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Test the Waters [Quest: Kerii]

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Default on Thu Jul 06, 2017 8:33 am

Kerii couldn't believe she let herself be distracted so easily by Bart's story. She was raised by two elves who were both raised by and taught by prodigious scholars. Kerii was highly intelligent, and yet she was defeated in chess by a young boy who distracted her with some story. He may have been good at chess, but she still had a lot more amount of knowledge than him. But why should she let one chess game get to her? She was Kerii Tauri Virrel. She was a strong and intelligent mage who would become the best healer in Fiore. If not, one of the best. Kerii believed that as long as her primary focus was on that goal, she could accomplish it within... well, she didn't really know how long it would take her to do that. She needed to have experience in a hospital. She needed to have experience in trauma. She needed to learn how to set bones, relocate dislocations, and more. She especially needed to know how to do that if she ever got hurt since she couldn't heal herself with magic. Kerii still didn't understand why she couldn't heal nor apply buffs to herself, but she supposed that was just how supportive magic worked. If it was made to support others, then it was made to support others. However, in order to support people, Kerii would have to be able to support them. If she ended up getting badly hurt or defeated, it was game over. But that didn't just apply to being on the battlefield. If Kerii was alone taking a job and, for instance, went into the woods to fight a Vulcan but got hurt, she would also need to learn to be resourceful and take care of herself with whatever was available.

But anyway, Kerii needed to get her mind off of healing for the moment and needed to focus her attention on completing more quests. There was still some more time left in the day, probably enough to do two or three more quests depending on how long each one took. For the sake of time, Kerii decided that for the sake of time, she would take on a quest that wouldn't take her lots of time to complete. She was sure that there were plenty of jobs up on the board that would fit her time constraints. She just needed to find them.

Kerii headed back towards the request board. She she walked, she took in some more of Hargeon's sights. Even after being around it already, the old, vintage beauty of the town never failed to impress Kerii. This would be a nice town to live in. Why couldn't Lamia Scale be in Hargeon? Albeit it wouldn't have fit Lamia Scale's stereotype, that didn't mean it wouldn't be a nice place to be situated in.

Kerii came across the request board. She began to look at all the quests she could take. A certain one put out by Raina Burke caught her eye.

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Default on Thu Jul 06, 2017 8:33 am

Kerii began to read the request. Raina Burke, one of Hargeon's scientists, wanted someone to help her test Hargeon's waters. It seemed like a simple task. How many tests did it take to test water samples? It couldn't be that many. The only thing she could think of was pH levels at the moment and perhaps some other tests that would test for contaminants in the water, but the pH test seemed to be the most important and the most obvious. In any case, Raina was the expert and Kerii would end up doing whatever test she requested her to do.

Kerii began to wander around Hargeon once more to try to find the lab. She assumed that on the outside it would be disguised as an old building just like the rest of the town, but on the inside she expected it to look like a modern lab. Even though the outsides and some of the insides of buildings were kept vintage, it would only make sense for a scientific lab to be kept up to date. She would hate to see what it would be like if it were otherwise. Without proper lab equipment, there could very well be a number of errors that would occur otherwise, and if someone used inaccurate data, it would only lead to inaccurate conclusions and even more innacurate data.

She eventually stumbled across the lab and went inside. Her suspicions were correct. Everything looked up to date on the inside, but on the outside, it looked like the lab was untouched from the time it was built up until present times. She asked where she could find Raina Burke and was directed towards her part of the lab. Kerii came in to find a blue haired woman cleaning up her work space. "Raina Burke?" Kerii asked. The woman looked up. "Yes?" "I'm Kerii, a member of Lamia Scale. You asked for someone to help you test the waters." Raina sagely nodded her head. "Indeed I did. Follow me." The two of them left the lab and went out to collect water samples from different spots in Hargeon. They collected samples from three different spots at the beach and two different lakes. Once they had those samples, they returned to Raina's lab in order to begin testing. They agreed to start with the samples from the three spots at the ocean.

Just like Kerii expected, they tested the pH levels of the water. Raina frowned when she saw that the pH levels of all the ocean spots hovered around a 6. Oceans always seemed to be more on the basic side, but never the acidic. If things continued the way they were, it would undoubtedly take a toll on aquatic life, which Raina did not seem happy about at all. The pH of the lakes seemed to follow a similar pattern like the sea water, which was equally concerning for Raina. They did a number of other tests, all which had information that concerned Raina, such as the salt levels being slightly lower in the ocean. Once they were done, Kerii was given her reward as promised.

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