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Magical Bait [Diana]

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Default on Sun Jul 02, 2017 4:07 am

Three different clients in the same week. That was an improvement. She was getting to know more of the important figures in town. Although the current client was just an excited boy wanting to try out his fish bait. Diana noticed that she had been doing a lot of fish and water related jobs a lot here in Hargeon. It was probably because it was a port town and everything was about fish and water, not just requests. Diana thought it was weird to be working for a child, not because she felt embarrassed to be working for a kid, but because she was wondering where he got the money to be throwing out requests and what not. Maybe he was from a rich family, or he just did not know the value of money. Either way, that was not her business, so she stuck to what was her business. Things were going pretty fast, though, because she was working really fast, taking jobs left and right like a machine. She was probably doing that because she did not have anything to do other than sightseeing and visiting some recommended places around here. It was good to find some money while doing all that. After all, she needed some. She was no longer living under her parents’ roof, so she needed to find her own money to survive. So before she left the inn to take the job, she brought her worn clothes down to the laundry room and put them in one of the empty washing machines, adding detergent and softener before leaving the machine to do the rest.

She left the inn and headed to where she would meet Jacob Fischer. Funny how his last name was ‘Fischer’ which sounded so much like ‘fisher’ like he was destined to be a fisherman or something. Diana decided to walk there as it was not too sunny and she had brought her umbrella just in case it got sunny. The streets were a little bit more packed than usual as it was a Sunday, and there was probably an event that she was not aware of. So after a bit of walking, Diana reached the place where Jacob was waiting at. She could see that he was holding fishing equipment, and was trying to do something with them, fidgeting around. She approached the boy with a wave. At first, he gave her a confused look, but she could see that he was looking at her chest area, which made her want to slap the shit out of the boy, but she restrained herself from doing so. Jeez, he was probably only like twelve or fourteen the most. She brought out the request paper immediately and shoved it in his face. Jacob took the paper and quickly scanned it, then turned back to Diana, asking for her name. “I’m Diana,” said the sorceress, clearing her throat afterwards and taking a seat next to Jacob while he finished fixing his fishing rod.

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As soon as she sat down, Jacob started to boast about his new bait that he paid premium for and how excellent it was. She did not mind all this bragging. She let him go on and on as he continued talking about it while fixing his fishing materials, preparing to go fishing, she assumed. It was funny how she was just helping a marine biologist feed the fish the day before and now she was going to accompany a kid go fishing which was basically killing the fish. She made a mental note not to speak about this whenever she met Raina again, or did another job for her. She did not want to disappoint the marine biologist, but she also needed money. It was life after all. She had to give up on some things to gain some things, and this time she was not really giving up on anything, but risking trust from the marine biologist. Jacob was soon finished with preparing his fishing equipment and putting the bait on the hooks. Diana got up when he did and they went to where Jacob took them, a place to test out his oh so great bait. So they began their journey, sailing in the sea while Jacob did pretty much everything and Diana just sat and watched until he needed something that he could not reach from where he was sitting, so she occasionally got up to get him what he needed. Diana even felt like laying down or something.

She was probably going to get tanned from this, but she was not complaining. Even if she got a bit tanned, she could just stay in for like two days and get back her milky skin. She was so lost in thought that she almost missed Jacob celebrating his first catch. She got up from almost laying down, immediately, helping Jacob get the giant fish on the boat. She could see that the fish was almost larger than half his size. It was literally wiggling out of their hold, trying its best to get back into the water, but with both Diana and Jacob’s strength combined, they were able to bring the fish onto the boat and keep it under control until it stopped struggling before Jacob removed the hook and made sure it could not hop out of the boat or something. Diana laughed a bit with him after their struggle was over, although she wanted to die from the mess that the fish had made on her clothes. She would have to go home and take a shower to get rid of the mess. She did not want her clothes to start smelling like saltwater and fish. She bore with it for the time being and just helped Jacob with whatever he needed. He seemed pretty pleased with his catch so he was cleaning up and getting ready to sail back to the shore. Diana had a bit of a conversation with him about the bait and then got her reward as soon as they reached the shore. She left to return to her inn.

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