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Just One More |Kerii|

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Default on Mon Jul 03, 2017 6:21 pm

Akai didn't realize he was hungry until he passed Olly's shop, Those are some nice cupcakes in there, and i am hungry... Deciding that it would be okay he strolled into the store and walked up to the cashier. "Hi, can i have a slice of red vevlvet cake please?" The cashier shook his head and removed a slice of red velvet cake, carefully iced to look like it had a bunch of tiny birds flying around on it. Picking up a fork he strolled over to a two person table by the window and sat down with his cake. Picking up his fork, he prepared himself for something amazing. The cake was moist, and smooth in his mouth, not to mention sweet, it was amazing, even more amazing then the cupcake he had gotten earlier.

After plowing through a few bites he decided to take a break and let his stomach digest a little, Olly made a killer cake. Leaning back in his seat he looked out the window at the passerbys. He wouldn't be in Magnolia forever, so he decided he'd spend his time well, doing things like quests, and eating at amazing bakeries, all things to make him better. But he didnt expect to be spending more time with a pink haired girl, who was about to walk past his window. He started to wave frantically, trying to get Kerii's attention, he didn't really care what the cashier thought.


Default on Mon Jul 03, 2017 6:55 pm

Kerii had done countless quests. Well, not exactly countless. She actually only did around maybe fifteen throughout her whole time in Magnolia but regardless, it was still a considerably large number of requests to take, especially within such a short time frame. Kerii felt like she just went into Magnolia to plow through its request board just how a farmer would plow through his or her field. Just as farmers and gardeners got rid of weeds, Kerii made it so that people didn't have to do any tasks that would deter them from their daily routine. So, metaphorically, she was pulling their weeds. But who knows? Maybe she would eventually take a request when that metaphor would become quite literal. She wouldn't be surprised if it did. She didn't see many gardens in Magnolia, but that didn't mean there wouldn't be any in another town she happened to go to.

Kerii walked into Olly's Cake Shop. She wasn't there for a request, but was there because she wanted to treat herself. It was rare that Kerii ever did so, but Kerii thought that after completing about fifteen requests, even she deserved a nice little treat, and what better place to go to than Olly's Cake Shop. Albeit Olly's peculiar obsession with baking that made him an odd person, it made Kerii think that he probably made excellent cakes. Personally, Kerii was more of a cupcake kind of girl and ordered a marble cupcake with lemon and butter cream icing. She paid for the gourmet cupcake and was about to leave with it when she saw a familiar face sitting, eating a slice of red velvet cake. She walked over to Akai and asked, "Mind if I take a seat?"


Default on Mon Jul 03, 2017 7:10 pm

Unfortunately his arm waving technique, failed, fortunately, it didn't matter, she was coming in there anyway. When she asked to take a seat he raised his hand in that direction as a gesture to take the seat. He took another bite of his cake, looking over at Kerii's he saw she had a gourmet marble cupcake, he might get one of those before he left magnolia, but he didn't plan on leaving until he had at least finished some more quests, he needed the money and the experience of course.

Looking at Kerii made him think about his time in Magnolia, it had been pretty uneventful, a quest there, another there, meeting Kerii and so on. He didn't know how much longer he could stand it here though, all the unusual requests. But he decided it would be worth his time to just do some quests until he had at least learned a thing or two, and then pack-up and move on to the next town, who knew, something life-changing might happen. Akai knew what he had done during his time here but he didn't know what Kerii had done, "So what have you done with your time in Magnolia, hopefully something more intersting then what i've done." Akai said, while trying not to let the cake fall out of his mouth. Looking down at his plate he realized he still had a fair amount left. But y'know the more the merrier.


Default on Mon Jul 03, 2017 7:32 pm

When the elf asked if she could take a seat, Akai said nothing, but gestured to the empty seat in front of him. Kerii sat down and began to take the wrapper off of her cupcake. As she did, Akai asked Kerii what she had been doing with her time in Magnolia and said that hopefully she was doing something more interesting than him. "Oh, I wouldn't be too sure about that." At first, Kerii thought it made sense. She was just doing a bunch of jobs. How were any of those interesting? However, Kerii did manage to find some interesting clients who gave her interesting rewards such as a potion to increase her mana capacity, a piece of magical licorice root, and two soothing herb bathes that all made Kerii feel stronger. Kerii also tried her hand at a few new things that some may qualify as interesting, such as blacksmithing. So maybe on second thought, she did do a few interesting things. "I mostly completed quests. I actually did quite a lot of them, which is why I'm here. I'm rewarding myself with a little treat. How about you? When we met, you ended up leaving to take a quest." Kerii didn't know if Akai ended up doing one or multiple quests that day or even if he did end up finding a quest he wanted to take, but she was interested in what Akai had to say.


Default on Mon Jul 03, 2017 7:48 pm

Turned out Kerii was just rewarding herself, not getting a snack like Akai, but when she asked what he'd been up to recently he was glad to answer. "ohhh, I've just done a few quests here and there, I'll probably do some more of them before I leave magnolia." He wanted to do as many quests as he could before he left. "What are your plans after you have this cupcake?" He smiled pointing down at her cupcake. His Fork clinked on his plate, he was out of cake, the cake was really good, but he didn't want to stop talking to Kerii just yet, she was really interesting to talk to, and the only person he knew in Magnolia so far. So he decided that maybe having one of Olly's petite cupcakes wouldn't kill him. "Excuse me for just one moment." Getting up he dashed over to the cashier and got a small petite cupcake, where the purple icing looked like a rose and was sprinkled with tiny edible pearls, Olly never took second-best when it came to his baked goods. Sitting back down in his seat he looked back at Kerii. He was glad he met her, he didn't like being a loner in the guild that much, which brought up the same question he'd been asking himself a lot lately, should i stay in Lamia Scale, but once again he shoved it down, deep inside.


Default on Mon Jul 03, 2017 8:01 pm

It turned out that Akai too, had done some requests. However, he made it sound like he didn't do that many yet, so Kerii assumed that she had done a lot more work than him, which meant that she probably earned a lot more money than him unless he ended up taking some of the higher paying jobs. Come to think of it, Kerii didn't recall ever hearing how strong of a mage Akai was. She just knew a little about his magic. She had barely begun to know the other Lamia Scale mage before he dashed off to go quest. Maybe this time they would learn some more about each other.

Akai asked Kerii what her plans were after having her cupcake. Kerii shrugged. "Right afterwards, I have no clue, but within a few days, I expect to be in Hargeon. I've done so much work here in Magnolia that I feel like I've memorized the town by now and I've had the same clients multiple times. I want to head down south and Hargeon is closer to Magnolia than Marigold, so I'll be going to Hargeon."

After giving her answer, Akai got up the get a cupcake with purple icing and candy pearls. It was smaller than her own, but was most likely just as delicious. Kerii took a bite of her own cupcake before asking Akai another question. "So, how long do you plan on staying in Magnolia?" Kerii never wanted to spend time in a town for more than a few weeks, excluding Orchidia of course.


Default on Mon Jul 03, 2017 8:20 pm

Kerii had no idea what she was gonna do after that cupcake but she did know she was gonna travel to Hargeon soon. When she asked how much longer he planned on being in Magnolia.

"Probably not much longer, I'll probably try to meet some more wizards, and i'll probably do some more quests but after that, i might head back to Era town for a short while, who knows,
maybe when i see you again, I'll be a completely different person?"
He laughed at the idea, it was pretty absurd. For him to be a new person in his view, he would have to no longer need his glasses, have a less depressing magic and well, not be human. But a lot would have to happen for that to happen, but y'know, life is life and anything can happen, including being part of a human sacrifice. Why he kept thinking about this he didn't know, the old wizard had said that his magic should control the memories, but he still had them. Then a thought struck Akai, maybe he should just come to terms with it, that it happened, he couldn't exactly get revenge his mother did that. In fact where was his mother,Akai shook his head he had strayed from the topic, "I plan to leave magnolia with at least 500,00 J in my pocket." He popped the entire cupcake in his mouth which turned out to be surprisingly good.


Default on Tue Jul 04, 2017 7:17 am

Akai too, didn't think he'd spend much more time in Magnolia. He said that he'd probably try to meet some more wizards and do more quests before going away though. After his stay in Magnolia though, apparently Akai would be going in a different direction than what Kerii was going in. He was going to Era, which was in the middle of Fiore. Era was on Kerii's list of places to go, but Kerii wanted to go to Hargeon more than she wanted to go to Era. Although Era was home to the Rune Knights, there were so many other places that peaked her interest, such as Nanuq. From what she heard, it was supposed to be tribal but it was also supposed to be very cold there. Although Kerii was not overly fond of the cold, she still wanted to visit Nanuq.

Akai finished his answer by saying that maybe when Kerii saw him again, he could be a completely different person. "Yeah, like that would happen." Somebody changing into a completely different person? Even if that did happen, she was sure that she would see Akai before then. It would take a lot for someone to completely change in such a short amount of time... that is unless Kerii didn't see Akai for a long while. But they were guild mates. She was sure that she would see him eventually, most likely in Orchidia.

Akai said that he planned to leave Magnolia with at least 500,000 jewels in his pocket. Kerii raised her eyebrows. "That's a lot of jewels." Kerii earned way more than 500,000 jewels during her stay in Magnolia, but she spent a large sum of it on some items. She didn't think that she would be leaving with that much money with her though.


Default on Wed Jul 05, 2017 6:43 am

Kerii was very skeptical about Akai becoming a new person, but Akai was too, he doubt anything major would happen during his time not seeing Kerii. He decided to be at tad bit difficult and he said, "you never know Kerii."

Akai looked out to see the sun beginning to set, the symbol of evening and night coming forth, he turned back towards Kerii, he would have to make it home before it w as completely dark outside and he would be too scared to walk home. But that was a while away, and his Inn wasn't far from Olly's shop. Kerii mentioned that the amount Akai wanted to leave with was quite a lot. "Yeah,
it is. But I'll probably need it for something. What it is yet? I have no idea."
Akai leaned back in his street when he thought he saw something move in the corner of his eye, for a moment his heart rate speed up, but it quickly calmed back down, it was probably someone turning a corner. He slid back down in his seat, and turned his attention back on Kerii. "I have yet to ask you about your cupcake, how is your cupcake?"


Default on Wed Jul 05, 2017 6:59 am

Akai responded to Kerii's comment expressing doubt to Akai's claim about possibly changing into a whole different person. He simply said that she could never know, which was basically saying that it could happen. He said it enigmatically, which led Kerii to think that maybe Akai was right. Was he indirectly telling her that he was for sure going to change? If he was, then he was doing some serious foreshadowing. Kerii was skeptical of it, but wouldn't go too deep into the subject. In fact, she wouldn't even continue talking about it, especially if Akai was going to give more answers like that. If he did change, then okay. If not, that was fine too. She would let fate deal with it.

When Kerii made a comment about the large amount of jewels Akai wanted to leave Magnolia with, he simply said that he'd find a need for it, but he didn't know what for yet. That was understandable. It would be nice if Kerii had some extra jewels to possibly buy a new bow with, but she was fine with what she had right now.

Akai, for some reason, flickered his eyes toward something that was probably out the window, but Kerii couldn't see anything. It was rather sudden, so it seemed like he was surprised by it, but Akai went back to normal very shortly and asked Kerii how her cupcake was. It was only half way eaten because of all the talking she did. "It's really good. How about your red velvet cake and purple cupcake? Apparently Olly works nonstop on these things. I've done a job for him before and he barely had any time to talk to me, as if it would make him lose focus on his baking." It was true. When Kerii and Videns went to deliver cupcakes for Olly, he barely spent a second away from his work. It even seemed like Olly was frightened that he handed them the cupcakes too slowly that it deterred him from his work, even though he practically threw them at the two mages.


Default on Wed Jul 05, 2017 7:58 am

Turned out, her cupcake was really good, but she asked him about his confectionery treats, "They were both pretty good, truth
be told, I liked the slice of cake more."
Kerii also mentioned how Olly seemed to never stop baking, "I don't even think he made eye-contact with me the first time I met him, he just gave me the directions for my job, and told me to get to it. At one point i came back to hime icing three cakes at once, it was an experience seeing that." For the second time something flashed by his eye, either someone was watching him, or there was a really popular corner near the store. Deciding it was best to ignore it, he didn't even glance over at it. "Once in your Hargeon, what do you plan on doing?"

Akai looked back outside at the sun, he hated darkness, and walking back to his inn with something possibly following him, wasn't something high on his list. Turning back to Kerii, he waited for her answer, he was curious what she was going to do in Hargeon, he might drop by after he finishes time in Era.


Default on Wed Jul 05, 2017 9:15 am

In Akai's opinion, he liked the slice of red velvet cake more than his purple iced cupcake dotted with candy pearls. Kerii was pretty much the exact opposite. Although she did enjoy cake, she loved cupcakes more. She was sure that if she compared a slice of red velvet cake to a red velvet cupcake with the exact same icing (which would be cream cheese flavored no doubt) she would like the cupcake more. She didn't need a plate and a fork to eat a cupcake. She just needed to peal a wrapper and eat the whole thing. Plus, she didn't know why, but somehow cupcakes just tasted better in general than actual cakes.

It seemed that Akai had the same experience Kerii did with Olly. He too had done a job for him and said that Olly didn't even make eye contact with him. Kerii was pretty sure Olly did the same to her and Videns. However, what was truly extraordinary, was the fact that when Akai came back, Olly was icing three cakes at once. "Wow, that takes talent," Kerii commented. It was true. How many people could ice three cakes at once? Kerii knew that she couldn't and she was pretty sure most bakers in Orchidia couldn't either.

Akai asked Kerii what she would be doing in Hargeon. Kerii just shrugged. "I'll probably do the same thing I did here. I'll take some quests, but I'll also probably relax at the beach. But you know, I should actually be getting ready to leave. You know, pack up everything and such. I'll see you around." With that said, Kerii left and went back to her room at the inn to prepare for her trip to Hargeon.



Default on Wed Jul 05, 2017 9:24 am

Kerii was right about the fact that it takes talent to ice three cakes at once, Olly was some baking god, in fact he probably was. Not to long later she said she had to leave, which didn't upset Akai that much, he didn't want to walk home late at night with something following him. He smiled, and waved goodbye, "I might pop down to Hargeon in a bit, see you later Kerii, save some quests, so we can do some together!"

He walked out of the shop door and down the street, that's when the creeping feeling of him being followed really crept up on him, he couldn't shake the feeling, his heart was in his throat, he wasn't trying to break into a run, he didn't want to star a chase, that was a bad idea. So he just speed up his pace a little bit, hoping whatever might be behind him wouldn't realize he was stressed, he hated walking home in the night it was creepy he hated it. Turning the last corner to his street, he could swear he heard footsteps behind him, taking the last corner, he felt a hand on his shoulder.


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