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Eyes Wider open [Quest: Kerii, Videns]

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Default on Fri Jun 30, 2017 10:19 am

Videns awoke surrounded by the mountain of blankets he had got the night before. Although most would see it as childish, those most people would be right. Before he went to bed, Videns asked the receptionist for 50 blankets. Although Videns was given a quizzical look, his request wasn't refused. The only thing Videns was not particularly fond of was when the cleaning ladies came in and took more than an hour to get the blankets away. Well Videns only guessed. As soon as they came in Videns bolted away before he got scolded. Again acting somewhat immature. Videns now with more spare time than he had thought decided to go to the request board, as it seemed to be a usual thing. Videns would scan through the quests and when he was finished he would mull over everyone to take. There were one or two that seemed almost evil, but he could not be sure. Some said steal others said beat people up, But the one that appealed to him the most was the quest from Khalash Saton, a previous client. It seemed like he needed a hand with something once more. Videns looked the quest over and it seemed like he was going away today and he needed someone to do some transactions. A pretty hefty job to ask some random people. Still Videns could not complain. As he took the quest down he looked up and seen a familiar face. "Kerii! Hey!" he shouted while waving at here. 251


Default on Fri Jun 30, 2017 10:37 am

Kerii was exhausted after the party. Even though she mainly stayed away from the crowd, just being around so many people drained her energy. She was relieved when she came back to the comfort of the isolated room in the inn. The moment her head hit the pillow she was out like a light. She couldn't remember if she had any dream or not, but when Kerii woke up, she felt like she had a good night's sleep. That was one of the benefits of being a mage. She could go to sleep and wake up whenever she wanted to. She could have been a doctor and have had a really tight schedule, which was not something she would have enjoyed.

After Kerii woke up and took a shower, she dried off and brushed her hair and teeth and got dressed. She ate a quick breakfast and headed out towards the request board, ready to take another quest. As she walked, as usual, she would wonder what kind of quest she would be taking. She wondered if she would be doing any for a client she already worked for or if she would be working for an all new one. Kerii was also kind of hoping to get another job from Lord Medias, but she thought that would be highly unlikely.

When Kerii came to the request board, she saw Videns who evidently also saw her. He called out to her and she came over to him. "Going to take another quest?"

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Default on Fri Jun 30, 2017 10:41 am

Videns smirked at Kerii's question. "You sound surprised." he would say in a tone that would be funny to her depending on how she asked the question. The questions could be considered sarcastic or ironic as Kerii had only ever seen Videns working on quests, and also for the fact that he was at the request board with a request in his hand. The question could have also been sincere which would cause Videns to answer sarcastically. Regardless Videns hoped to at least get a grin from her.
Kerii also seemed very refreshed after the party last night. The party they both help set up was a request by one of the local millionaires, Lord Medias and he paid them both handsomely for helping in the preparation along with the many other members of Fairy Tail and the Magnolian residents. They were even invited to stay afterwards, so rather than be rude and decline both stayed and had a wonderful time, at least Videns thought so. Videns admittedly looked a little tired, since he had to bolt from his inn room he hadn't had much time to prepare himself. He was wearing a fresh set of clothes, but he himself looked like he did from the night before. Tired but with a smile on his face all the same. "Oh here." Videns said handing Kerii the slip of paper he had in his hand. "Same client as the other day. But we have to make a transaction cause he wont be there." He said. "Sorry you can read no point in explaining." wc 262+251=513


Default on Fri Jun 30, 2017 10:44 am

Videns jokingly said that she sound surprised and Kerii chuckled. The two of them had been doing quests non stop. It was actually kind of weird that they had done that many, but then again it would feel weird to Kerii if she just suddenly stopped taking them. Sure, everyone deserved a break once and a while, but Kerii would feel oddly unproductive if she stopped. Maybe her "break" from questing wouldn't be much of a break, but rather a training or learning opportunity. It would benefit Kerii to learn some new spells or study her magic a bit more. Just training in general overall would be good.

Kerii was handed the request by Videns. She read what it said, Videns needlessly explained verbally as well. When he was done talking though, he seemed to realize that what he said was unnecessary but Kerii dismissed it. "It's fine," she merely said. As explained by Videns, the quest involved Khalash once again. Only this time, he didn't need any potion ingredients, he didn't need anyone to test his shield and he didn't need anyone to watch over his shop. Instead, he needed someone to meet up with someone he bought an item from in order to get a refund. It seemed like a simple task. She just hoped that the sellers wouldn't be difficult.

"Well, ready to go to Khalash's shop then?" Kerii had memorized the location of the Mag Drug Magic Shop the first time she went there and was fairly certain Videns had it memorized too.

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Default on Fri Jun 30, 2017 10:46 am

Videns was glad to get a chuckle out of Kerii. He had hoped for just a smile, but this was higher in the "You found it funny." Chart as far as Videns was concerned. He wondered what kind of humor Kerii had. She obviously liked sarcasm, but people often had more than one medium of comedy thgat they liked. Although there were so many possibilities Videns didn't bother going into detail, trying to judge which one she'd enjoy the most, but the idea of Elf's having a different sense of humor than a human's stayed in the back of his head.
Luckily Kerii did not seem as savage as before and simply said it was fine as Videns babbled on about the request the two were going to take together. Kerii seemed to be reading for quite a while before asking if he was ready to go. Videns just presumed she wanted to make sure of the quest, since it was an odd one. After all the client was more or less trusting strangers to do an important transaction for his shop! "Yup let's go!" Videns said. Videns had more or less memorized the location of the shop. Since he was in Magnolia for a few days he was fairly certain of the layout of the city. Even after their first day here, and he learned of how the town was layed out it was easier to navigate. Videns and Kerii would get to the shop rather soon, since they knew the most efficient route and would not have much time for conversing again. 264+513=777


Default on Fri Jun 30, 2017 10:46 am

Kerii and Videns walked in silence towards the the Mag Drug Magic Shop. She had always thought that it was an odd name for a magic shop, but never really said it out loud. She just always wondered why it was called that in her mind. Well, she got that "mag" was probably short for "magic," so really it was kind of like the "magic drug magic shop," but even then it was still kind of weird. It may have just been her though. Kerii was often really picky about things, even when it didn't directly apply to her, such as the name of Khalash's shop.

When the two of them arrived at the Mag Drug Magic Shop, Kerii went up to Khalash and said that she and Videns could get his money back for the faulty item. "Excellent," Khalash began, "I really am sorry that I couldn't do it myself, but I have something more important to do today rather than do this refund. The item is right over here." Khalash took a few paces and grabbed an item sitting on his desk. It was rather odd looking and by taking just one look, one would realize that it would probably have special qualities, so Kerii could understand why Khalash would buy this item. However, nonetheless, it was a dud. "The sellers will be here in an hour or so, but I have to leave right away. Do whatever you must to get my money back, just don't make a big scene." With that said, Khalash left his shop.

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Default on Fri Jun 30, 2017 10:47 am

As Videns and Kerii walked to the shop, Videns had thought Kerii was thinking hard about something, but they had reached the shop before he could ask what about. As they entered the shop their client Khalash greeted them. He seemed pleased to see familiar faces and Videns gave a small wave of appreciation to their client. He told them that he was sorry he could not stay but he was otherwise engaged with better things. He then showed them to the item. The item looked rather unique, and Videns was considering buying it just for the look of it, however Khalash seemed to want to sell it since the magical quality was indeed faulty. He then told them that the seller would be back in an hour and to try and get al his money back without causing a scene. The two agreed and awaited the seller.
Videns and Kerii were waiting well over an hour before the seller came in. A short and stout man who seemed to be in as much of a rush as Khalash was. "He want's a refund." Videns said simply. The man was rather surprised about how blunt Videns was but reached into his pocket and took out some jewels. "Is that it all?" Videns asked as the man turned around. With a large huff the man emptied his wallet and then left. "Well that was easy." Videns said as he collected all the money. Not too long after they had collected the money, Khalash came back and rewarded them both. 258+777=1035


Default on Fri Jun 30, 2017 10:47 am


Waiting for over an hour with nobody coming into Khalash's store was quite boring. Despite being with someone while she was waiting in the Mag Drug Magic Shop, there still wasn't a lot to do, so Kerii was very thankful when she heard the door open and saw a short, stout man walk in. He was flanked by two other people. Her guess was that they were there if things got messy. However, Khalash told her and Videns explicitly not to get things "messy," and Kerii didn't want any trouble either. When the man walked up to her and Videns, Videns simply said that Khalash wanted a refund. The man showed a look of surprise, as if he was expecting Videns to say something else, but neither of them seemed to want to taunt the man or threaten him into giving Khalash a refund. The man was really compliant and handed over the money for a refund. Videns questioned the amount given and the seller grumpily gave back some more. He ended up handing over a lot of jewels. That item must have been really good if Khalash paid that much money for the item. With the transaction over, the fraud left and Kerii and Videns were once again alone in Khalash's shop. Videns said that the job was easy and Kerii nodded her head. "Yeah, it was." She really didn't expect the seller to be so compliant, but he was.

Kerii placed her hand on the lacrima orb that was sitting on Khalash's desk to signal Khalash that the transaction was over. Not too long after that, Khalash returned and rewarded Kerii and Videns.

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