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Sirius Training[Fiora]

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#1Fiora Sylvari 

Default on Mon Jul 03, 2017 8:50 pm

Fiora had finally ranked up from all the quests she had done and now was able to take the C rank requests off the board. SHe was happy to see none from the crazy doctor and instead it was a former client who was Sirius Phantasm:. He was a son of the Sirius Phantasm family which was one of the high lords in Oak town that ran the town in the criminal underworld which was headed in oak town. Phantom lord ruled the town from the shadows so dark guild supporters were always welcome. Fiora had worked with him before when there was a man and he wanted to play on the family so Fiora would go to the man and use her disguise to find out who it was because they were all workers and they were mingling and he slipped it out and the man was removed from the team and she got her reward for her hard work. Fiora was walking down the Oak streets and now she was finally at the castle gates. SHe was greeted by the man who greeted her before on the last mission when she worked with the masons. The man was a butler that escorted her to the door of the mansion and she would be opened the door by another servant and Sirius Phantasm was sitting at the front of the window and he was swirling a glass of whine because he was the quest giver for this quest and would explain the details of the quest once she was inside. SHe sat down and the butler man would pour a glass of whine and she would swirl it before taking a sip.

"I need you to train these guards. I heard you are pretty good with a sword and bow. Teach these fools. a thing or to. My security needs to be top notch if we attacked." he would say looking very angry at his staff. HE probably had to pay them a lot and they weren't even that good. She would be sure to whip them into shape because she just a new sword and she could test that out on these guys and make them work. She trained and was the top of her class and she was the best in bows and she was the best in swords and she also was very good at combat with multiple enemies. SHe was one of the best elf weapons experts in Fiore. She would head outside and see all the lazy guards just doing nothing with their thumb up their ass so Sirius Phantasm would walk out and whistle really loud that split the ears and made her shiver because she was an elf and has big elf ears that were sensitive. She would then be introduced as their new trainer and all the guards had a giggle casue she was a girl but she was bout to whip these lazy guards into shape and beat their ass until they all improved.


#2Fiora Sylvari 

Default on Tue Jul 04, 2017 7:54 pm

Sirius Phantasm would tell the butler to move the table and chairs outside as he wanted to watch Fiora train his sorry ass guards and whip them into shape. They would set up the table and then they would go inside and then they would go get the wine and then they would give it to him and then they would pour a glass of red wine and then they would leave him alone to watch the guards before they headed back inside and would be on call if he needed anything. Fiora told the guards to get in line and she would start to explain her combat tactics to them. THe first training they would start with was the bows that they had lying around. They would guards the castle walls with them in case their was an attack they could take them out from really far away so they wouldn't have any time to reach the castle

Fiora grabbed a bow off the rack and then she would go over to the targets that were lined up. She shot an arrow and first try it would hit the bullseye. IT was just like back at the elf village. She would then hand the bow to the nearest guard and the guard would try and it was super short. THe next guards would try and he would grab the bow and then he would then fire and he was not short but he was off. The next guard tried the bow and hit the target but it was at the way outer end of the ring and it wouldn't slow down a real target if it fired like that as it would scratch a shoulder or arm if it was a real person. She yelled at them to stop sucking as they kept on firing their bows and missing. Fiora aimed a bow at the guards and every time they missed she would fire an arrow close to their head as a threat and said if they keep missing she might slip up too and shoot them in the head. They trained for hours and hours and hours and hours and finally they started to hit the target. No bullseyes but it was in the mid circle so close enough. THey would be pros in time. It was a lunch break time so Sirius Phantasm told her to come to him so they could report on what was going on .

Fiora walked up to Sirius Phantasm and would sigh as he would order the butler to pour her some wine in her cup and then they would put a cap on the bottle and then they would bow to them and then they would go inside unless they needed anything and then they would walk and head inside the mansion. Fiora said that the guards needed a lot of work but they were improving a little bit because before they sucked with the bows and they couldn't even hit a target and now they were actually someone good at shooting them and she told them to keep on practicing everyday or else they would get rusty again and Sirius Phantasm would agree as he jotted some notes down. He said they still had another shift to do so then she would pull out her sword and teach them the close quarters combat training and then she would go back to the guards as the Sirius Phantasm would take a sip and he would sit and watch the rest of the training for the night before the sun started to go down.

SHe would line them up and they would all pull out their swords that they had on their side which were standard longswords and she pulled out her light sword that was stronger than most as it was a pretty rare item and it had light alignment. SHe told them one by one and she would have them attack her. She was very proficient with the weapon so what she would do is attack them and then she would disarm them and call the next person. The first guard charge head on and she would just sidestep and would disarm him with ease. The next guy would attack from the side but she smacked it out of his hand. This was just as bad as the bows and then she would go and attack the next guy before he even started because he was playing defense with the blade. THey got back in line and it repeated for a few hours before they finally started to learn a bit. They would hit her sword and then retaliate with another movement so they could keep up the assault. The patterns were still basic but she would take her sword and then she would move her harm and then she would slash the blade away. They would be good enough for now and the sun was falling down to nighttime so they were out of time. she went to Sirius Phantasm and told them to training everyday and then they would be able to guard him after a month or so from attackers.He agreed and would give her the bag of jewels and then he would thank her before heading inside. THe butler would escort her out as she tied the jewels to her side and would head back to her hotel for the night.


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