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Magical Bait [Quest: Kerii]

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Default on Thu Jul 06, 2017 5:05 pm

Kerii was glad that she didn't get seasick from being on the boat in the canal. Although she did begin to feel nauseous, the boat didn't rock nearly as much as it would have if she was on a boat out at sea. Kerii found it strange how an elf like her who was so in tune with nature would get easily seasick. Although, now that she thought about it, she didn't see a lot of elves go on boats. Kerii was never told a story of an elf who was a voyager. She was never told a story about an elf who was a sailor either. Every story she was told had been about a warrior, a scholar, a healer, a hunter, and more. Basically everything except water related activities, save for the elves who could use water magic.

After helping out Raina twice and receiving her reward twice, Kerii decided to take a short break on a bench at a stop not too far from the canal to rest. The young elf had been up and about for a long time. From the time Kerii got to Hargeon up until when she helped Raina, Kerii barely had a break. Maybe it was best just to take a break from questing all together. She could go back to her room at the inn and rest up so that she was fully energized for another day of work when she woke up. Kerii looked at the sun's position in the sky and realized that if she went back now, she would have a bunch of time to rest. Too much, actually. Kerii didn't need that much time. She just needed enough to get ready for bed and have a good night's sleep whilst having some extra time to read, which was a huge hobby of hers. A good book was definitely what she needed after all that questing. But not yet. She would do one more quest for the day. Then she would be finished. That would make it a total of six done in one day. If she remembered correctly, she only did four or five with Videns that one day, which would make Kerii break her record.

Kerii got up from the bench after a good five minutes and proceeded to go to the request board. However, when she got there, it seemed a lot of people decided to take some requests within the time Kerii had gone to help out Raina. She couldn't believe how small the selection was from the last time she had seen the board. All the quests that were left were ones that Kerii was either not strong enough to take on alone or was not interested in. After pondering which quest was the best option, Kerii finally decided on doing a fishing quest. Fishing was not Kerii's forte, but it seemed like the most interesting quest out of all of them. This fishing quest wasn't just to catch any normal fish using classic baits such as fake fish with hooks or worms. It was to catch a fish using some sort of magical bait. Kerii just hoped that whoever was fishing wanted to fish at the pier and not on a boat in the ocean.

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Default on Thu Jul 06, 2017 5:05 pm

Unfortunately, it was the later. Kerii went to the dock listed on the piece of paper she pulled off of the board and came across a man with navy blue hair with eyes a few shades lighter. He was on his fishing boat and was either tinkering with something or setting something up. "Jacob Fischer?" she called out. The man turned around to face Kerii. "Yeah?" "I'm Kerii. You put out a request. I'm here to help you catch a fish." Jacob smiled and got down from his boat. He stepped onto the dock and held out his hand for a hand shake. Kerii took it and they shook. "Pleased to meet you. On my boat is everything we need. I have an assortment of fishing rods to catch different types of fish. I even have a rod for sharks. But I'm really eager to try out this new bait I got. I don't know how well it will work or how soon a fish will come up to bite it, but apparently it's supposed to attract dangerous fish, so I wanted someone capable of handling one. You can do that, can't you?" Kerii nodded her head confidently. She was a healer. If anything got out of hand, she could handle any injury. Well, at least any injury that happened to Jacob.

"Excellent! Follow me on board." Kerii took a deep breath before she got on to the boat. When she got on board, she could already tell that it was going to rock a whole lot more than the boat she was on in the canal. Kerii hoped that there weren't many more quests that involved going on boats. She didn't even want to take this one anymore, but it was too late. Kerii couldn't back out now. She took a seat on Jacob's boat and looked at the horizon line. "Ready?" Jacob asked. "Ready." The boat pulled out of the harbor slowly. Once it was out and at a safe distance from the other boats, Jacob's boat picked up speed and gradually got faster and faster until they were speeding towards wherever Jacob wanted to fish.

Jacob eventually slowed down when the harbor was well out of sight and stopped the boat. At this point, Kerii was about ready to throw up. Staring at the horizon helped, but it never completely cured her of her sea sickness. She stood up and went over to Jacob who supplied her with a fishing rod. He pulled out a cooler with the magical bait inside of it. He hooked it onto Kerii's fishing line for her and told Kerii to cast the line out, but not too far. She did as he asked, still managing to keep whatever she ate down. Fifteen minutes passed of nothing tugging on Kerii's line. Nothing was tugging on Jacob's either. A few more minutes passed when something put its mouth on Kerii's bait. She sprung up from the chair she was sitting in and began to reel in the fish. She struggled with it. The fish put up quite a fight. Eventually though, Kerii was able to get the fish out of the water. Jacob put a large net under it and together, they lowered the fish onto the boat. The fish definitely looked dangerous, but Jacob handled it like an expert. With the fish safely secured, they went back to the harbor where Kerii was paid. She shakily got off the boat and headed straight to her room at the inn where she would get a well deserved and much needed rest.

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