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Flier Flunky [Quest: Sael]

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#1Sael Stiel 

Default on Tue Jul 04, 2017 7:38 am

“Um-” Sael started. “Oh and don’t forget, I need fliers at South Park, Fairy Tail’s guild hall, or somewhere nearby, and that bakery..” Bella paused in thoughtfuly silence. “Olly’s Bakery?” Sael offered. “Yea! There, now off you go!” She smiled dismissively before shutting the door in his face. Not quite sure what to do he just stood there, shocked. “Uh, alright. I guess I get started?” He mumbled. Reluctantly he turned to the streets. It was the middle of the week and the shops weren’t all the busy, a lack of people significantly contributing to that. A stack of fliers nearly taller than him stood behind him with no one to hand them to.Oh dear. Where to start? He let out a deep sigh. Snapping his fingers a small fist appeared next to him, from there he begun the tedious process of unloading the fliers onto his assistant. The hand held the bottom of the stack easily before wrapping itself around the rest of the half-stack he gave it. In the end Sael was left with a significantly smaller pile of fliers while his cloud had gift wrapped the rest for later.

Since the park was closest to the baths, from what he remembered on his way here, he decided to head down there first. The park was pretty large and people were scattered about. An elderly couple passed him by as he passed a few fliers to a family. Looking around though this place was much more lively than the street square, “Why is that?” He pondered possible reasons but came up empty. “Maybe I’ll think of it later.” A dark haired teenager on a bench turned to Sael with a questioning look. Sael gave him a smile and shrugged, “Not you.” was all he said. The boy seemed content with that and smiled before going back to whoever he was talking to. Before leaving to his next stop he discretly left a flier next to the boy, completely unnoticed. A reflexive smile growing on his features.

On his way to the guild hall he restocked his stack from his cloud helper. Although he passed out dozens of fliers there were still plenty more to go through. He sighed vehemently as he taped the flier to the side of a restuarant. He let his mind drift off letting his hands do the work. His thoughts were scattered, moving from topic to topic with almost no connection. It went something like this. I wonder how my family is doing. Are the in Magnolia? No, they don’t have the money to. Why are they poor again? Have they been lying to me? Doubt it. Okay so maybe more of a connection than he was going to admit to, not like he had much else to think about, there was literally no one else in his life that mattered that much to him. In all honesty he wasn’t even all that attached to the guild, not yet he hoped. It was great to be part of Fairy Tail, exciting, new, a family. Not too far from what he had before. But since his first day there he never really felt a part of Fairy Tail, it was probably new person jitters. When he decided to look back up from his thoughts he was greeted with the awe-inspiring view of Fairy Tail. Since it was nearby, Sael made a quick stop by the guild hall to put up fliers before heading to the next spot.

He smiled gratfully to his handy helper who held a significantly smaller stack of papers than from this morning. His happiness was short lived when he turned toward the quickly rippening sky. The cloud mag sighed heavily. True, he wasn’t in any hurry but sunset was quickly approaching and he still had to pass out at least thirty fliers. Sael bit his lip trying to think of what to do. Taking twenty fliers from the cloud morph he quickly began to place flier after flier on every other building, sometimes skipping one so that he’d have enough for the bakery shop when he got there. A bit overboard on the advertising but that would work right? Having less than five papers left he made a split-second decision and made a dash for the bakery, by the time he got there the owners were already closing up shop. “Wait!” To his surprise they turned around, dumbstruck.

He stopped in front of the owner, trying to regain his breath. He thrust out one of the fliers while he recovered. “Sorry-” pant. “To disturb you. But. I was wondering if you’d allow me to put up some fliers around your bakery.”

They nodded, reluctantly, after a tense moment. Snapping his fingers his cloud assistant evapourated leaving behind the fliers in Sael’s hands. He got to work, spotting a few places around the bakery. Two on the wall, one of the door, and- oh! Right next to the line, perfect. Sael turned toward the owner with a curt bow. “Thanks for you time.” He smiled, before heading back to the bath house.

When he got back he was greeted by an, less-than-enthusiastic Miss Bella. "Are you done yet?" She asked, impatience seething. Sael ignored this and nodded happily. "It took a while, but I was able to pass all the fliers out." He showed his open palms as proof. Bella's gaze softened a little as the news. "Well done. To be honest I was expecting a scrawny boy like you to come back with half a stack left." He smiled, unsure of what else to do. Bella gestured for Sael to follow her inside the bathhouse. Turned out that besides the actual pay he received she offered a bath as well. He gladly took her on the opportunity to relax.

Sael sat back and relaxed letting the warm water do it's work. He thought back on the job today and laughed a little at himself. He hadn't expected to have so much difficulty passing out papers. Then again he could hardly bring himself to talk to complete strangers so it shouldn't have come as such a surprise to him. The cloud mage let a heavy sigh blow loose. He was going to have to do another job soon and he wasn't looking forward to going through another one alone. Perhaps he could form a team with someone, just so it wouldn't be as lonely. But all that would come tomorrow. Right now all that mattered was the steamy waters.


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