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Substitute teacher [Kenny]

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Kenny looked at the school in the horizon, he couldn’t believe that he was doing this sort of petty work, what kind of fighter took a job as a substitute teacher? Then again he was pressed for jewels so it wasn’t all that outlandish of an idea. Yes, he could make this work.  He didn’t have a clue about what he was teaching, but he would make it work all the same. What was the worst that could happen? Other than him screwing up the lesson and giving the kids a sort of false understanding of the learning material. Surely it would not be a difficult job, teaching brats right? He never really got any proper education, but he knew the basics! Adding and such, and he could read so he was pretty good off.

Kenny walked into the school and into the room put on the notice. This wasn’t gonna be fun, he looked down at the desk and read a few notes scribbled on a piece of paper for him. It seemed there was a small stack of worksheets as well. He would place the worksheets on each desk and put the extra back on the desk. He looked at the blackboard and wrote his name in big bolded letters, MR. OMEGA. He felt like such a jackass, but all seemed fine. He then went over to the nearest window with a goodview of the school yard, there was dozens of brats out there, meaning that some of them were no doubt in this class. This wasn’t going to be any good. Kenny did NOT like kids, sure he liked babies, babies were nice. Babies did baby shit, make some noises, get hungry, get sleepy and sleep all day, but kids? Oh no, kids were little demon spawn. They cried and complained about everything, ruined almost everything and always asked stupid questions… Maker it was like he was talking about himself, but he wasn’t he was talking about children, evil despicable children. Oh how he detested children, then again he would be glad to have a few of his own. He’d call them the Kenny brigade and there would be four boys and maybe one girl, eh maybe two? One was good honestly. Soon there was a bell and the doors to the school would open, meaning Kenny was about to embark on a journey of teaching kids math and handing out juice boxes.

Kenny sat behind his new desk and put his feet up drinking out of a water bottle he had brought not too long before school began. Slowly students filed into his classroom, some noticed him others were to sleepy to give him a second glance, he sucked his teeth at the weakness the children showed when it came to sleep.  Once all of the kids were in the room, he picked up the roll from the desk and called it keeping his position with his feet up. All but four were here, which was surprising actually, when he was a kid he used to come to class all of the time, then again he was home schooled so his entire house was pretty much the class room, but that was besides the point, children needed to be in class!

“Alright kiddies, I’m your substitute teacher Mr. Omega, full name is Kenny Omega, but since you all are pretty young, you don’t get to call me Kenny, so it’s just Mr. Omega. Well then again you can maybe call me Kenny outside of class, or Mr. Kenny, but not Ken… Then again you can probably call me Mr. Ken.” he explained, “Now your teacher lady wanted me to teach you about ‘math’ so you all can learn how to ‘add’ but today we’re having class outside.” he looked out of the window seeing a partially sunny day besides a few stray clouds. "Now  get out your pencils junk and we’ll head outside.”
Kenny led the children outside some seemed happy, others would suck their teeth, was it bad that he was mostly just stalling time? Nah, of course not.” He led them into the school yard and sat under a tree as his students sat in the grass around him.

“What are you all doing? Spread out, don’t bundle around me, see kids. You don’t need to obey authority all of the time, if authority isn’t demanding anything out of you just be cool and casually do what you want. That is a lesson you’ll never hear from your egg head teachers. And always remember when it comes to life as a side note, write this down we'll have a quiz on it; it's the fastest that get paid, and those who are faster get lai- Wait, wait, no forget I said anything do you work.”

Things went as normal and soon the bell would ring scheduling the end of class, Kenny went ahead infront of the kids and collected his jewels. Some greeted him goodbye, others asked him questions about his work and at the end of the day he learned absolutely nothing.

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