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Ex's Closet [Alyssa]

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Default on Sat Jul 01, 2017 10:49 pm

Alyssa had a very strange urge to embark on a quest. She found a pretty simple request on a sketchy looking request board in a back street in Haregon. This seemed to be where all the evil people went to find their next jobs and Alyssa seemed to fit in quite well with the crowd. Her attire for the day consisted of a black hoodie she had stolen out of Kenny's belongings and some dark-wash jeans paired with a set of tennis shoes. Kenny's scent calmed her and Lyss down a bit yet also pissed her off. Taking a deep breath she just had to remember she would see him again soon enough. She hoped he had not been doing anything to ruin their relationship, but after the fight they had not too long ago, she could not help but doubt the man. What if he found someone better? Someone who did not have an insane side to them? Someone who did not hit him...

She had to stop thinking that way. Kenny would be loyal to her and Arcane, she knew he would. He would or else. It was a silent threat known only to her, but she was sure Lyss had told him once or twice that if he hurt them, there would be hell to pay. Her fist connected with the message board as she sighed. Some blood oozed out of the new wound upon her hand and she grinned. Yes, if Kenny was going to hurt her, she would hurt him.

Finding the address upon the sheet that she had taken, she walked to the house and knocked. A sketchy looking man opened the door and peered out at her. "Are you here for the request?" He grunted. Alyssa simply nodded, never opening her mouth to answer. The man did not invite her in or step further out of the door. "I need you to go to my ex's house and collect my belonging I left with her. You will find it within a yellow box more than likely in a drawer in her room. You must watch out, she has a ferocious little guard dog. She gets off at five tonight, so hurry." He handed her a slip with an address upon it and shut the door. Breaking and entering was new to her, but she and Arcane were willing to try anything once.

She quickly found that the address was out of the sight of the public, which was good for her. She decided to peek in through the window to see if she could get a sight of the guard dog the man was talking about. She tested the window, seeing that it was unlocked and quickly lept in, looking back at Arcane. "You stay here." She muttered. As she turned back around she was frightened by a little ball of fluff. A laugh escaped her lips. "You were the 'guard dog' he was talking about." She knelt down and held her hand out. "Come here, little guy."



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The dog seemed a bit skittish at first, but after sniffing her outstretched hand, it walked over to her. She pet the ball of fluff and then sat down on the floor as it ran off, coming back with a tiny ball. She took it and threw it for the tiny dog and it quickly darted off to catch it and come running back with it. She sat for about twenty minutes playing fetch with the little dog before realizing what she was there for. Standing, she gave the dog a last pat before she ran off into the back of the house looking for the bedroom. The dog followed her the entire way. Opening up the first drawer, she was quickly faced with large bras and her jaw dropped. "Jesus what size breasts does this woman have?!" She picked one up and quickly dropped it. "Damn...I wonder if I could get my hands on those. Though probably not after I have broke into her apartment." She shrugged and went back to her search. After digging through a couple more drawers, she finally found what she was looking for, the small yellow box. She still had about thirty more minutes before the girl was supposed to get off, so deciding that she was hungry, she walked into the woman's kitchen and made herself a sandwich and grabbed a soda. Seeing the dog's food bowl was empty, she quickly filled it as well, petting the little fluff ball once more.

Alyssa jumped back out the window after finishing off her food to find an annoyed looking Arcane resting by the door. She gave him an apologetic look before they began their walk back to the man's house. Kenny would have loved the dog too, she thought. Tears welled up in her eyes before she shook them off and dried her tears with his sweater. The stupid man had to leave right after their fight, didn't he? She could not help but feel as if this was her fault. She could not help but miss all aspects of him. She missed waking up in the bed next to him. She had not been able to sleep right since he left. Arcane had been her only comfort. Yeah, she had been right, Arcane was the only person she could trust and she had to remember that. Maybe she could find a guild to join, a new family to help her grow. Kenny would always be her family, but maybe she could not trust him if he would just run off with only a note to let her know where he was going.

Upon reaching the man's house again, Alyssa knocked and was quickly answered by the burly man from before. He looked down at the box in her hand and smiled before handing her a reward and taking the box back. Alyssa pocketed her reward and patted Arcane on the head. "Okay boy, time for another? Or should we take a break for lunch?"


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