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Hot in Here [Quest:Alice]

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Hot in Here [Quest:Alice] Empty on Sun Jul 02, 2017 8:55 am

Adelaide Sokolov
She could definitely use some distraction these days. Alice had tried to think of answers for the situation that she was in, and all that happened was that she could almost puke because thinking about it made her so nervous and nauseous. She frowned and stared at the sky, she had sort of run out of the Bed & Breakfast. Not to avoid Konstantin but to simply avoid to annoy him or so. Besides she didn’t want to depend on him all the time besides if he would come up with the answers, that wouldn’t satisfy her own answers. She was sure of that. She sighed, thank god the sky was blue. She wasn’t sure what to think, she felt Ophelia huddle into her side and she petted her faithful companion. She still haven’t found out where Lacie was, nor had she found any answers about her questions. The house that she used to live in, someone was living there; the tower where there were rumours about was down in bricks. She wasn’t sure where to find answers anymore, she bet there wasn’t just a notebook holding all the answers in the library. That would make things way too easy. ”I need to do something Ophelia.” she said annoyed because this thinking wasn’t something for her and it made her slow and not in the most pleasant moods. Also a reason why she shouldn’t be with Konstantin at the moment. She stood up, wondering if Ophelia wanted to be with her or with Clara. Especially what her plan of action, was. She planned to go and do a job and she also planned to go to the smith first. She wouldn’t be very happy to leave Ophelia behind but she walked back to the B&B. She was sure Ophelia wouldn’t like it, that’s why she left her at Clara after she asked. It did sting a little, for it seemed that Ophelia started to like Clara, more than Alice lately. She knew it wasn’t true, somewhere deep down in her heart, but it was probably just the feelings from now. Everything colliding at once in her mind, thank god she haven’t had a headache yet.

As soon as she left Ophelia with Clara in the kitchen, she walked with a quick thread towards the city centre of Magnolia. She was sure that she would calm down a little as she could look at the weapons in the smith. When she arrived, she was immediately aware of the heat in here and it made her comfortable. She noticed Barras being busy, she had done a few jobs for him before. She wanted to show him her cat claws but when he looked up, he looked relieved, ”Are you here to help me?” which was actually more pleasant to hear than anything else, ”Sounds lovely to do.” she said and she walked a little closer to see what he was doing and listen to him explain what he wanted from her, to be his assistant again for the day. She turned to look at the assistant that had his arm broken and asked how he was doing before getting ready to work.

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Hot in Here [Quest:Alice] Empty on Sun Jul 02, 2017 9:34 am

Adelaide Sokolov
For safety she had to wear an apron from a specific metal to make sure that if anything would drip, it wouldn’t burn through her clothes. She also had to wear specific gloves and so on to make sure her flawless or well mostly flawless skin wouldn’t be hurt. She would show her claws at another time. Her job was to place metal in the forge and get it out with tongs and place it on the anvil. She was very curious to see the hammering, something she had done last time though. The role between her and the assistant were now changed but she didn’t mind. She would look at the assistant closely, he had this sort of nod with his head, she wasn’t sure if it was planned or not, that she noticed she would have to pick up the metal with the tongs and put it back into the forge to warm it up. She was actually glad that she didn’t take Ophelia with her, the little Clefairy wouldn’t like the noise. Las time she wasn’t so happy either. She found it easier work than last time, mostly after she got the idea of when she had to get into action. It took a few times before the assistant was satisfied and they worked on the second piece of metal. When they were finally done, he would tell her and she would lift of the glasses as soon as she stepped away from the anvil and the forge, she wanted to see it but wanted to make sure that her eyes were safe. As soon as Barras was done too he came to thank her for her work and paid her, ”You changed a little Alice.” he said and she immediately lifted her hand to touch her ears, thank god she had hidden her tail in her trousers. What would he say from that, however she did enthusiastically talk about the claws and showed him. He checked them out and gave her a compliment about the work and she beamed because of the compliment. She wasn’t so sure what else to say but she headed back to the Bed & Breakfast.

Before she left the city centre, she decided to do some groceries before heading back. She could hit herself on the head as she realized she hadn’t told him about the diadem but it didn’t matter, she needed to test more fights with that thing before she was sure if it was perfect, she still loved it though, that was no problem at all. She headed into the supermarket to buy some fruit and food for tonight, she counted on herself, Ophelia and Konstantin. She wasn’t sure if she should consider if Sparky would show up but they could always run to the store once more. Maybe Konstantin wasn’t even back in the B&B when she returned. She considered the jewels of her job well spend, but she still needed to think of some answers.

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