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Cupcake Courier [Seira]

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Default on Sat Jul 01, 2017 6:03 am

“I will be going now,” Seira said and stood up from the table. She had woken up quite early today, much earlier than the days before. Usually the vampire slept until afternoon to avoid most of the sunlight whenever she left the house. It wasn’t actively damaging her or anything, but she had noticed that she felt more energetic during nighttime, and in case she was ever going to run into any problems she didn’t want to take a risk, especially not after her latest encounter with an enemy who had utilized light magic and severely injured her. Much to her surprise she had survived that one just fine—not without sacrifice of course—but she pretended like it didn’t matter to her, not wanting to break her pretty little head over something like that. Seira had plans for the day and since she was in Magnolia and planned on staying for a while now, the woman decided to drop by some places the thoroughly enjoyed and often visited, every time she was in town. Olly’s cake shop was one of those places and when she was still a human she used to spent a significant amount of time there. Seira was quite talented when it came to baking and cooking and especially baking had always been her passion. Olly would often let her work with him, prepare her own pastries and watch him as he taught her new tips, tricks and recipes that she had never heard before. Furthermore, every now and then there was a baking contest which Seira had participated in before and also won as well. They were acquaintances by now and Seira considered his bakery one of the places she enjoyed spending time in, especially in the early morning hours so she could have breakfast there. So she waved the lady who owned the inn she was staying at, Gerlinda, goodbye and left the building. It was indeed still early, only 9am, and it had been a while since Seira had last left the house so soon. Perhaps she should consider getting up early again these days. As long as she wasn’t going on any dangerous jobs, surely there would be no harm in it, right? After all, it wasn’t likely for her to get hurt or chased down in the middle of Magnolia and even if, there were plenty Rune Knights and other wizards always strolling around, ready to protect the people of the town. Seira walked to the bakery and she could already see it from afar. It was quite busy already, as expected, since everyone wanted to have their pastries and whatnot. Olly was running the biggest bakery in Magnolia on top of that so it was always crowded. Of course he wasn’t the only one who worked there so the customers were all getting served while he stayed in the back and worked on more delicious snacks to sell. When she walked inside and started looking at the cupcakes in particular, she was approached by one of the girls who worked there.



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“Excuse me, Seira—correct? Olly saw you coming in and asked if you could help him with something, he’s in the back,” she said politely and the vampire nodded slowly. “Why, of course,” she shrugged it off and walked into the back where the man was leaning over some cake-ish looking creation that was clearly far from being completed yet. “Good Morning,” she greeted the man and he looked up and greeted her with a smile. “Good Morning, Seira. I’m glad you came around. I was hoping you could help me with something. Today is a super today and I need someone help me deliver some of these pastries. Cupcakes, mostly. I really don’t have the time for it but certain people have something to celebrate today and I would hate to let them wait. Do you think you can do that for me? I will pay you, of course.” She was surprised by his words but nodded. “Of course I can do that, no problem at all.” It probably wouldn’t take very long anyways. He pointed towards a bunch of packed up pastries on the table. “There’s about ten households that ordered cupcakes, you don’t have to take them all at once. They are apartments in the 3rd, 12th and 16th street, but you know where that is, right? The details are on the stickers on top of the packs.” Seira gave the packages a look and nodded. “Yup, got it. I’ll be off then, see ya in a bit.” With that being said, Seira grabbed five of the packs and started walking through the city. None of the apartments and households were particularly far away away, thankfully, and Seira made her way through all of them fairly quickly. Mostly it was as he said, just normal people wanting to enjoy some cupcakes for the day. Many of them were also elderly people which explained why they wanted them delivered rather than picking the cupcakes up themselves. Seira finished the first batch of 5 packs of cupcakes quickly and returned to the shop, which was still crowded as ever. Olly was in the back icing a cake and Seira picked up the remaining cupcakes. “Greetings from Misses and Mister Delbour,” she let him know and he thanked her. Then Seira went off to deliver the rest of the cupcakes to the households that had ordered. People were alway excited when their cupcakes arrived and there were also no problems with this delivery whatsoever. Seira eventually finished, she made sure to be as quick as possible while balancing out the cupcakes, and eventually returned to the bakery. “I delivered them all,” she finally said to Olly and he nodded while still icing multiple cakes. “Thank you so much, you were a big help,” he said, “please ask one of the girls for your pay, I can’t leave right now, but again thank you.” Seira nodded. “No problem,” she received her pay from one of the cashiers alongside three cupcakes for herself to snack on.


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