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Deface Property [Selindra]

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Selindra had enjoyed her time in Hargeon thus far. The tasks that she had been given, the contracts that she had been issued, they were far greater than which she had been tasked with in Oak, save for perhaps one or two, though they were so fleeting and ended so early that she could not help but wish that they could have gone for longer. That aside, what she had done of Hargeon had proven to be worthwhile, worthy of her time and attention. She wondered though, would there be times and moments in which the contracts she would be given while she were here, would they eventually fall in to that very same category of which she so often despised and wished that would did not apply to her. Perference given, she would only go for those in which had more impact, of those in which she did not feel as though she were being forced to deal with those who could not help themselves and up to this point, there had not been any of those missions within Hargeon. However, she was not a fool and she knew that in time, eventually one of those contracts that she despised so greatly would eventually come by to be forced upon her. She only wished that it could have happened at a later period after she had had more time to enjoy Hargeon and the criminal environment it seemed to produce.

The contract she had been given was one from some one new, some one who she had not yet had the chance to work with, but even then, there was some thing to which had her wondering how it would fair. There was some bit of skepticism that she found to be not worth using or investing time with. The man who she had been contracted to assist in the past, the man who operated in the Hargeon Docks had at least given her tasks that were enjoyable enough to carry out without serious complaint, though it is tough to gauge someone until she had had the chance to meet them, and once there was a chance to meet this individual, she could not say that she was particularly pleased or excited about the task. By all accounts, as he explained the sitatuion to her, it felt much akin to something in which she had done back in Oak Town, dealing with a petty quarrel that was of almost the exact same scenario, having her deal with a personal vendetta. She was not a fan of going about doing this, but she never the less was required to deal with a contract that had been tasked to her, and as such, she was to carry it out.

It was not going to require too much effort to locate the man in which she was searching for. As this was much like Oak Town, every one seemed to have known where every one else had lived, and it made her life that much easier or at the very least save her a bit of time. It was not a hard thing to find even if the man did not provide her with the information, but all the same, she found herself within the home after not much effort. It did not require any special effort, but instead just tricking someone into believing that she was a guest that was expected to meet with the man, though her intentions were kept to herself. Once she was inside the building, she had managed to find out where the man was located and as it turned out, the man was not there, but his home was still there all the same. Carrying out the task that was contracted to her, she began to destroy the contents of the home, destroying valuable property, ruining whatever food that there may have been, as well as just going about trying to make the place as ruined and destroyed as possible. There was one other thing in which she was required to take care that the man had demanded of her and she did exactly that, writing out a message on the wall that would make it clear as to who it was that responsible. Once she accomplished this, she left as discretely as she arrived and returned to the man for her reward.

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