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Decorative Party [Mission | Arisa]

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on Tue Jul 04, 2017 2:41 am


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So, the time had come to take yet another higher level job. Up until now Alisa had been mostly doing the lowest ranked among them, and to think even the peeping tom mission she ran with Chelvaric the other day already counted as 'higher level'... Truly the only difficulty one might call such on that job was actually having an adult ready to attack her, yet hardly someone who even knew how to fight or had the strength to stand up to her.

Alisa got up early, planning on getting a little workout done while the sun was still low, choosing that pleasant warmth over scorching heat any day. She was always a morning person anyways, but when summer time came along that only grew more evident. She'd do this even before eating her breakfast in full; an apple and a glass of orange juice would satisfy her energy needs for the jog to come. She settled into a nice pace quickly enough, with nothing but the refreshing breeze and water bottle to cool her down... She hadn't even finished her run when she came by the job board.

It caught her attention right away, prompting the flushed and sweaty athelete to instead skip over the same place, keeping her heart rate steady while she quickly looked over the requests, "This one will do.", she huffed, quickly pulling out a flier and carrying on.

It wasn't until she'd arrived back at the hotel that she got a closer look at it. So, somebody wanted help setting a block party together? Alisa put the request down as she got rid of her drenched gym clothes and slipped into the shower. Cool water dripping down her smooth, alabaster skin, washing away the sweat and strain of her exercise all in one... She ran her hands over her scalp and down her hair, then carried on down her statuesque body, until she was a fresh as stylish Pegasus girl can possibly be.

Then and only then would she step in front of her closet, tightening a towel around her generous bust and drying her hair with the other as she looked over her options. As odd as it might be, she was partly convinced this job could end up with her needing to defend herself in one way or another (otherwise why else make a C-rank request just for a decorator), which in turn prompted her choice of clothes. Something simple, and disappointingly not creative, but fitting nonetheless: Her favorite work attire, short white skirt and form hugging jacket over sheer black stockings.

But as she finally headed outside, her eyes widened as she realized just how busy this whole place got. It took her a while of breathing deeply to simply rein in her loathing of crowds, hoping it wouldn't get much worse than this. Hopefully she could find the guy in charge, help him with his business, beat up whoever caused trouble, then get the hell out... Who knows, with a bit of luck she might just meet somebody interesting and this whole thing won't be nearly as big as hassle as it's starting to look like...

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on Tue Jul 04, 2017 3:11 am


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Yawning softly she was laying in some soft grass that was somewhat new. She wasn't hypothetically sure if it was new, but it felt nice. It tickled against her neck as her brown-purple tinted hair sprawled wildly in a non-specific way. Her eyes of golden brown would be half open, letting a small ray of sun shine them in its own as some reflection. Truly she felt super lazy and unsure on what to do till it was 'time'. Soon enough it would be time, time to do some mission or quest. A part of her wasn't sure on what to call it anymore. Part of her felt like it was doing stuff that the person was too lazy to do themselves or too weak. Would she be like that later in the future? Send people to do shit for her, paying them and so on? She hoped not.

Her hands clenched into fists and sprawled outward like her legs and hair. She felt comfortable and relaxed without having to worry much. 'Don't have to worry about holding your true self yet mm?' a voice spoke, not paying attention to which one it was. The voices were as if she was talking to herself, it was annoying sometimes...Alas it kept her company all these years. She remembered meeting Medias somewhere though and he gave in the details, but yet she was going to do this with someone else. Who was it to be exact? Was it someone she knew or someone that was totally new? A part of Arisa hoped it wasn't someone annoying as fuck or someone who thought they knew absolutely everything. It never really occurred to her before that it bothered her, those type of people till she met someone specific. Who was it to be exact? Herself would only know this...

Moments went on by though and she new that she had to get off her lazy ass some time or soon. ''I don't want to get up yet though...'' she spoke softly to herself, glaring at the sky. She remembered when she lived a long ways away from here, her homeland, she was like this as a kid. Sometimes she feels like that wasn't even her... It was someone else's memory or something. If that was true, what was her past? Who were apart of her family? Was she alone...? She knew one thing though, Kuriana was her mother... There was no other explanation for this book nor the voices that were passed down to her. She left her book at her manor in Orchidia, hoping it was safe with her maids... Her eyes cornered then to see afar at the clock lamp post to see the time. 'Shit...' she thought coldly and then pressed her palms against the very soft grass, pushing herself up. Her fingers swiftly went through her stands of hair and 'combed' through it as if her fingernails was a brush. ''Guess it's time...'' she spoke to herself as she would stand straight up, turned towards where she was supposed to meet this person and went on her way.

Slowly she would walk towards the streets where she was told to go. As soon as she go there, her facial expression changed to dissatisfaction, seeing more than just one person there helping. 'Wonder who my partner is then....' she wondered as she would start to walk more forward. Her eyes wandered around as her body would continue to move forward. There was a lot of shit that needed to be covered with decorations. The good thing was, was that Arisa had this weird girly side to her and therefore it was good for this missions. Softly she took a deep breather and then saw him finally, the client, Medias. He turned and smiled like nothing was wrong and waved. ''Greetings.'' he started to speak and walked towards her, stopped within seven feet. As he did stop, someone else was close on by, a woman of red eyes and black raven hair. Her boobs were rather larger than hers, yet her butt wasn't as racking as her own, yet it was still there. The curves of her body were sleek and curvy like her own, but were they soft? Arisa would never know. Her eyes darted to research her body with the quote of 'Everyone is there for research' from the book of her mothers. Softly sighing, her eyes would gaze towards the client himself, wondering on what the whole ordeal was with this.

After a second she would look back at the woman, wondering then and there, 'Was this my partner?'. Her eyebrow arched in wonder as her arms moved to criss-cross against her chest. She was wearing black latex pants herself, dark brown hiking boots and a white tank top with linings of black. Her curves showed truly as her thick thighs were formed well as well as her apple-like asset. Her hips would move a little to the right as her left foot was somewhat forward, right foot straight, waiting patiently for the man to speak.



on Tue Jul 04, 2017 4:15 am


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With how quickly she took to working on the more discreet parts of the festival area, it would take a while before she ran into her employer. The whole thing hadn't even started yet and the man already felt like the life of the party. The Peagsus noticed him after a while of hanging lamps from atop a crystal boulder (all the ladders were occupied at that time), in the middle of a crowd. Indeed the guy seemed like a people person, like a politician might be. So much as when he spotted her - a face he'd never seen before - he immediately walked over there to greet and introduce himself to her.

"...I haven't seen your face around here, so you must be one of the mages I hired?", he'd ask with a rather warm, welcoming smile on his face

Well, considering she was standing atop a lump of crystal that was obviously not natural, it wasn't really hard to guess that much. Regardless Alisa nodded and returned the smile, brushing a long strand of raven hair behind her ear:

"I am indeed... But, one of them...?", raising an eyebrow, Alisa she crossed her arms under her chest, an idle gesture yet one that often made whatever men she talked to glance down. It wasn't usually on purpose, mind you, but she didn't care enough to stop doing it.

Yet not this doting father: He seemed far too polite even for a cursory glance, and as surprising as it might be, the girl respected that. Her smile widening slightly as the guy answered her question, nodding and rubbing his chin.

"Someone else also took this job. I'll let you know when she arrives."

Another girl huh? Until Alisa actually saw this other mage for herself, man or woman mattered little more than just a food for imagination. Would it be someone she'd never met before? Or someone she already did? She couldn't help but think about the women she'd met so far - at least those who she talked to long enough to count as 'meeting' - but ultimately she wouldn't have to wait long, as another woman approached them and Midias immediately went to greet her, introducing them to each other as the two mage who'd taken this job. Alisa saw the other eyeing her and returned it in kind; beauty was meant to be admired after all. She had a more serious look in her golden eyes, contrasting with the Pegasus and her nonchalance.

The first detail she noticed was the rather unusual skin tone, bluish as opposed to any color she'd seen... On humans anyway, implying this woman to be from a different species or at least related to one. She boasted a rather curvaceous figure, especially topped off by an impressive bubble butt, one Alisa actually had to struggle not to stare beyond what her elegance would allow.

Fortunately for her, Alisa was usually the frigid type unless someone she found attractive actually tried seducing her. Otherwise this might get distracting, not to mention rude...

She immediately wondered whether it was completely natural or the product of a disciplined squatting regimen. Alisa would defenitely need to bite back the urge to ask about her workout habits and instead approached her with that cool smile she always had, her short skirt swaying about with every stepping motion of her hips, "Hello there. So apparently we'll be working together", she greeted, looking into the woman's eyes and introducing herself, "I'm Alisa, pleasure to meet you~"

Their employer soon excused himself to go greet other new arrivals, leaving the two women together to help out wherever they could. The sculptress would hold the other's gaze for a while longer, but unless the woman specifically preferred working alone Alisa would eventually turn around and wave her hand forward, silently asking the other girl to come along to where that crystalline boulder stood. Touching that shiny pink rock, she'd widen it under the overhangs where they were supposed to attach all the lamps and decoration, and once that was done she'd move it towards the next one.

Of course, this alone might get boring after a while... Fortunately, she had a rather beautiful partner working with her, and unless she proved to be the silent type (even more so than Alisa), they'd eventually find something to chat about.

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on Fri Jul 07, 2017 12:40 pm


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When she got there to meet up with the client, she saw the girl. Her hair raven black, her eyes ruby red and her skin rather fair due to blotches of pink upon the girls cheeks - or so it seems. Her eyes laid upon the girls body as she would savor each curve, but then was interrupted by her voice. Would she later forget who this girl was too after so long? Would it happen to the person she fell for too? Her mind was continuously thinking and all the while she would listen to them talk. Arisa would be here to decorate for some girls party to be exact, it was the clients daughter? She really hardly cared on why the father wasn't really doing it. The last person she worked with that was female didn't turn out so well. She had her hopes up as to make her first female friend from Fiore, but after going to the meeting place they both agreed on, she was ditched. Arisa sighed softly and lowered her gaze, listening to the man talk to the other people.

Her concentration was taken by a female voice that belonged to the woman who claimed to be named Alisa. Her quartz smokey eyes would turn to gaze at the red jewels of Alisa's. A small smile would slide by the side of her own lips. 'I'll be working with her?' she questioned with a mental picture of herself frowning at working with someone. 'Maybe it won't be as bad...As bad as I'm thinking.' she would hear herself think again. ''I'm Arisa. It's a pleasure to meet you, Alisa.'' she spoke soothingly and calm - with some foreign accent. Before she spoke, she brought out her right hand for a handshake as that was the proper greeting...Was it not? Rather she took it or not, it would give her a note of how the other female felt. Soon after the small greetings, she would watch Alisa go towards some decorations that wasn't touched.

Slowly she followed, the decorations were bright colored. 'Disgusting...' the darker voice spoke as the colors of yellow and neon pink were shown. The two colors were always distasteful to her. All other colors were alright, besides brown perhaps. As she was helping Alisa, she was thinking about the last party she went to - or as much as she could recall.

Faces were blur, voices were hidden as she only could remember the colors and the area itself. Her heart was racing in its own beat as she would roam throughout the area. The streams were ocean blue and lilac purple as the red and golden lanterns were hanging from the wooden posts. On the lanterns were designs of unknown symbols. Were those words? She swore she has seen them before somewhere... Arisa would see kids chase each other in their own game till later on, one fell. Rather it was a body or girl it didn't matter.

Why were everyone's faces all blurry? A frown went upon her lips as this flashback wasn't really clear. During this though she would help Alisa hang up decorations, followed her around and if she did start a conversation, she would think of an answer. Her eyes would blitz towards the woman with red eyes and wonder what to talk about herself. A part of her didn't want Alisa to think of all the questions or whatever (if she even did talk during the decorating). Snapping out of her flashback  Arisa would turn her head to look at Alisa, wondering. ''You're as quiet as I am. Are you always?'' she questioned in her same tone.

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on Fri Jul 07, 2017 11:53 pm


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She looked deeply into the other's eyes of gold as they simply stood there a good while, admiring each other's gazes as if wondering what they might see behind them. Alisa for one saw very little. Enough to know she was yet another mysterious beauty, but she couldn't shake the feeling that this girl wasn't so much hiding... But rather had little to show in the first place. She was, however, gorgeous and polite, and that in itself was a winning combination.

Arisa her name was. Just one letter difference from her own name, a rather amusing coincidence that made Alisa's smile widen for a split second, even more so when she saw the girl offering her hand. Most people don't usually bother with that anymore, but the Pegasus took Arisa's hand.

Alisa's soft, smooth skin, almost irresistably so, was only blemished by a fighter's calloused knuckles. And Arisa's felt just as pleasant, enough for a praising remark, "You have very soft skin by the way.", she'd say, cocking her head slightly before finally letting go and leading her to their workplace, if it could even be called such.

Once they actually got the work underway, she'd find Arisa hardly seemed comfortable with the decoration she had to hang up. She wasn't even doing a bad job at it but she usually stayed away from the pinks and yellows, which basically ruled out half the colors just like that. For the most part, the sculptress was just going over the lights and left the colored props to Arisa, but the more her eyes wandered over to the girl and her rather sinuous, supple form, the more she felt like a change of pace was in order

"How about we switch?", Alisa offered, "You place the lanterns, I'll do the props. Doing the same thing for hours just gets repetitive"

The Pegasus was an artist after all, colors were her thing. Even if she looked better in whites and blacks than anything else, she knew how to mix and match them and rather enjoyed doing it. But other than this occasional question, both beauties mostly remained silent. Arisa, it seemed, was also the quiet type, enough to eventually break said quiet and point it out.

"I am, most of the time.", she'd answer with a nod and graceful smile. Of course, this subtle request for conversation had Alisa thinking about how inappropriate it might be to ask Arisa for her workout regimen. Instead, she curled her lip and looked into the girl's golden eyes, climbing down from the crystal boulder, "I had a feeling you weren't so different, good to see I wasn't mistaken.", she then looked up at all the decorations they'd hung on that side of the street, "Seems like we did a good enough job though, wouldn't you agree?"

Of course, there were still more decorations to place, such as potted plants, chairs, and assorted tables. But from the way things were going, their boss should come by in a few moments...

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- Alisa Vollan

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on Sat Jul 08, 2017 2:39 am


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Arisa listened and waited for Alisa to speak. Her hand was grasped and in return, she felt as if Alisa was friendly. It was good to meet friendly people as she doesn't have many friends in general. People that were left behind, the people of her Country... Her head started to hurt, but before another flashback could happen she heard Alisa speak. She wanted to know about switching to lanterns. Her smokey quartz eyes would look over at the simple designed lanterns. They weren't quite like the ones she remembered. ''Are those types of lanterns common here?'' She questioned while moving over to get on some latter to hang them. They weren't red nor made out of thin rich sheets of bamboo. Her soft fingers would entwine the strings around the small loop of each lantern as she would then turn over to look at Alisa. ''That should be the last one...'' she would say softly and calmly. Her right hand swoops against her forehead to knock away any sweat. The heat was getting a little overwhelming as small sweat drops were go down to her chest. With her wearing a tanktop, it was easily seen. Her smile increased as she slowly started to feel closer to Alisa for some odd reason - in a sisterly friend way.

As her hands gripped the latter and went down it, her eyes wandered to see what they should do next. ''Let's do flowers next.'' she would say. Flowers, nature, all that was nature was her forte. Her hips swayed as she jogged making her chest motion and so on. As she would get to the other side of the party making, she would turn and wave. ''Over here, Alisa.'' Arisa smiled happily as if her personality changed all of the sudden. Her voice sounded more sweet and soothingly - enough for her to sing the animals to her summons (hypothetically). A second later she caught something by the corner of her eyes and turned to walk towards it, picking it up. 'A paper?' she thought and leaned over to pick it up. Standing up straight she started to read it seeing that it was some 'wish list' for flowers in which some of these names...They were rare flowers. As Arisa read the list of flowers she would bite her lower lip on the right side. 'A Calathea warscewiczii flower? Those are...' she was thinking in her head for a moment. 'The ones from the other Country.' she would hear out of no where in her thoughts. It was the darker voice in which came to a surprise. 'You know them?' she would question. 'With our magic we can do this list.' the darker voice spoke and chuckled. It was as if she wanted to help out for some odd reason. Most likely, by the time she was done with the small conversation with the darker voice, Alisa would be there. Slowly she turned to meet Alisa's eyes and smiled, ''Imma create this list instead of using the cheap plants. I feel like they're the flowers his daughter wanted and gave to him...yet most of these are well..impossible to receive.'' she would say and bow her head a little. Slowly she turned and then cocked her head to look at Alisa. ''Can you fill up the pots with dirt and carry them to me? I'll use my magic for the flowers.'' if she agreed then she would do so. Waiting for Alisa, she would use her magic for each pot and read the list accordingly. Majority of the plants she knew what they were due to research of nature. After creating those plants she would then turn around to see the client behind them, wide eyed. ''Remarkable...I didn't think about getting nature-like magic users for the list. Guessing you found the list wandering around...'' he would say. Arisa just nods with a soft smile. ''You guys did well. Here's your reward. Thank you. I know she'll love these.'' he spoke with a bright smile and nods his head going on his way. With that she would turn towards Alisa. ''It was nice working with you, Alisa. Hopefully we meet again.'' she would say her usual soft soothing tone. Finally she waved good bye and went on her own way.

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