her opinion didn't really matter that much, he could stay if he really wanted too it was his choice, but he didn't like creating bad blood, "Ohh, I'd thought I'd give Era one more chance, go back and see if anyone shows up." He tried not to make it sound like he was leaving because of her, if she found out about that he would feel incredibly awful. Looking over at Kerii, he hoped not to see any kind of pained expression. Maybe he should change his answer and stay a little while longer, but he didn't know, he thought he would just keep it in air. He looked into the sky waiting her response, he really hoped she didn't put two and two together. He took in the smell of the wilds, it was nice calming almost. It kept his head clear something he liked, the cool fresh air was nice, the subtle dampness. He still hoped Kerii wouldn't notice.


Default on Fri Jul 07, 2017 6:04 pm

Kerii listened to Akai's reply, but didn't think that it was a good one. If he wanted to "give Era another try," he wouldn't have gone to Hargeon in the first place. She furrowed her eyebrows, trying to think of another reason he would have wanted to leave Hargeon. Was it because Kerii found out he was a Lycan? Was he not allowed to be around people who knew he was one? It would make sense. Although humans and elves never historically got along, times were changing, and now most humans ceased to be afraid if they saw an elf walking down the streets. She didn't think the same went for Lycans. Generally, people would be more afraid of a wolflike person than an elf, and Kerii wouldn't blame them. Wolves were hairy, aggressive, and had sharp teeth and claws. If humans embodied those traits in any way, she could see why they would be more afraid of them than someone with pointy ears. But still, it didn't make sense why it would matter if only one person in a town knew. Unless that person was the town gossip, but Kerii knew almost nobody in Hargeon and even if she did, Kerii was a good secret keeper. She was very trustworthy, but Akai didn't know that yet. Although she never gave him any reason not to trust her, she hadn't done anything to earn or ensure his trust besides them being guild mates. Kerii decided to just continue the conversation.

"Really? But you just got to Hargeon. It's a really pretty town. Don't you want to enjoy the beach while you're here?"


Default on Fri Jul 07, 2017 7:36 pm

Akai didn't like many people, but he liked Kerii, she was nice, introverted and definitely not rude. Which meant he didn't want to hurt someone he thought of as a friend. Luckily she hadn't exactly caught on why he was debating leaving. He was about to say something when something foul crept into his nose, almost like rotting flesh. it was new almost, like it had been un-burried, maybe an animal unburried it, but he didn't know. "Kerii, I hate to interrupt our lovely discussion, but I smell something truly awful, and it is not natural." He turned back and tried to pinpoint it exactly it seemed to be coming somewhere from behind Kerii, his breath seemed to be caught in his throat it smelled awful, he wanted to curl up and run, it smelled of blood, it curled up through her nose and caused him to trip backwards. "Kerii, I don't what im smelling but did you see anything before you came this way?
I smell something bad and it makes me nervous,
you willing to go check it out?'
He couldn't believe he was doing this, but he was a wizard this was his job.


Default on Fri Jul 07, 2017 8:48 pm

Akai completely (and rather rudely, in her opinion) dodged Kerii's question. Apparently, he said that he smelled something odd and unnatural. Kerii raised an eyebrow. She sniffed the air but couldn't smell anything herself. "I don't know what you're talking about." Either, Akai simply didn't want to answer Kerii and made something up to change the subject, or he really did smell something odd. She guessed that it was possible that Akai had a heightened sense of smell. It made sense, considering wolves were hunters and had a naturally heightened sense of smell. Just how powerful a Lycan's sense of smell was, Kerii had no idea, but if it came close to a wolf's sense of smell, then maybe Akai was telling the truth. Maybe he really did smell something. Or maybe Akai was using his keen sense of smell as a likely and reasonablae, yet false excuse to change the subject. In any case, Kerii wouldn't ignore what Akai was saying. After all, if he was telling the truth, she would feel bad for not doing anything, especially when unnatural or magical things were involved.

Akai admitted that he had no idea what he was smelling and asked her if she saw anything and asked her if she was willing to check out whatever he was smelling. "Yeah, sure. I can do that, but I didn't see anything strange when I was in the woods. There's not even supposed to be a lot of strange or dangerous things in these woods anyways. Where is the smell coming from?"


Default on Sat Jul 08, 2017 7:41 am

Whatever that smell was it was pretty unpleasant, maybe Akai should learn to deal with his better sense of smell, for all he could know he was smelling a dead bird or lizard. For a moment Akai hesitated, he'd rather not be embarrassed, he did not want to give Kerii something to hold over his head for the rest of his life. Maybe he should just say the smell dissipated, and that it was probably just an animal eating its dinner. He'd do that, it wasn't a half bad idea and he could slide the blame onto being a Lycan. " The smell was probably just an animal eating its lunch, there's no reason to worry myself i guess, I really need to get used to this nose." he gave a little tap on his nose for an extra kick. "But back to your question about why I'm leaving,
I thought Era might be fun for a little bit. I didn't get to see much of it, and well Hargeon, will always be here."
He tried to slide that one off but he was loosing his convincing-ness. Hoping she wouldn't notice, but she probably would he put his mind on the smell, which was most definitely still there.


Default on Sat Jul 08, 2017 8:19 am

It seemed that, once again, one of Kerii's questions was evaded by Akai. She asked where the smell was coming from, but Akai pushed it off to the side and said that it he was probably just smelling an animal eating its lunch. In other words, he was smelling some animal doing whatever hunting it was and probably smelled the blood coming out of its prey. That was definitely not, in any way, unnatural. If the circle of life was suddenly unnatural, Kerii was about to really question that. "You said it was something unnatural. I'm pretty sure everyone knows what blood smells like and that smell is definitely not unnatural." Everyone has lost a tooth. Everyone has gotten some kind of scrape or cut. Blood had a very distinct smell. Even if it was faint in some instances, nobody would mistake the smell of blood for something unnatural, especially a good nose like Akai's.

For some odd reason, Akai went back to talking about Era. He explained that going to Era for a bit would be fun, which was not what he claimed earlier, and then proceeded to say that it wouldn't matter anyway because Hargeon wasn't going anywhere. "And Era will always be there too. Akai, nothing you're saying is adding up." If Akai wanted to say something, now would be a good time to explain himself. Kerii really had no idea why he would want to leave Hargeon. It was such a lovely town and it was best to enjoy it during the summer. If Akai went back to Era he may not return to Hargeon in time to enjoy all the good, fun, summer activities it brought along with it.


Default on Sat Jul 08, 2017 1:11 pm

AKai had finally driven himself into a corner so, he might as well speak the truth that he didn't want Kerii to think of him as a stalker. "You made it very clear i seemed like a stalker for showing up in Hargeon after I said I was going to Era, but when I got to Era it was barren so I came here,
which didn't go as I had hoped, so I'm giving you some space."
He sighed. There were many possibilities, she could say Oh, go on your way then. Or she could apologize (which he would probably think was fake) and say he could stay if he wanted too. But truth be told, he didn't exactly want to be in a better wizard's shadow, and that was something he could lie about. He shifted his bag back on his shoulder and looked out into the woods towards Era, which of course he couldn't see, Maybe I should leave? I could just turn around and walk away, waving my hand and say "See you later Kerii." She'd probably hate me though. Akai debated if it was worth the risk of loosing a friend, but for once he wanted to see the world, by himself that was. " Sorry for dropping that bomb on you Kerii, I really am, but I think the best spot for me right now is in Era. I'll see you soon." He waved his hand and shifted his stuff and turned around. Heading towards the edge of town.



Default on Sat Jul 08, 2017 1:50 pm

Kerii did not expect Akai to answer the way he did. He responded to her question with a reference to a past request they did together in Hargeon. Apparently, Kerii made it sound like she thought he was a stalker. Although she never directly said it, she guessed that she did imply it, which she was fine with. She didn't know why Akai had to get so worked up over it. When she ran into him in Hargeon, Akai told her that after finding out that Era didn't have a lot of people, he went to Hargeon because she was there. Only now, when Akai was trying to defend himself, he left out thaf bit of information. "Well Era might have been barren, but you told me you went to Hargeon because you knew I would be there. I'm sorry if I made you feel not welcome, but I was only creeped out that you pretty much said that you followed me to Hargeon." Honestly, what did Akai expect? How could he have not expected that reaction out of anyone? They both may have been introverts, but that didn't mean they were naive to how people in general would react to different situatuons. They were not that socially inept at all.

Akai apologized for "dropping the bomb" on Kerii, but said that the best spot for him was in Era and left. Kerii crossed her arms and turned around so that her back was facing Akai. If he wanted to be like that, then that was fine, but Kerii did not feel guilty that her being creeped out caused Akai to feel uncomfortable. There was no reason for Akai to completely leave Hargeon. He could have just stayed away from her. Although Hargeon was smaller than Magnolia, it was still large enough so that they wouldn't have to bother each other. Once Akai started walking away, so did Kerii, until she found another to sit in.

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