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Lighthouse Without Lights [Yumi]

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on Fri Jun 30, 2017 9:52 pm

Yumi brushed her skirt off as she stood in an alley, surrounded by a dozen young men, half knocked out cold on the ground with bloody faces. Yumi looked at them with a blank stare as the remaining six looked at her with unease. She had been enjoying her day and decided to cut through the alley to get home early when she was ambushed by these dozen ruffians. These men thought she was easy prey, a weak little girl who they could capture and have a little fun with but they were mistaken, Yumi was not their prey no she was the predator. In this game of cat and mouse, they were the mouse and she was a tiger. She was no cat but a vicious man-eating tiger. They would regret ever thing Yumi was easy prey for them. Yumi licked her lips as she took a step forward, her demonic pressure exerting itself upon the alley, slamming down upon the idiots like gravity tripled. They began to shiver, fear running up their spines. Eyes widened beyond capacity showing the horrid fear within as they eyed the monstrous beast before them. They had really poked the bear.

Yumi took another step forward before launching herself off the ground and drawing the axe from her back, holding it with two hands almost doubling her strength. Yumi raced in appearing before one of the remaining six and swung the axe up. The blade cleaved through flesh and body splitting the man in half right up the middle, spraying blood out through the air and over the lolita. A speck of blood landed by her lips and yumi licked it off in a seductive manner. Her body began to heat up as a lustful and blood filled gleam appeared in her eyes. She moved pouncing on the next swinging her blade swing and cleaving his head off, bisecting it from his neck with a single swing. Yumi let loose the control on her emotions.

Mana burst open and rushed out like water through a broken damn. Tongues of mana like black fire burst out and engulfed Yumi as a thick wave of killer intent came crashing down on the alley. Thick killer intent rolled of Yumi, the kind of killer intent only gained from killed hundreds of thousands of people. It was the type of killer intent someone so young, let alone a human should never have it, it was truly monstrous. A vile smile formed on yumi's beautiful snow white features as she went into a killing frenzy. SHe moved from man to a man slashing and hacking away with her axe chopping off limbs with a single swing. With another she bisected people at the waist or cut them open, allowing their organs and cuts to spill out onto the stone pavement.

Blood began to pool around yumi like a river as she slaughtered her way down to the last of the six remaining men. The man hd collapsed the ground and was quivering screaming for mercy, for her to let him live but Yumi ignored him. "OH great Malum, Lord of Chaos, Bringer of Destruction, Envoy of Hate and God of War hear me this day. I offer these sacrifices up in your name, let the bathe in their blood!" Cried yumi as she gave the battle cry. She then swung her axe down and lodged the blade deep in the man's skull. She forced the blade down and sliced his head in two shattering the skull. SHe didn't wish to save it for later at all, he was not worthy to have his skull added to her throne or offerd up to the Lord of Skulls.

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on Fri Jun 30, 2017 10:08 pm

Yumi heaved and pulled the axe out of the man's head, blood sprayed up like a fountain before drizzling down like a light downpour. Yumi stepped back to avoid being soaked. SHe didn't mind being soaked in blood but it was the middle of the day, and it wouldn't be a good idea to be walking around caked in blood. Yumi stripped one of the men of his shirts and used it to clean her axe off followed by her boots, before grabbing another shirt to wipe the blood off her face. She then discarded the fabric and eyed the other six bodies that were unconscious. She contemplated on killing them but then decided against it, she had already cleaned herself up no need to get messy again. Besides if she left them as they were it would make sure they never messed with her again. That or if the law stumbled upon the scene they may think their friends killed them and arrest them, win win. Yumi giggled cutely at the thought as she walked off, she first checked no one was around before mixing into the crowds and began making her way home. It had been a pretty fun day, she had gotten up and gone out, killed some people and even had herself a milkshake beforehand, caramel flavoured.

The little demon hummed cutely as she arrived at the apartment complex she was staying at. She grabbed a key from her bosom and unlocked the main gate before shutting it behind her. She then headed to the main rooms, opening the doors and headed down the hallway, her room was at the very end. She walked to the end of the hall and inserted the third key in the door and walked in shutting it behind her. Yumi cranned her neck as she then sat down on the nearby couch and yawned softly. She leaned against the cushions and relaxed. As she relaxed time began to tick away. An hour had passed when she heard a knock at her door.

Yumi raised an eyebrow wondering who it could be. She grabbed her axe, which she had placed on the coffee table and approached the door. Yumi gripped the axe and opened the door. She kept the axe hidden as she eyed the young man before her, he looked like a merchant. The young man didn't say a word but seemed to be shaking in fear and avoiding eye contact with Yumi. The young boy handed Yumi a letter and quickly ran off, someone must have let him in to see her.

Yumi shut the door, locking it and returned to the living room. She placed her massive axe on the coffee table and took a seat. She unfolded the letter and began to read it, finding it was addressed from Balthazar. Yumi wondered just what the pirate was up to. yumi began to read the letter, it seemed he had a quest for her, B rank at that and it was to take place that night. It looked like the old pirate was planning to raid the town, that must have been what he was talking about when Yumi first met him. Balthazar needed someone to remove the lamp in the lighthouse so he and his men can raid Hargeon Town without warning. If they were spotted the law would come charging in and wipe them out.

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on Fri Jun 30, 2017 10:22 pm

Yumi continued reading the quest, after all, it was apparently ranked B meaning she would earn a decent wage. The raid was to happen tonight at midnight under the cover of darkness. yumi was to meet with Balthazar in an alleyway off the docks to then meet up with Reagan. Regan would supply her with swimming and climbing gear. Yumi was to then unnoticed swim up to the lighthouse and begin to climb to the top. She would have to avoid the light so not to be detected by the guards. Once inside she would have to make her way to the lamp at the top and remove it, taking out any guards she came across. The letter also said to make sure to lock the door to the lamp room, before taking the lamp and leaving with it, looks like she would have to descend from the lighthouse to escape. Once the lamp was gone and the lighthouse was inactive the raid would begin. The pirate could descend upon Hargeon and cause as much chaos and mayhem as possible. A sinister smiled formed on Yumis lips as the demon within began to awaken.

Yumi would gladly lend a hand and help them in bringing mischief, mayhem, chaos and destruction to Hargeon, even if she was to not take part in the actual raid but assist in its beginning. Yumi licked her lips as a sinister gleam formed in her crimson hues that shimmered like a thousand blood red rubies. It was only two in the afternoon, plenty time to prepare. Yumi decided to prepare she would rest to regather her strength and be ready for the mission, it would be best to be in tip top condition. The little demon lolita got off the lounge and made her way to the bedroom of the apartment. She slipped off her high heel boots, followed by her dress letting it fall to the ground revealing her seductive snow white body. She was left only in a black lace bra and her garter belt with matching stockings. Yumi slid into bed, bringing the covers over her tiny body. She clapped her hands and the lights shut up, the blinds closed across the windows blocking out the light.

Yumi's long eyelashes twinkled as she began to close her eyelids. Darkness greeted the demonic creature as she allowed sleep to overtake her. Many required time to fall asleep, but over the years Yumi had gained the ability to fall asleep in but an instant. As she drifted off, she pictured in her mind the glorious blood-curdling screams of the dying citizens as the Pirates overcame Hargeon's defences. She could picture the flames and blood filled streets, as she did a beautiful yet sinister smile stretched its way across those luscious pink lips of hers. One could say it was the smile of the devil. Yumi may have looked like a little angel on the outside but on the inside, she was truly a little devil. Yumi was a dark being who thrived on the suffering and despair of others. SHe loved chaos and misery especially that of mankind. Ever since becoming a demon she no longer cared for humanity, she only saw them as fodder for her goals. As sheep to be sacrificed up to her mighty god.

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on Fri Jun 30, 2017 10:32 pm

Yumi's eyes shot open, as her internal clock told her to rise. The demonic lolita in her underwear rose from the bed pushing the bed sheet aside and checked the clock, it was ten at night an hour and half before the quest. Yumi got up and went to the bathroom she stripped down to her birthday suit and jumped in the shower and began to cleanse her body from her nap. Once she was done she stepped out and dried herself off finding new underwear and sliding it on in a sensual manner. She then retrieved a new gothic dress and slipped it over the top, zipping up the back, before tying the tied around her neck. Yumi grabbed r headpiece and placed it top her head, making sure it was in the middle before grabbing her high heel boots. She slipped the shoes over her dainty little fist and tied them up tight making sue they were secure. Yumi approached the full sized human mirror and began checking herself over making sure everything was in place. She grabbed a brush and brush a few strands of hair back before throwing it down. Yumi then walked to the living room and collected her axe, throwing it onto her back.

Yumi then grabbed her keys and walked out the front door, locking it behind her. She placed the key in her bossom and walked off. SHe left the apartment complex, it was eleven at night when she had, an apple in her right hand. Yumi took to the showers heading to the meeting point, all the while eating the apple to fill her little belly, can't do a quest on an empty stomach. Yumi avoided everyone she came across making sure not to be seen as she headed to the alley meeting point. She could see the lighthouse up ahead its giant light screening the waters for incoming ships. For now the pirate ship belonging to Balthazar would be out of range so not to be detected. Onnce the lighthouse was down would it begin to move in order to begin the operation.

Yumi landed in the alley where she quickly met up with Balthazar. The pirate explained the situation saying he had five ships out at sea each with a hundred men preparing themselves for battle. He also had another fifty men on land to protect the landing sight when the ships arrived and began unloading for the road. Balthazar quickly let Yumi to Reagan who was waiting with the wet suit, tank and breathing gear. Yumi grabbed it and slipped away to change. The suit hugged all her curves, showing off her well-developed body. YUmi placed the tank on her back and hooked up the gear, bringing her axe with her, as she made her way stealthily to the water. She slid into the shadows after the light passed and swam deep before making a beeline for the lighthouse in order to begin the operation. YUmi made, of course, to bring along the climbing gear in a waterproof bag.

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on Fri Jun 30, 2017 10:54 pm

Yumi swam up to the rocky base of the lighthouse and under a small cliff face as the light from the lamp passed over, she did this to hide so not to be spotted. Yumi waited for the light to pass before swimming. She poked her head up out of the cold murky water and retrieved the bag. She plucked out the climbing gear. Yumi ignored the anchors and line simply plucking out to climbing axes. SHe then plunged the right axe into the side of the rocky cliff the lighthouse stood on and pulled herself up out of the water. Yumi placed her right foot on a rocky foothold as she lifted her entire body out of the water. yumi pulled up the bag of climbing gear and fixed it to her back. Once she was positioned yumi flexed her muscles using three spells to greatly enhance her strength, doubling it. Once her strength was boosted she crouched before using her new muscle strength to jump upwards shooting up six meters. She swung the left axe down into the cliff face lodging herself in place. Yumi swung herself up bringing the right axe up plunging it into the cliff. yumi placed her left foot in another foothold and launched herself up against jumping upwards towards a large rock. yumi plunged both axes in and swung up onto the rock.

Yumi positioned herself and ran straight up. She shoved her feet into the rock face with enough force to create holes and used her new speed to launch up the cliff. If she was about to lose her footing she shoved an axe into the rock. She continued this movement and in only a minute reached the lighthouse. The light began coming around again and yumi quickly hid behind a large boulder hiding. Once the light passed Yumi began scaling the lighthouse. She would use the windows to launch her body upward,s leaping up and plunging an axe into the side. yumi rose quickly to the upper balcony to where the lamp was. A single guard was stationed there smoking a cigar. Yumi quickly moved plunging the left cliff axe into the guard's foot and threw him over the side. He screamed as he fell, his body bashing into the rocks below.

Yumi quickly climbed the balcony and dashed to the door with all her might, appearing in front of it just as it began to open. A guard walked in to see what the scream was about. Yumi swung the axe down nailing the guard in the right hand and pulled. YUmi pulled the guard out from the hallway and slammed her body into the door slamming it shut. She quickly locked the door and used the left axe to barricade the door. The guard screamed as he clutched his bleeding hand. Yumi raced forward drawing the massive axe on her back and swung cleaving the guards head off in a single swing.

Yumi then moved to the lamp and placed her viking axe on her left hip. The lolita grabbed the lamp with both hands and twisted it ripping it out of place. Immediately the light died down. YUmi moved to the balcony. She sat the lamp down before pulling a rope out of the bag on her back. She used the rope to tie the lamp to her back, having moved her axe to her right hip. Yumi then pulled out a long climbing rope and tied one end around the axe. As she did in the distance she could see ships sailing to  Hargeon. At the same time banging came from the locked door.

Yumi then jumped off the balcony descending down to the water. She swung the axe throwing it into the lighthouse. The axe blade penetrated the stone and Yumi swung down on the rope towards the cliff face. She pushed out her feet and landed on a rock before she dived off into the water. YUmi pointed her index finger firing a 1m diameter beam of black magical energy into the water using it to break her fall. She then swam off into the distance vanishing into the night.

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Mana: 1480 / 1700
Strength: 33 + 35 = 68
Viking Axe: 68 + 26 = 94
Desubīmu -80mp
Kage Naku +20 STR -80mp
Kuro Naku +10 STR -40MP
Mokushi Reiki: +5 STR -20MP
43 Int 20% mp reduction

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