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Feed The Fish [Diana]

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Default on Sat Jul 01, 2017 11:44 am

Testing water samples, and now feeding fish. She wondered if Raina had just started her career as a marine biologist. Did they always call for help like this? Then what was the point, right? Diana suddenly got Farmer Jim vibes from Raina. She could just hire a permanent assistant as well, if Diana’s assumption was right. She was going to start another line of requests to help with him small matters...like feeding the fish. But for money and experience, Diana did not mind at all. She was more worried about the clients than she should be. So after a quick shower after waking up late for the third time that month, Diana headed to Raina’s warehouse. As she had been there before once (she did not know if it was a warehouse or a lab), Diana simply recalled the route from the restaurant she found Raina having lunch at.

Hargeon was not that big of a town, so she could walk from place to place without sweating too much. Well, if you bring an umbrella, it would be safer to say that because it could get real sunny sometimes. Diana brought a little umbrella of her own, of course. She could not let the sun burn her skin or make her sweat. You would wonder why she did not choose to take a fancy ride or something, seeing how she was a noble child. But Diana was not living under her parents’ roof, so she could not be spending money like she used to. She had to save and make sure she had enough before she started making it rain or something.

As she arrived at the warehouse, she was greeted by guards who wanted her identification card or something, so she just showed them the request paper and pointed at the part where the client’s description was written. There was a little photo of Raina there, too, so they let her in, but one of them followed her inside, probably to take her to Raina and to make sure that she did not mess up anything on the way. Diana smiled at the people who raised their heads to check who came to disturb their peace and then went back to work. She had never seen such hardworking people. The more she paid attention to what they were doing, the more she felt like their work was too difficult to do properly without concentration.

Raina’s own private lab was at the far end, attached to three other private labs beside her. Hers was right in the middle, and seeing how the sign was saying her full name, Diana was sure she was going to the right place. She nodded at the guard who followed her all the way, said thank you and continued inside. Although the guard was not gone. He was probably still making sure she was not a threat. Because he was not the guard that was here the last time she was here with Raina.

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Default on Sun Jul 02, 2017 2:41 am

Raina was super busy in her lab that it took a while before she noticed that someone had entered her room, and when she did, she jumped backwards, almost hitting her glass lab instruments and making them fall over to smash against the hard floor. Diana’s eyes widened in worry that she might have been the cause of the destruction of her lab tools which she was sure were hella expensive. Raina regained her composure and inhaled deeply, straightening her shirt and making sure she did not look like a mess before asking Diana to take a seat at one of the empty chairs in front of her long desk. Messy was an understatement for the situation in Raina’s lab at the moment. As clean and tidy as the outside of her lab was, it was a disaster inside, but Diana kept her mouth shut. She took a seat as instructed and waited for her client to finish whatever it was that she was working on. Well, not completely finish it, but more like clean up so that she could go fish feeding with Diana. Once that was done she began to tell Diana what else to do. She collected the fish food that was stored in some kind of drawer in her lab and then brought it with them, Diana being the one to have to carry it after all she was the assistant.

So they left the lab, Diana carrying the fish food as she followed Raina who took the lead. They were supposed to go to a shore where they would have to row a boat into a canal to their actual destination. What a complicated job, she thought. So basically she was being Raina’s escort for the day while she fed the fish. Diana was not the best at rowing boats, but she knew how to do it, so it only took a bit longer than usual, but they did not sink or anything, so that was good. Raina was talking about fish the whole time, Diana felt so enlightened about them. After a while, they arrived at the place they were supposed to feed fish at so they got off the boat. Diana did not know much so she just watched Raina although the marine biologist offered some fish food, not for Diana to eat but to feed the fish if she wanted to. Diana took some and followed Raina’s instructions.

Fish feeding was done in approximately an hour and a half. Diana had not kept track of time, so she did not know for sure, but once they were done, Raina said it was fine for Diana to leave after the boat ride. Maybe Raina did not know how to row a boat. Diana agreed with this and so they headed back to the shore where she stopped the boat and got off. Raina brought out some money and handed it to Diana who accepted it with a ‘thank you’. She then left to return to her inn.

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