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Fishing Contest [Alyssa]

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Alyssa had woke up in an amazing mood. It was the first time she had gotten a full night’s sleep in a very long time. Everything seemed to be looking up now that she had accepted Malum into her life. She and Arcane were there own family and needed no one else, especially not the man that had left them in the dust. She promised herself she would find him and make him pay for hurting her. She thought back to the progress she had made in the past few months. Alyssa could not believe that she was once a Rune Knight, protecting the innocent and feeding into the lies that they told her. She once patrolled the streets with a happy smile while keeping her split caged inside, hurting herself in the process. Now that she had joined an evil guild, she had become much happier. Lyss and Alyssa both balanced well now, serving their new god. Though the rush of excitement she got every time she killed someone now had not gone away, she knew that she had to complete it swiftly, like her mentor had taught her.

Sneaking up on the male she had been following for quite some time, she quivered in anticipation of the pleasure that was to come from ending this male's life. Unsheathing her sword, she crept slowly up behind him and with swift and precise movements, she beheaded him. As his body lopped to the ground, she felt his spirit pass through her body and the rush of pleasure consumed her once again. Her fists tightened around the silk cloth that was the dress she was wearing as she bit her lip as the pleasure passed. There was the high she needed, the one that would get her through this next mission.

She wandered away from the dead body, finding her way to the docks where she was meeting with a man named Jacob Fischer. He was fishing in a tournament that it seemed he really wanted to win. "Ah, you must be Alyssa. Thank you for coming to help me this fine day. Now here is what I need you to do." He pulled her over to the side where no one could hear them. Glancing around, he made sure no one was listening. "So I really wanna win this thing, okay? You make sure I do and I will make sure you are rewarded." He smirked. "And maybe not just with money." He added a wink at the end. Alyssa rolled her eyes and shoved by the man, wanting to get this over with. Seeing that there were many more contestants in the contest, Alyssa knew she had her work cut out for her as most of them looked stupid, eyeing the poles as if they did not even know how to use them. Alyssa knew she would need a distraction, so she sent Arcane out to run around and bark. Soon, everyone's attention was on him and Alyssa had free roam of their things.

She knew she had to do this quickly, so she went through the first few boxes, cutting their extra lines into little pieces and throwing their bobbers into the water after breaking them along with their weights. The next few she went around to she knocked holes into their boats. If they fished off the dock, they would not catch any good fish because there was too much grass lining the shores. Moving on to the last few contestants, she simply snapped their rods in half. Soon enough, Arcane ran off into the woods to wait for Alyssa. The contestants came back to their belongings broken and began complaining. Only a few could compete, and not well. Alyssa acted as if she was surprised as the rest of them.

They sat back, watching as the small number of contestants began to prep their things. Some of them did not even know that their boats had been sabotaged, and so when they tried casting out, they began to skin immediately, having to swim back to shore in shame. "We will find the person who did this!" They all yelled and Alyssa did nothing but smirk as she watched as the contestants on shore pulled in nothing but seaweed and small minnows while Fischer pulled in fifteen pounders. By the time the day was done, Alyssa had made sure no one but Jacob would win. Thankfully, the contest still continued after she had created the havoc. She met with Fischer after his name had been called out the winner, away from the crowd of course, and he handed her the money that she had earned, and also his number which she scoffed at.

Upon leaving the lake, Alyssa found Arcane huddled under a tree waiting on her patiently and she patted his head. "You are such a good boy. You did a great job." She said, rewarding him. They walked slowly back to the streets of Haregon, thinking about what they would do next. Alyssa quickly found she was in the familiar back streets with very few people inhabiting them. She knew what her body wanted and she was going to give it to it. She unsheathed her blade and found her first unlucky victim and quickly ended the woman's life. Stuffing the head into her pouch, she began making her way back to Yumi's workshop to clean her new skull.

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