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Against All Odds | Finn & Snowflake [Private]

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on Fri Jun 30, 2017 1:05 am


cold as ice swift as wind the whole world i'll acquire

Above her was a stretch of sky, and though the pale blue colour was inviting in its own right, leering into it echoed nothing but forlorn thoughts, lost in the transition of cloud to puff to nothingness over the short span of a few moments. Her mind almost wandered off immediately, to a place no one could reach. For a brief moment, the noises that surrounded went silent and all she could hear was the soft whistle in a far distance until a sudden gust of strong wind swept past her petite figure that her brain waves suddenly reacted with a jolt. The youth glanced around frantically, only to receive awkward stares from the people who walked passed her. It was then, she recalled herself standing in the middle of the streets, gazing up into the sky as if the answers she had sought were written all over it.

To begin with, Snowflake was not sure how she had ended up in the location she was in. It was an aimless bout, where the cyborg was already considerably lost among the streets of Magnolia, though she knew she wasn’t the type to openly admit to her negligence that initially placed her there, anyway. A soft, warm touch against her calves caused her to search for the source, only to see a fluffy, white creature staring up at her with her huge eyes. Snowflake seemed to have been standing in the same position for a while since the moment she started to move, her legs have almost failed her. While she was lost in her own thoughts, the girl had yet to notice that the ache growing within her legs. ”Tsk.” The mage clicked her tongue against the roof of her mouth with a frustrated expression, clearly annoyed by the fact that her legs had gone numb.

Reaching over her legs, Snowflake massaged her calves, still unable to move her leg due to the numbing pain that shot up through her leg – not to mention, the blaring sun was making everything worse. The blistering heat has made her sweating bullets as her thick clothes clung onto her body, mimicking how several strands of silver hair were stuck to the corners of her face in a grubby fashion. They tangled over her slowly reddening complexion insistently, framing her visage with the notion of exhausting reaching her bones. The black cloth that rested around her eyes remained stuck against her skin and she could feel her eyes warming up immensely. Sooner or later, she would have to take it off to let her eyes breathe at least.

”I think we should get some ice-cream before I melt in this heat.”

Her eyes would glide down to her feet, in which Vysella was curled up upon. After purchasing two cones of chocolate ice-cream from a nearby vendor; one for herself and another one for her companion, she did not waste any second to devour the dessert. She savoured the sweet taste of the ice-cream on her tongue before it slid down her throat, soothing her chest before the cool feeling expanded throughout her entire body. Vysella finished her share with just a single lick of her tongue, which made her wonder if she received any brain freeze from the cold albeit, the thought crossed her mind that Vysella originated in the colder regions and was probably the reason why she was used to the freezing temperatures.

The two roamed the streets, slowly edging through the crowds that were littered across the streets, unsure of where to head and doubtful if she had anything to do in such a crowded area. The android had her eyes on the sky again and it was until she bumped into a stranger, throwing her cone of ice-cream right into the stranger’s face. The scene had attracted attention from the people who strode past her, some giggling before shuffling away from her still figure. The day was not going well from the beginning and now she had to make it even worse herself.



on Sun Jul 02, 2017 10:27 am

With a brown sticky substance now dripping dripping down his chest, he wondered how he had ended up in this situation. It was a brief thought, one that had wrestled its way to the forefront of his mind before the cold or the shock had even settled in. It wasn't as if he was immune to being caught off guard by such things, but it wasn't exactly something that happened on a daily basis. If one ever had reached the point that things such as strangers spilling food on them, then they'd probably have to reevaluate their lives entirely.

With the shock being swept away and the immediate reaction being the need to get out of the cold and stick, Finn immediately lifted the bottom of his hoodie of and removed it so as to keep the ice cream from getting in his hair. Shaking his shirt once to let the glob of frozen deliciousness fall onto the ground, he balled his hoodie up and glanced at the girl. Taking in her appearance now, she was short. Much shorter than him, and paired with a rather unique appearance.

Her eyes were covered with a black cloth which he immediately blamed for the spill in the first place. Her skin was fair, with hair that was pure white. Her black clothes didn't seem like the best decision to wear in this heat, but he wasn't exactly a king of fashion. Who was he to tell her what was and was not appropriate?

"Well that happened," he started with a laugh, glad now that he wore the blue undershirt. The undershirt was tight, hugging his body in a way that accentuated his form. For those who doubted that he could keep up with mages without any magic or wondered how it was possible, this was the answer. The hard work and training he put into developing his body to its peak, and maintaining it.

"Mistakes happen though, right?" With a light laugh that assured her it was fine better than any words could, he put out a hand. "I'm Finn Mertins, nice to meet you ice cream lady."


on Thu Jul 06, 2017 8:29 am


cold as ice swift as wind the whole world i'll acquire

”Oh, sor—“

Snowflake started, her bright blue eyes making its way onto the features of the stranger’s face and it was until a sudden surge of surprise and shock passed over her that all her movements froze. Strands of silver hair fell into view, as the numbers of the person’s statistics flickered in front of her eyes. The android was someone who barely showed any emotions yet, her mouth was slightly parted open and her eyes wide, although they were hidden behind the black cloth that rested around her blue orbs. The youth had truly been astonished upon seeing the figure, a familiar one that is, and someone whom she has not seen since gods remember. A sudden gust of strong wind swept past her form that her brain waves suddenly reacted with a jolt, her head whipping back with force.

Words began to penetrate into her mind and Snowflake was finally brought out of her reverie, regaining her senses. Her attention would glide towards the large brown stain that she had spilled on his shirt and mentally slapped her forehead due to her clumsy mistake. The man attempted to reassure her with a laugh although the only thing that remained on her mind was the thought that a friend of hers was standing in front of her, after receiving no news about him for a long time. The girl had grown worried, as infrequent as it happened, although it was also partly her fault for not putting any attempts to search him or to find his whereabouts. She was merely lost in her own pursuits and ventures that she had discovered upon the few months of travelling, although it was of no excuse.

”Do you remember me?”

The white haired mage spluttered, still holding the cone of ice-cream that has already melted in the heat and disregarded all the comments that were made toward her. Although she seemed to barely notice anything, the liquefied ice-cream was slowly flowing down her fingers and her hand, much to her dismay. The question occurred to be ridiculous, even to herself, for there was no chance that Finn would remember who she was after such a drastic change in her appearance since the last time they met. ”Of course he wouldn’t, you idiot.” The maiden muttered under her breath, frustration rising within her at her own silliness. She wondered how she should tell Finn about her appearance albeit, she doubted it mattered to him that much. Whilst she struggled with her own decisions, Vysella on the other hand, did not give a care of what her owner was dealing with.

”Uh, sorry about that. Do you want me to pay for your dry cleaning?”

The change of topics would be the best, or so she assumed and pointed at the stain on his shirt as her heels tapped against the ground, irritably. She was annoyed at herself for not being able to be honest to her comrades, as much as she wished to.



on Fri Jul 07, 2017 10:13 am

The girl seemed to be surprised, much more than any food spillage should be able to cause. Her eyes had widened and her entire body had stiffened as if she had seen a beast. He noticed that she was staring at him during this display of disbelief, and he couldn't help but allow his more naive side to wonder if it was due to the removal of his shirt. Don't be an idiot, he thought to himself as she seemed to be processing something about him. As he was about to ask her if everything was okay, she beat him to the punch with a question that caught him off guard.

"Do you remember me?"

Now it was his turn to look at her with confusion, though he held none of the disbelief that she had been sporting. Rather, he looked genuinely confused. An eyebrow arched as his head tilted to the side. One of his arms crossed over his body, supporting his elbow so that his other hand could cup his chin. Did he remember her? His eyes did a quick up and down scan of her. She didn't dress like anyone he knew, and he didn't believe he knew many people with white hair. As she mumbled under her breath, words that he may have picked up had he been paying more attention to them, his eyes narrowed as he tried to concentrate. People didn't just ask if they were remembered unless there was a reason to be remembered. How did he know her?

She seemed to think that she'd made the situation difficult, and just as quickly began trying to move the topic along. Normally, he may have allowed her to do so. Unfortunately for that plan however he was now fully vested in getting to the bottom of this. Leaning in so that his face was much closer to hers, he looked directly through the black band which covered her eyes. He was mere inches away as he stared directly into her eyes, though he himself didn't know for sure that he was. He could only guess that she had a normal pair of eyes beneath that black cloth.

"You know me? Finn Mertins, Blue Pegasus?" As he asked that, his eyes danced around the black cloth. He had begun to wonder if she did have eyes under there or not. "What's your name?"


on Tue Jul 11, 2017 2:28 am


cold as ice swift as wind the whole world i'll acquire

Despite how Snowflake had attempted to change the topics to cover up her blatant mistake, all was sought in vain, for her fellow comrade had did not even bother to answer her question. Instead, he began to observe her carefully from head to toe, much to her discomfort but the girl stood there, gazing at her friend. As much as she wished to walk away and pretend that nothing had happened, it would have been horribly rude. Footsteps hurried past them as eyes turned to look into their direction, mostly due to her peculiar appearance and the messy sight of chocolate dripping down the young man’s body. The android ignored the irritated stares that were being thrown at them, their reason because the mages were blocking the path of the townsfolk.

The space between them suddenly became much closer as Finn leaned forward, barely inches between them yet, the girl didn’t flinch. She blinked nervously, staring at the young man through her black cloth while he observed the features on her face though, she doubted any part of her visage resembled her of any one the blonde might know of. Considering the blonde as a threat, Vysella leaped onto her shoulder and growled at Finn, cautioning him to retreat but Snowflake would immediately ran her fingers gently through her white fur to give her some reassurance. ”I do…” The girl trailed off, not knowing how she should continue. The reason she was so reluctant upon revealing her identity was by virtue of people considering her differently due to her drastic change in appearance. Albeit, when she had confessed to Alisa and Chelvaric, they barely seemed to mind at all. Perhaps, Finn might be the same.

Her appearance occurred to be the same as any random person who walked past, or any person alive on this planet. However, little did they know, that she was merely just a walking robot hiding underneath this human façade with metallic plates and wires located inside her body, solely made for weapons. Her form had transformed completely, leaving no trace of her original body apart from her heart. Robots were something of a rare kind, just like other unique species such as, Vampires and Demons and the thought made her wonder if there were anyone just like herself and soon before, she might be considered a useful technological weapon against the country’s enemies. The question directed at her finally reached into her mind and brought her out of her own reverie.

”I’m…” a pause, hesitance causing her lips to seal before an old of hers unhinged them, ”…Snow. Snowflake.”

It took her a moment to give a response to his question, an obvious qualm hidden underneath her tone. The young woman wondered how he would react upon the declaration of her identity, but not why or how she had done so.



on Tue Jul 11, 2017 7:45 pm

Finn stared at her as she began to play with her hair, answering his question in a hardly audible fashion. It seemed obvious how timid she was. Her body was stiff, her motions mechanical. It seemed as if she was reaching for old vices to help curb her unease, and her unease seemed to be cause by scrutiny. She had found herself caught in the spotlight and it seemed that she was not one for center stage. For a moment a thought entertained itself, one where he pulled back and changed the subject completely. It was obvious she was uncomfortable, why push it?


Just like that he was lured back in. She had begun to answer, though not easily. Whatever words she had wanted to form seemed to get caught before release. The entire thing made him yearn for the answer even more, and yet there was an aspect of guilt. He had obviously put her in a spot of discomfort, one where she seemed to want to be anywhere at all other than there. She could have been an enemy of his past, or a memory who was never suppose to come to light.

"Snow. I'm Snowflake."

There was a delay in his response, his breath catching in his throat. The answer was surprising, one that took a second to process. What she had feared could not have been the furthest thing from the truth. He felt confusion for her new appearance. Surprise by her identity, and wonderment for why she seemed so hesitant. He felt no anger or animosity towards his old friend.

He felt joy.

Stepping forward with arms wide, he grasped her within a firm hug. The grab would not crush her, being an easier conduit for his feeling at the moment than any words he could try and spit out. "Snow! I haven't seen you in forever!" Holding her out at arms length, a hand on either shoulder, he pursed his lips as he looked her up and down for a moment. "You know I wouldn't have recognized you. Ever. I don't know how you did it but this is crazy!" His words were half broken up with laughter as he let go and patted her shoulders.

"How have you been? What's new? Wanna walk?"


on Sun Jul 16, 2017 4:40 am


cold as ice swift as wind the whole world i'll acquire

Eyes wide, it took her a long time to process her thoughts in, including the things that were occurring to her at that precise moment. ”Umpfh.” The girl grunted, due to the impact from Finn’s hug which somewhat caused her legs to fumble about, if not from the shock of even receiving a hug from someone in the first place. The young woman remained still, her arms outstretched forward, not sure what she was supposed to do in the middle of a hug. Her body was stiff as Finn retreated from the hug, the expressions on his face full of joy and excitement. Her cheeks were slightly flushed from the affection that her fellow friend had shown towards her and the wave of colour that grew on her cheeks vanished as fast as it appeared.


The girl began, an apparent discomfort written across her face as she stared down at the ground as if it was the most interesting thing she has ever seen in a while. Though it might have been one of the strangest reunions for her, she was happy that she was able to meet her comrade again. For a person who barely expresses any feelings or emotions, the corners of her lips were curved upwards into a small smile as her eyes wandered along the features of the blonde’s face. ”I apologize I look so different now. But, you look the same and I prefer it that way.” There were barely any changes on his face and it occurred to her that he doesn't even seem to age during the time they had been apart.


Accepting his offer, Snowflake began to walk with her companion resting on the top of her head. Since Vysella had never seen Finn before, she wasn’t sure whether he would mean harm towards her owner or not, however, after watching the entire scene unfold in front of her eyes, her scepticism towards Finn had subsided and thus, Vysella decided to remain quiet. Throughout the entire time, the cyborg failed to notice that her ice-cream had been dripping down her entire arm. Immediately, she would toss what’s remaining in her hands over to the closest bin and attempted to wipe away the melted liquid off her hands.

”I’ve been travelling and exploring most of the time. What about you?”

She responded to his question, while thoughts ran wild in her head. Whether it was a long walk or a short one, that was of her least concern at the moment, for she only wished to enjoy her reunion with her comrade properly after what it seems like forever, wherever they may be heading to.



on Mon Jul 17, 2017 7:17 pm

The grunt didn't see displeased, only discomforted by the surprisingly firm grip of the adventurer. He was strong, and his build was nothing if not solid. While she may have been slightly caught off guard by the grip, it was in no way made to hurt her. The embrace was happy, and full of affection. How long had it been since he'd seen her? Her face had changed, her hair altered and her voice new. Yet it was still the person he knew. He had no way of knowing for sure, of course. She could be a liar, someone who had found out enough about them to play the role. Such a thing never entered his naive little head. In his mind, she was his guildmate and friend. That was enough.

As he let go of her and she was shrouded fully in her embarrassment, he couldn't help but grin. It was funny to see her like this, the woman who seemed so self assured in the past. It seemed even the toughest of armors could develop kinks in their build. The walls she seemed to have up in their previous meetings no longer seemed so impenetrable, and for a moment he felt closer to his companion than he did even when they shared a team.

"Well, first of all" he began as she turned a question to him, "you don't have to apologize for looking different. You look great! The eye band is a little weird, but I like it!" He laughed. The word of compliment escaped his lips without a second thought. Their footsteps were slightly out of pace, her own taking slightly quicker steps to keep up with his purposefully slowed down feet. He noticed how much shorter she was than him. Had she always been that short? He found himself struggling to remember all the aspects that once made her unique, before she looked how she did now.

A part of him wanted to ask. The rest of him knew he shouldn't.

"Same. I got involved in the whole terrorism thing in Era... It was pretty intense for a while. Still don't know all the details, but we drove everyone out luckily. I got to get really into the fight too, which was nice." Finn wasn't one who got to go all out often, so that was one thing that would stick out in his mind as a positive aspect from the event. His words came to a halt, and without much hesitation, he began speaking again.

"How have things been? Going well I hope?" He wouldn't ask her about her changes. Those were her business, to disclose or guard at her discretion. Still, he had to make sure she was doing well. She was a guildmate. That made her a friend, regardless of how often they saw one another. Besides, he enjoyed their talks and her company. He was confident even without the guild, they would be close.

And those who were close should watch out for one another.

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