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Trying to spice things up. [Open]

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Trying to spice things up. [Open] Empty on Sun Jul 02, 2017 6:19 pm

Kenny walked down the semi-busy streets of Magnolia, a thick dual edged hook with two rather large fish on the ends in one hand, a fishing line in the other. It was a scorching Saturday and he had just gotten done fishing at the seaside for today’s dinner. Without Alyssa with him he had more leeway to eat for one instead of two. Though out of habit he grabbed a second fish as if he expected her to arrive anyday now so they could get back on their quest together, though he would grow disappointed in knowing that she wasn’t coming and instead would save the fish for later it seemed. There was always a sliver of hope in Kenny’s form for her to come to the town so they could be together, though it was obvious that she wasn’t coming any time soon especially since he only gave her the name of the hotel he was in and name of the town.

Earlier in the day he had caught the two large fish on the shore, one put up a good fight having lasted a few hours of tugging and pulling along the shore, the other was an easier catch after Kenny entered the water and caught it by hand when his line jammed. Kenny’s stride was that of a man who was confident in himself, his head up high, a light skip in his step as his raven locks were combed back. He had cut his hair since leaving Alyssa, he wanted to surprise her by cleaning himself up mostly. Sadly for him, he did not have his armor or quite a few of his clothes since he had left some of his wardrobe with his love. As of now he wore a beige fatigue, black worn down cargo pants and a pair of black boots, he was by no means stylish, bu he was certainly dressed for the weather.

It seemed he would have the day to himself, thus he would take advantage of it by doing some shopping at the market, with his fish hooked and drying he would soon need to head back to shore and get some spices to cook them up with. Another thing he had taken to with Alyssa gone was camping, with his other half he had found himself reverting back into a few of his old mannerisms one of which now sleeping under the stars instead of his hotel room.

Kenny would arrive at the open market, it appeared to be a bit more crowded than he would have liked, he began walking down a few of the stands, kiosk, and parked wagons. As he walked he was pitched various items from many different sellers, a man offered him fruit that would allegedly aid Kenny’s muscle growth, an old man sprayed him with a bottle of overpriced, disgusting perfume telling him it would help him attract a lover, this trend of pitches went on until he finally found the spices though now he was tired, smelled like cheap perfumes and had a noticeable veil of sweat on his person from constantly slithering away from salespeople.

Now that he was at his destination, a spice cart riddled with various jars and baskets full of powders and plants Kenny looked them over. “Hmm, I wonder which one I should get…” he stood up to his full height and examined the fish he had caught, “What’re you two anyway? Tuna maybe?” he examined his haul, “Hey buddy what do these look like to you.” he gripped the shoulder of a stranger passing by and help his haul into their eyeline.

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Trying to spice things up. [Open] Empty on Mon Jul 03, 2017 3:13 am

Lacie Eventide
Since arriving back in good old Magnolia, Lacie had enjoyed it more and more, until she came eye to eye with that Holy Knight. It made her angry andwell scared. This was her town, and Alice was back. She tried to pretend nothing was happening and she believed that she still had done nothing wrong so she could go wherever she wanted to go, even though she was afraid to bump into her sister at any given moment. Every time she just reminded herself that this was her town and she had every right to be here.

After her morning prayers she headed towards the market. Living alone meant that she would have to regularly buy things to survive and to work out her cooking skills. She had bought some fresh meat, bread and cheese and was heading over to the herbs and spices. She had noticed a man that was tall and she wasn't sure what to think of him, he was standing near the spices and she decided not to immediately stand next to him and look for the spices that she needed to refill back at home. She heard the person, she guessed the tall dark haired man talk to someone in between them and she turned to look out of curiousity. She scowled a little because this was no way to treat strangers.

The person that was grabbed at his shoulder seemed to be a little shaken and shook his head not being able to answer the question, "It's not nice to suddenly grab people and sort of demand an answer. I believe it's tuna anyway as you had said just before. But you could ask the fisher men over there." she pointed to a group that stood near the fish stand, which she found rude already but this guy pissed her off more than anything else, with the exception of Kontantin and Alice. His partner pff, she was glad that she had never falt for his flirting back in Orchidia, if she could even call that, disgusting.

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Trying to spice things up. [Open] Empty on Mon Jul 03, 2017 12:42 pm

Kenny’s eyes narrowed when the man he had pulled to the side didn’t have any idea what kind of fish he was were presented to him. The man’s stiff, and shaken demeanor was beginning to wear down Kenny’s patience as the Raven hair waited for a clear answer. There were mumblings of confusion from the stranger, he obviously didn’t know what kind of fish Kenny had in hand, but no matter the bruiserweight kept him in place as if he was just thinking on it. Was Kenny a bully for doing this? Probably, but what did it matter? It wasn’t like the person was doing anything besides walking down the road like any other civilian to whatever meager activity awaited them at their destination.

Soon however relief would come to the aid of the bumbling nameless chap in the form of a tiny redhead who seemed to have a stern attitude off of the bat. At the mention of Tuna Kenny glanced at his fish a second time and smiled, “Hm I suppose you’re right.” he released the innocent bystander with a shove, sending him tumbling back his way down the street. There was also the mention of asking a fisherman, but if she was certain it was tuna, who was he to say it wasn’t? She seemed sure of herself, carried herself well, and wasn’t hesitant to approach the obnoxious, bulky, brawler. There was something familiar about her however, something that he had seen before, he couldn’t quite put his hand on it, thus he leaned down to her eye level and gazed into her eyes.

“Have we met before?” he tilted his head, scratching his jaw with the handle of his fish hook. “Hm, thanks for the help, though. But back to my question, have we met before? You’ll have to excuse me if this comes off as a pickup line or anything, but I’m just certain we have. It’s not like me to forget someone so beautiful.” Alyssa forgive him, he had a silver tongue, there was no intention to build anything but friendship with this woman however. She seemed eerily familiar was all and he was just one to compliment others.

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Trying to spice things up. [Open] Empty on Tue Jul 04, 2017 9:32 am

Lacie Eventide
She couldn't believe how people could be so rude to each other. She was surely fast aggitated with situations, as was proven when someone barechested had entered the church in Orchidia but that didn't mean she wans't nice. She was preventing things from happening, she didn't try to be nicer to specific people, she would judge that for herself. All she did was keep the community in line, she didn't serve justice as Knights, she served her religion and her inspiration: the Divine.

Someone that was standing next to her at the stand with spices on the market, was turned to a brute that asked him rudely what kind of fish he was holding on to. Which was ridiculous, he had either just bought it or caught it himself and considering he was at she spices stand she thought he planned to eat them, which made her shiver from disgust. People should learn what fish they caught themself, honestly not everyone had to solve problems for everyone.

She came up for the poor chap that was handled hardly and asked about the fish. He was soon released and pushed away, because of that she let out a sigh that sure covered her annoyance. She didn't offer the man to help as he stumbled up right and half ran, half walked away from this stand. She could understand but she also believed that he should have been able to speak his own thoughts to this rude man instead of her having to do it. She turned her brown eyes back on the tall man and pulled her head a bit back as he had hunched down a little to be on the same level as her, he clearly hadn't known about personal space before and now neither, oh by the Great Divine was all she thought, this was going to be a tough converstation. She pulled up her nose a little and gave an arrogant look because of the question and the rest of the talk, "Well I would be certain not to forget if we have met before and I do believe we did not." She said as she flipped her hair over her shoulder to proof the point that she would this conversation rather be over too. She turned her face, showing less freckles and so on, giving the same sight her sister Alice would look like, her brown eyes, also showing off a little of the green and golden stared at the spices, she hoped the man would leave but she doubted it.

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Trying to spice things up. [Open] Empty on Tue Jul 04, 2017 8:37 pm

Kenny yawned and nodded, “You seem to have struck me as another. My apologies.” he apologized and turned back to the spice cart, there were a few, but he grabbed the one labeled ‘spicy’ and went up to the stand owner. He pointed at the label and asked a few question; what it was, where it was grown, if it would go good on fish and each question was answered half decently before Kenny would pay for the spice and go on to the next stand, the fisherman’s. Kenny spoke with the fisherman for a moment, the two chatted, he held up his fish and the duo would examine them together. Oddly enough, they really were a pair of Tuna which was all well and good. Hm, Kenny would still get hungry most likely as he heads back to camp so he brought a few fish from the fisherman and put his entire haul in a bag just on the other side of the fisherman’s stand before taking it all and hefting it over his shoulder. He had dinner, now he would need more spice since he had extra fish.

With that Kenny walked back up to the spice stand and grabbed a second jar of the spice powder and paid once again before stuffing it in his bag with the fish, seemed heavy enough. With that he thanked the spicer once again, and thanked the fisherman. Sack in tote, he yawned and looked back to see if the woman was still there, if so he would give her a salute before walking off as he would head back to his camp.

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Trying to spice things up. [Open] Empty on Fri Jul 07, 2017 3:11 pm

Lacie Eventide
Lacie was a bit flabbergasted by the simple way he talked to her and waved her away when she said no. No one ever just cast her aside even if she felt like she would hate that person! She watched him, forgetting her own herbs and spices and stared and stared even though she knew it was rude. After asking her for the tuna, he even went to the fisherman’s stand and asked the same. She would be surprised when he gave her a salute and simply walk away, she quickly paid for her herbs and spices and hobbled after the man, ”Are you always that rude to people?” she said as she went to finally catch up with the giant. She was sure she knew the answer about whom he had met that looked at her, ”I would like to know who you have seen that looked like me. What is her name.” Konstantin had told her but she needed to know how long Alice was walking this Earth surface. She was sure that it shouldn’t be too long but the way Kon had said partner, was still ringing like hell bells in her ears. This was absolutely ridiculous, she looked like a stupid fangirl or something, flaunting over a guy that she didn’t like in the first place. The idea of the fish that was over his shoulder didn’t make it more attractive at all. Besides she had no idea where he was going. The good thing was that she knew Magnolia very well as she was born here and hadn’t left before she turned nineteen, she knew every nook and cranny.

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