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Feed the Fish [Quest: Kerii]

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Default on Thu Jul 06, 2017 4:36 pm

As Kerii was about to leave the lab, Raina put on expression that made her look like she was either surprised or she just remembered something. It turned out to be the later, because Raina suddenly wanted Kerii's attention. "Kerii! I forgot something!" Kerii looked to Raina attentively. "Do we need to run more tests?" Kerii asked wondering if they could have possibly forgotten anything. Kerii was sure that they performed enough tests, but Raina was the marine biologist. She was the scientist. She knew more about the aquatic environment than Kerii did. Kerii knew a lot about the forest, but nothing about the ocean. It would be cool to know some more things about the ocean though. Kerii was very curious and inquisitive and naturally wanted to know anything and everything, especially when it involved magic or science.

"No, no. We ran enough tests. Trust me. I just forgot that I needed to feed the fish today, but I still have more work to do at the lab. Would you mind running to the warehouse to pick up the fish food for me? I was already planning on sending it out as a request, but I figured that since you were already here, you could do another favor for me. That is, if you're not busy already. Are you? I'll pay you for it." Raina didn't even have to offer to pay Kerii, because she was going to say yes either way, but now she was going to get paid from doing it. That was great. Now she was on her fifth quest in Hargeon and it was all in one day. She wondered how many she would do the next day. When she got to Hargeon, it was around noon. Now that she was already in Hargeon she could wake up earlier in the morning and thus have more time to do quests, given the quests she ended up taking didn't suck a lot of time out of the day of course.

"So, where is the warehouse?" Kerii asked. She didn't want to be wandering around Hargeon looking for the warehouse. Even though she was sure that it wouldn't take her long, Kerii didn't want to keep Raina waiting. "Oh, it's not too far from here. Just keep going east of this place and you'll find it." Kerii nodded her head and set off to find the warehouse. She exited the lab and began to walk east of the lab. Just like Raina said, the warehouse wasn't too far from the lab. Just like all the other buildings, the warehouse looked old but preserved on the outside, but when she went in to get the fish food, it was modern. There were shelves upon shelves stacked with an assortment of boxes of differing sizes. Kerii wondered why Raina needed her fish food picked up from a warehouse like this and didn't just have it delivered to the lab. Maybe it was cheaper or faster this way? Kerii didn't know, but it was more inconvenient in her opinion.

Kerii asked a worker at the warehouse if she could have Raina's fish food. The man was skeptical at first, but eased off when Kerii explained that she was picking the fish food up for Raina. Kerii even showed the man her Lamia Scale symbol on her shoulder to prove that she was a light mage and that she wasn't stealing anything.

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Default on Thu Jul 06, 2017 4:36 pm

The worker went off to get the fish food for her. He came back with a small box and asked Kerii to sign off saying that it was picked up. Kerii did as he requested and took the box which had the container if fish food within it. With that in hand, she was ready to return to Raina to feed the fish. She wondered where they would be feeding the fish. She didn't recall seeing any in the lab, but maybe they were in a different room. Kerii highly doubted that they would be feeding any fish that weren't in captivity. It would just disrupt the food web. Probably not by much, but it would certainly change the eating habits of the wild fish. If the fish were starving in the wild, then it was a sign that they weren't fit to live in their environment.

Kerii returned to the lab and went to Raina's section of it. She was looking at a slide under a microscope when Kerii spoke up. "I have the fish food." Kerii presented the box and Raina looked up with a smile on her face. She took the box from Kerii and began to open it. She took out a cylindrical container of fish food. It wasn't the kind someone would find at the pet store for their pet goldfish or betta fish. It was obviously for a different kind of fish.

"Okay, follow me." Raina stood up and walked out of the lab. Kerii trailed not too far behind her. The two of them exited the lab. So she guessed that they weren't feeding the fish at the lab. Raina led Kerii to a canal. There was a boat in the water. It was tied to a post sticking out of the ground right next to it. Raina was making her way towards it. She sat down in the boat and gestured for Kerii to follow suit. She really didn't want to go in the boat. She always got sea sick, but then again, the sea had waves. Canals didn't. So just as long as the boat didn't rock, Kerii supposed that she would be fine.

Kerii sat in the boat and, as instructed, untied the boat from the post. Also as instructed, Kerii rowed the small boat. It was fairly easy to row. After blacksmithing and helping Jay Holiday, rowing was a breeze. As Kerii rowed, Raina dropped the fish food pellets and flakes into the canal. Kerii couldn't help but ask Raina why she was doing it. Raina informed Kerii that what she was doing was fine. There were some kids in the past who always fed the fish they eventually got used to being fed by humans. The food she was dropping in was supposed to emulate real food that the fish would have to get themselves. Slowly but surely, her method was working. When she was done feeding the fish, she had Kerii dock the boat and rewarded Kerii with some jewels for helping her out.

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