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Cupcake Courier | Snowflake

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#1Hikari Snow 

Default on Fri Jun 30, 2017 3:31 am


”Another day, another cupcake.”

The android declared, chewing onto the soft texture of the cupcake that rested in her hands. The number of cupcakes she had ordered had already lost count to her. Snowflake was not the type to worry about her weight since all the calories will be burned just as fast as she gained them for she had extremely high metabolism. Beside her was her companion, Vysella, consuming the cupcake that Snow had bought for her as well. Just like her owner, Vysella enjoyed eating desserts, specifically sweet things despite the fact that she was a fox from the snow-capped mountains.

The aroma of freshly-made coffee and bakery lingered in the hall of the shop and wafted into her nose. She loved everything about the place so far; the quiet ambience, the lovely decors that were adorned inside the shop and mostly the mouth-watering cupcakes that were displayed at the front. After she was done with her cupcake, she lifted the cup of coffee off the plate and blew off the hot fumes that rose up from the liquid. Without milk cream and sugar, it would be beyond unpleasant for her since she always preferred her coffee sweetened.

As she took a sip from the hot liquid, the girl would stare out of the window, observing the people that passed by the store; an impulsive habit of hers to watch whatever was going on in a distance when she had nothing on her mind. With each sip, she would blow, drink and then repeat the procedure all over again until her cup was left with nothing. Vysella remained quiet beside her, which was something she always did, cuddled up by the vacant seat while she waited for Snowflake to finish up. Her companion never bothered her, whatever she may be doing, unless it was of emergency and she required her assistance.

The silence that reigned supreme was suddenly disturbed by a loud clash of metals in the kitchen. The door would swing open, revealing a rather young, but fat man with an entirely stressed look on his face. The man came out and walked up to the waitress that was by the counter, who appeared to be his assistant. Snowflake figured that the lady might have been in trouble but apparently, she was wrong. With the help of her good sense of hearing, she could overhear what their conversation was about.

”Are there anyone left to do the remaining deliveries?”

The woman responded with a shake of her head, followed by a rather discouraged look on her face.

”There are too many orders I have to take care of inside the kitchen. Do you think we can get someone to deliver these orders?”

Before the assistant could bother answering, Snowflake was already at the scene, standing by the two of them with her arms crossed underneath her large bosom. ”You two seem like you might need a bit of help. Fortunately, I am free at the moment.” The mage stated, exchanging glances between the two as they stared at her with confusion written on their faces.


#2Hikari Snow 

Default on Fri Jun 30, 2017 10:09 am

Both the young man and lady appeared to be surprised by the sudden intrusion in their conversation. The man appeared to be the baker of the shop, seeing how he came out of the kitchen in a rush with his apron still attached around his body. The baker and his assistant exchanged quick glances between each other before they whispered among themselves, leaving Snowflake to just stare at them while they were busy. Afterwards, the baker would invite her into the kitchen and introduced himself as Olly in which she would tell him to refer her as Snow.

The fragrance of freshly-baked cupcakes and cookies filled the room and so much of the space had been taken up by the ovens.

”Nice to meet you, Snow. It’s very nice of you to offer help to us. These are the slips that you’ll need.”

The young fellow handed her numerous slips of paper and Snowflake would scan through the lines written on the brittle sheets and realised that they were the addresses of the customers who have made their orders. Almost all the locations were places she had never been to before and seeing how she never paid attention to places she had been, she wasn’t sure how she would get to the addresses to deliver their orders. The baker collected the orders that he had finished making, before neatly packing them up in their specific boxes and finally finishing it off with a neat ribbon around the box.

”Erm, do I walk to their locations to deliver these?”

The silver haired mage lifted up the boxes of cupcakes that were handed over to her, hinting in a way that she wishes for a vehicle for delivery. Thus, she was granted access to their bike. Hopping onto the vehicle, she placed the pastries in the plastic container, that was specifically made to deliver orders. Since the container could not fit all the orders at the same time, she had no choice but to pick the ones that were ordered firstly. The engine revved up furiously after a few attempts and she began her journey down the street to accomplish her goal of the day. Olly had given her hints of where the locations were so it was easier for her to find the places. With a few twists and turns at the roads, she did not struggle much to find her destinations.

Despite how she was in a hurry so that the customers will not be dissatisfied, Snowflake did her best to ruin the cupcakes especially during curves since there was a possibility that the pastries could tip over in the container. Once she was done delivering all the orders inside the container, she would have to return to the store to collect the rest of the pastries. Although it was a pain, it was something she had chosen to do from the beginning so she had to bear out through the end. By the end of the day, the youth found herself exhausted but content that she accomplished the deliveries on time and collected her reward from the cashier before bidding farewell to Olly, who was too busy icing a cake and his assistant.


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