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Accidental Demise [SOLO]

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Default on Thu Jun 29, 2017 11:20 pm

Yumi stretched her limbs, a cracking sound coming from her joints as she rose from her slumber. The sun was peeking through the bedroom window, allowing rays of light to brush gentle against Yumi's silky snow white skin. The snow white beauty brushed a few strands of black hair out of her eyes, the bed sheet covering her naked form, protecting her modesty. The sheet clung to her body showing off her delicate curves and budding chest. Yumi's soft pink lips slowly parted as a soft yawn escaped her lips. The demonic gothic lolita rose from the bed, the sheet falling down exposing her naked form. Yumi licked her lower lips as she eyed her youthful delicate body in a full sized mirror, admiring herself. Yumi then went on to begin dressing herself, changing into her usual black and red gothic lolita dress, accompanied by black high heel boots and ear piece headband. Yumi then walked over to the door where he Viking Axe lay and picked it up with ease and placed it on her back.

The snow white lolita looked around the apartment she was staying at wondering where her companion had gotten to, she didn't see Venom, the duskull, anywhere in sight. He must be out, who knows what the odd little creature was up to. It was possible he was sleeping as his species was naturally nocturnal. Yumi walked to the kitchen where she began brewing herself a cappuccino to help start her day. As she mixed it up she sprinkled a little chocolate on top to add a little sweet flavour. Yumi sprinkled on more chocolate than was necessary to satisfy her sweet tooth. Once she was done Yumi raised the cup to her lips and took a sip enjoying the taste of the chocolate and the bitter taste of the cappuccino.

Yumi was normally not once for coffee, generally preferring sweet tasting things, but she would drink it on the odd occassion or two. Yumi finished off the cup and sat it down in the sink where she rinsed it off before she heard a knocking at her door. Yumi raised an eyebrow wondering who it was, the only one who would know she was in town was Reagan and only because she had taken a quest for him. Yumi stopped what she was doing and headed to the door, unlocking it and opening it wide finding a young boy standing there with a letter in hand. The boy handed the letter over to Yumi and ran off, disappearing from sight. Yumi raised an eyebrow in confusion before shutting the door behind her and opened the letter in order to read it.

The letter was from Reagan apparently he was asking for yumi's help, looking to hire her on for a job. The job was labelled as a C rank so she would earn fifty thousand jewels a nice little addition to what she already head. Who was Yumi to deny if Reagan was going to pay her.

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Default on Thu Jun 29, 2017 11:29 pm

Yumi folded the letter over three times before placing it in her right front pocket and padded it gently. Yumi cast her crimson gaze down upon the letter in order to read over the details, she was curious to find out just what Reagan wanted of her. From her knowledge Reagan was a smuggler who transported wares to pirates outside of Hargeon to be sold else it, it was quite the lucrative business. Yumi continued reading on, from the detail of the letter it seemed Reagan was being tailed by a page from the Rune Knights. It seems it was possible the Rune Knights had caught on to Reagan's business and wanted to take him down and in order to do so they would need evidence of his crimes. Yumi merely snorted in amusement, she wasn't too fond of Rune Knights. Yumi trailed on to find out what Reagan wanted her to do exactly, from the letter Reagan wanted Yumi to dispose of the Rune Knight Page. At the word dispose a bloodthirsty smile began to form on Yumi's lips, the pink beginning to turn purple as a lust for blood appeared in her eyes. Disposing of someone Yumi could do, she would gladly do it Yumi continued reading, apparently, the death was supposed to look like an accident, that she could do. In order to do so Reagan wanted Yumi to tail him in order to tail the page.

Yumi hummed to herself as she thought on just what kind of accident she could cause for this page to come to his untimely death. She really wished she could just off him without having to make it an accident then she could sacrifice him up to her lord. She could see it now tracking down this page and grabbing him from behind before dragging him off into the surrounding area in order to sacrifice him. Being a member of the Rune Knights, Yumi would sacrifice him through trial by combat taking him in battle one on one. Yumi would give him a fighting chance before crushing him with all her might, unleashing all her rage onto the poor fool. She would release the bindings on her emotions that kept her rage buried deep down inside of her. As a member of the cult of Malum rage was her greatest power as Malum was also a God of Anger. it was said his worshippers stemmed their power from Malum's very rage and the angrier they became the stronger the connection to their Lord allowing them to borrow his power.

Yumi felt her anger bubbling to the surface as power flooded through her veins. Magic rose to the surface as tongues of magic like black flames flickered to the surface, flowing off her delicate milky snow white skin. The tongues of black magical fire danced around her as a lust for blood formed in those deep crimson pools. A sinister smile formed on her lips as thick waves of killer intent flooded off her in drozes. However the moment the killer intent appeared, Yumi crushed it forcing it back into her body sealing thick deadly intent off. If anyone had been present they know doubt would have suffered from a heart ache, YUmi had killed thousands of people over the years, loosing count. With each life she took it added to her over whelming killer intent. To discover just how many someone ahd kiled they merely needed to examine that persons killer intent, the more potent it was the more they had slaughtered. The more they had drowned themselves in the blood of the innocent. Yumi had drowned in oceans of blood since she started killing when she was brely fifteen years of age. For sixty years the demonic lolita left a trial of blood and corpses behind her, invoking the deadly name 'The Witch of Carnage' as that was all she left nothing but carnage in her path.

Yumi as a deadly killer who killed without mercy. But sadly she could not exact her full merciless killing on this quest as Reagan did not want her to kill the Page with her own brutal methods but wanted it to look like an accident. Yumi calmed herself down alllowing her emotions to seal themselves up tight. No need to allow this to get the better of her. With her emotions in check yumi decided it was time to see Reasgan.

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Default on Thu Jun 29, 2017 11:35 pm

Yumi quickly left in order to meet up with Reagan at the town square. She moves swiftly mixing in with the surrounding crowds. As she did she was easily able to pick Reagan out of the crowd. He also seemed to recognise her as she walked by him briefly before disappearing into an alley, but she still kept an eye out. Reagan began to move, as he did Yumi looked around for anyone suspicious. As Yumi trailed behind Reagan from the shadows, blending in with the busy streets, she seemed to spot someone not so inconspicuously following Reagan, clearly, they were an amateur. The person was a young man in his late teens, in plain clothes foolish tracking after Reagan.

Yumi carefully eyed the teen, keeping a distance of ten meters between her and him. She didn't want to stick to close and be noticed. As she surveyed the page she scowled internally, he was truly an amateur he wasn't even checking his surroundings to focus on Reagan. If yumi wanted she could easily find a knife, sneak up on the page and kill him with one swift stroke ending his life, before disappearing into the fronts. But yumi wasn't allowed to do that as his death must look like an accident, and Yumi was not about to go against the wishes of her client for her own selfish desire.

Yumi waited patiently for a time to strike, in order to kill the page to make it appear as an accident. She did not have to wait long before a chance presented itself in the form of a horse-drawn carriage coming their way. Yumi made her way through the crowd, easy with her tiny body sneaking up behind the youth and as he came to a halt to prepare to let the carriage pass, Yumi pushed the back of his knees making him stumble forward into the road of the speeding carriage. He screamed as the horses collided with his body trampling over him, crushing his skull and bones, turning his organs to pulp. The carriage ran over his broken body. Blood spilt onto the stone paved streets as the horrible sound of breaking bones and dying gurgles echoed through the air. Screams rang throughout the area from the horrified citizens. To those who never experienced death on a daily basis like Yumi it was truly a gory and horrifying death. THe man's corpse was barely recognisable and full of deep horse prints, his body was completely turned to paste as it was smashed into the road.

Immediately Yumi quickly fled disappearing from sight.
Yumi made her way to the rendezvous point to meet up with Reagan to claim her reward. She arrived at dock six as stated where she found Reagan waiting patiently for her. yumi approached and whispered in his ear of the pages demise earning a smile from the smuggler. The smuggler pulled out an envelope and handed it over. Yumi took the envelope and walked off with her money.

With her money in hand Yumi began humming a merry tune. She would open the envelope and began to count the money inside of it. She already had three hundred and eighty thousand jewels with her stored away safely with this new amount it meant she had four hundred and thirty thousand jewels. Yumi chuckled at the thought of just how much money she had, while it was not a lot it would keep her in for sometime before she needed more. But yumi already had plans to begin taking on more quests.

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