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Potion Prepper -Akai-

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Potion Prepper -Akai- Empty on Fri Jun 30, 2017 1:43 pm

Akai had left early in the morning to go complete one of the quests he had taken in Magnolia, he was simply required to get some herbs for some elderly wizard named Khalash, who actually seemed really nice, so Akai had no problem helping the old man.

Walking along the path he was surrounded by oddly shaped animals that skittered across his path, making him trip numerous times. He checked the list, first thing up, some fresh, curly leaved ferns. Akai decided it was time to stray from the path now, and he hopped over a root right onto a hill, he went sliding down the hill with large amounts of force behind him, and he collided with a rock.  Akai groaned and took a moment to lay down in the soft underbrush. The underbrush was surprisingly itch for whatever it was. Sitting up he looked around to see what he had managed to fall into this time. To his surprise it turned out to be exactly what was on his list, some curly ferns. Standing up Akai picked about fifteen fresh, un-squished ferns. He climbed over the rock, this time careful not to accidentally jump off a cliff again.

After climbing over multiple roots and rocks, and falling down some more hills Akai finally reached the place of his next ingredient, some sickly colored  blue lichen. He picked off a few bundles and shoved them in the tiny carry bag he had brought along to hold the herbs. Looking down he realized that the bag, had a massive hole from his first fall and that all the ferns had fallen out, just his luck. Tying the lichen in a bundle he tied it to his waist and proceeded to climb all the way back over the roots and the rocks to where the fern grove was. Arriving back at the grove he picked some more un-squished ferns and tied them together and moved up once again.

Akai decided it was time for lunch and removed a small sandwich he had packed himself, munching it down quickly so he could get back to work. The next thing he had to find was a a red-leafed vine, which in his entire time here in the forest, he had seen none of, which he entirely hated. Walking down the path he looked for anything "red-leafed stuff." One time he thought he'd found it but to Akai's disappointment it turned out just to be a blueberry bush. Akai picked a few and popped them in his mouth, their taste were stick sweet, with a hint of sourness. Akai was happily eating them when he managed to be even ore clumsy and trip on a root. With a thunk he hit the ground and his glasses flew off his face into the grass. "Great, just my luck." Getting up on his knees, a very blind Akai shifted his hands through the grass to look for his glasses. After a good eight minutes of searching for them he finally felt the cold hard metal of his glasses. Sliding them back on his face, the world came back into focus and he could see. Getting back on his feet Akai brushed off his dirty knees and set off down some more of the path. Coming across a stream he decided it be a good idea to follow it, because plants need water obviously. Jumping from stone to stone to entertain himself, after jumping for a while the stream turned into a small pond surrounded by trees. Akai looked up high into the trees where small, red-leafed vines hung. Running over to a tree Akai began to climb up the tree, making it half-way up the tree the bark became suddenly very slippery Akai lost his grip and hit the ground with a thud. Akai tried again and slipped again. These slippery barked trees where the red-leafed vines grew, made his life that much harder.  Looking around for a solution he found a pair a group of stronger, lower growing vines. Pulling them from the tree he fastened them into a rope and threw it over a high growing branch. Beginning to climb he made it successfully all the way up to a group of red-leaf vines, yanking a few from the branch he slid down the tree back to the ground.

Now that Akai had all the things he needed, it was the time to find himself a way out of this death-trap of a forest and back to Khalash. Hopping back across the stones and down the path Akai came to a fork in the road. Which way did he come from again? Spending a few minuted deciding witch was the best bet to go he took the one to his left and ran that way. Luckily it was the right one and he ended up at the exit to the forest. Checking to make sure he had all three ingredients he headed back to Khalash and his store.

It was almost 10:00 when Akai arrived at the store. Khalash greeted him with a friendly smile and asked for the ingrideients. "Your ingredients, as requested." "Thank you boy." Khalash answered. Pulling out a boiling pot Khalash threw threw some odd spices in there, something he had imported from the country of Sin, and then a odd amount of cauliflower. He stretched out his hands for the three herbs. Akai hands them over watching intently at this odd mixture. Chopping up the ferns Khalash dropped them in in small increments while stirring it all together. Taking the lichen, which he dumped in whole, he began to stir faster, turning the potion an odd shade of orange. Lastly he removed all the leaves from the vines, and shoved the vines in the pot which hissed loudly, as they dissolved in the mixture. Finally he took the red leaves and mixed them in the pot, and the potion settled on the color purple. Dipping a small vial into the pot he handed Akai the sample, with a quick sip he downs the entire thing, instantly he felt like his blood was electrified, the feeling spread out onto his skin and he felt kind of cool on the inside. Khalash smiled, "Thank you for helping me with my experiment." Khalash quickly removes a bag of jewels and hands it to Akai. Waving goodbye Akai sets off out the door

Standing out in the warm summer night air Akai just sways in the buzzing of the potion, it was empowering.


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