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Cupcake Courier quest |Akai|

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Akai was walking along when his stomach growled loudly, ugh, time to get something to eat. He passed by Olly's shop, passed it at first, then decided it would be a good place to go have lunch.

The pastry store was lined to the brim with amazing decorations, cupcakes Iced with all the colors of the rainbows, cakes 10 tiers high, and all sorts of delectable treats. Deciding on a small reddish cupcake to indulge himself, he strode over to the cashier to pay for it. "I'll take this one please." The cashier looked up at him. "You might be able to get it for free if you do a job for Olly." Akai was all about free food, and doing a menial task for some amazing baker didn't bother him that much. "Hey Olly!, some wizard will do your job!" A voice called out moments later. ""Bring him back here, im to busy icing these cupcakes!" The cashier aved me back to the kitchen where Olly was furiously icing away a couple dozen orange cupcakes, to busy to look at me, he talked while he worked. "" If you wanna do this you're gonna have deliver some of my cupcakes, to some well paying customers, are you up to it?" Akai shook his head in response. "Okay you have 10 main deliveries that you need to do.
i'll give them to you in sets of 2's so you dont destroy my cupcakes. The first two sets are those Purple cupcakes, and those green cupcakes iver there."
He pointed to his right. " The purple ones are for a little girl's birthday party, she lives about three blocks down from here with the daisies in her front yard. The green ones are for a families banquet, rhey live across the bridge and down the street in the big white house. Are you able to do that?" "I think i can manage." Akai responded. "Okay now go!" Olly shouted, and Akai picked up those cupcakes and was bustling down the street in no time.

Deciding to deliver the purple ones first, Akai speed walked down the street, making sure not to harm any of the cupcakes. After three blocks worth of walking, there was a small wooden house that had little daisies in the window boxes, there were also little Happy Birthday Amelia signs posted all over the house. Knocking on the door a red haired lady opened up the door and her smile grew when she saw the cupcakes, " Just in time the birthday is in an hour, thank you so much!" Akai responded with a quick, "glad i could help.
Then he took off the way he came to cross the bridge into the richer side of town. Once again Olly was correct The big white house was holding a banquet and they had ordered "25 cupcakes w/ green icing." Akai sprinted back to Olly's store for the next two deliveries.

Back at the store Akai wondered back into the kitchen to see Olly making three different cakes, simultaneously, "The next too are over there," Olly pointed to a batch of double chocolate cupcakes, and a batch of White iced cupcakes. " Deliver the double chocolate ones to my friend James next door, they're a gift for looking after my store when i was gone. The white iced ones are for my fiance, I want you to deliver them to her work space down the street from here." Akai picked up the batch an heade on his way again.

The first stop was incredibly easy, he walked in and dropped off the double chocolate cupcakes to the man at the front desk, who smiled thankfully and shook his head hello. Quickly carrying the special batch to Olly's fiance Akai was a little more careful, making sure not to hurt these special creations. HIs fiance apparently worked as a waitress in a nearby bar, choking on the smell of alcohol, Akai handed the surprise to Olly's fiance, where he dashed out of the restaurant, and quickly lost his breakfast in a nearby bush. Wiping his mouth and taking a swig of water he headed back to the shop for his third delivery.

Olly had prepared two more batches, this time one batch had orange icing and the other had black icing, "The orange ones are for a janitor who works for fairytial, he lives up the street from here, it was his birthday yesterday and fairytail wanted me to give him something, The black ones are for a funeral at the Kardia Cathedral, deliver them quietly." Grabbing his second to last delivery Akai left the store in a hurry, he really wanted his red cupcake now.

The old janitor was delighted by his gift and gave Akai a big hug, even though he was just the delivery boy. Rushing out of the house he set down the street towards the cathedral, arriving at the cathedral he slipped inside an quietly deposited the cupcakes on a back table next to an enormous four tiered black cake. Last set, then I get my cupcake!" Akai set off down the street to get his last batch of deliveries.

Arriving back at the store Akai saw Olly in overdrive. " Im gonna need you to take the last four deliveries all at once this time,
"sure can do,
i'll be extra careful."
Olly pointed to four fully packaged cupcake boxes, each with a place to deliver them.

Taking the first batch to a picnic in the woods wasn't so hard, except for the part about finding the family who ordered them, luckily after a few minutes of wandering a woman appeared out of the blue and thanked Akai for the delivery. The next batch was also pretty simple it was for a wedding in the magnolia baths, weird place to have a wedding but, that's where the couple wanted it apparently. The third batch were for an elderly vegan couple who wanted to show their grandson that Vegan cupcakes weren't that bad And the last batch was for a man who just broke up with his girlfriend and decided to console himself with a dozen cupcakes.

Arriving back at the kitchen, Olly was nowhere in sight, " I better get my reward." Akai grumbled. "Here you go," The cashier behind him handed the bag of jewels to Akai, " Olly is busy icing a cake, sorry he couldn't give it to you himself. Oh and here is your cupcake." Akai took the cupcake quickly and paraded out into the street. Akai thought that was the best cupcake on the face of the planet.


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