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Mapping Theft [SOLO]

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Default on Thu Jun 29, 2017 10:47 pm

Yumi craned her neck as she looked around the harbour town of Hargeon. It had been some months since she was last here, if memory served her right it was when she was still an old woman and had an interesting run in with a young lad by the name of Finn, an eager young adventurer who seemed to be filled right righteousness as he had offered an old lady who he had just met to aid her in her goal of restoring her youth and beauty. What a naive little boy, if she had been anyone else she may have twisted his cute little head off then and there but Yumi had an agenda, that and it was the middle of the day and the streets had been busy, she had not needed to draw attention to herself by committing murder in broad daylight. Yumi may have been old at the time but she was far from being senile, she still retained all her facilities even at that age, the only thing she had lost was her vitality as she was no longer a young woman, but what she lacked in stamina she made up with, in raw experience.

Yumi hummed to herself as she looked around the seaside town pondering on just what it was she should do, the demonic lolita was a little unsure she didn't what to do. She had not long been in Marigold and completed as many jobs as she could there a total of seven quests, three D ranks, three C rank and one B rank. Doing those seven quests for the Marigold Theatre and earned her quite a lot of money but she still needed to earn more. She was saving up for something big, just what was it not even she knew. She just wanted to have money on hand in case something exotic came her way and she wanted to purchase it. In this world of magic, one could never be too sure when they will have a lucky break and stumble upon a rare powerful item. Speaking of items, she did need to replace her current gear, she had the Lancer uniform and hat but she never wore it as it was incredibly low-rank gear. She desperately needed to replace it with a higher tier fear. Out of her equipment, the highest tear was her Viking axe, an axe used by northern invaders. Yumi had bought the axe on an off chance, finding it being sold by a vendor who had obtained it from the corpse of a Viking and thought to sell it to make money.

Yumi looked around, drawing herself from her thoughts about her gear to return to what she wanted to do. She really couldn't make up her mind did she want to perform a quest or perhaps she would go find something to eat. Yumi grumbled but put it off, it would be best to go earn some more money so a quest it was. Yumi tucked her hands behind her back and began skipping away humming happily to herself as she made her way to the back alleys of Hargeon's darker streets and approached the Dark Mage Quest Board. Yumi approached the board and began to look around it, she felt like taking a C rank today. She could do a B rank but she didn't feel like it and she wasn't in anyway going to do a D rank.

Yumi raised her right hand to her chin and gently rubbed it, feeling the texture of her silky smooth skin as she pondered on what quest to take. Her eyes darted back and forth, the crimson hues zooming in and out. There were currently three quests put up each by a single client by the name of Reagan. Yumi couldn't really make up her mind on just which of the three quests for C rank she wanted to take. She hummed and continued thinking over just which would be quickest and which would be longest. Finally, her eyes landed on a single quest that stood out, something about a mapping theft. Yumi reached out and plucked the quest off the board deciding she may as well take it.

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Default on Thu Jun 29, 2017 10:48 pm

Yumi began examining the quest in order to find out the exact details, soon she began to regret grabbing this quest as she had to wait until nightfall to take action, a waste of time. Yumi groaned in annoyance before returned to reading through the details. The client, Reagan, had been informed of a rare and helpful map that had been discovered and hidden away in the town hall. The map had been locked up for safety, as for why the map was so important Reagan didn't know or he didn't care to say on the quest, whatever the reason why it wasn;t any of yumi's business all she cared about was getting paid. As long as she could earn money she didn't care what the job detailed. Yumi continued on, as the scroll wanted the map to be stolen by whoever took the job. The taker was to sneak their way into the town hall at night and find a way to steal the map then bring it to Reagan who would be waiting at dock eight. Yumi rolled the job up sighing to herself and tucked it in her bosom, deciding to do a little recon. Apparently, the map would be in the storage room on the second floor, locked in a little safe at the back of the room, for ordinary humans the safe couldn't be pried but for mage's it would be easy.

Yumi arrived at the town hall, it would be three hours before the sun went down. Yumi entered, it was public domain, of course, some areas were restricted so the public could not enter them. Yumi looked around with the gaze of a curious child and spoke with a young innocence as she spoke to the guards, asking all sorts of questions. She was obtaining as much information as she possibly could about the place. And as the town hall was shutting down for the night she departed in order to formulate a plan and return at midnight. Yumi returned home where she retrieved her Viking axe and fixed it to her back. Shen retrieved a black cloak wrapping it around her body hiding her form and enhancing stealth capabilities. Yumi then grabbed a white porcelain mask that had no expression on it and fixed it to her face to keep her identity a secret while she performed the job.

Yumi then left the moment it was dark, keeping to the shadows to disappear unseen. She travelled through Hargeon using the rooftops and sticking to the darkness so not to be seen. Yumi arrived atop a roof just off the town hall and could see it down below. Yumi hid behind a chimney waiting patiently as time ticked away, watching the guards walk by the windows. Yumi moved once the close was clear arriving at the town hall. She looked around for a way in and spotted an open window on the second floor. Yumi scaled the side of the building and slipped through the open window, it was just wide enough for her tiny frame to fit through. Yumi landed in a crouched position and quickly retreated back into the shadows and moved towards the storage room. She was quite as a mouse, be careful not to run into any of the roaming security teams. She made her way into the storage room and approached the safe at the back. It was a tiny little thing that looked like the latch could be pried right off. Yumi cracked her knuckles and crouched down. She flexed her muscles and flicked a wrist allowing mana to flood through her veins to greatly empower her muscular strength, before her Grimoire Heart tattoo lit up.

With the massive boost in her physical strength, Yumi was able to pry the safe door open and removed the rolled up map from within. Yumi pocketed them map storing it in her bosom and began to make sure everything was clear before leaving.

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Default on Thu Jun 29, 2017 10:49 pm

Yumi made sure the map was secure in her bosom before peeking her head outside the storage room and looking back and forth making sure there were no guards. Suddenly though the alarm started blaring going off loudly, altering the security guards to the presence of a thief inside of the building. Yumi scowled in annoyance and quickly fled as she could hear the guards coming. As she turned a corner she culd see flashlights up ahead at the next corner, they were beginning to corner her. Yumi swore under her breath and turned to the right to the windows. She was on the second floor and it was quite a drop to the ground. Yumi tsked and moved leaping through a window shattering it and grabbed her cloak tearing it off and using it to latch onto a torn part of the window. the cloak caught on the window and was used like a robe to swing Yumi down to the ground as the fabric tore in half. Yumi landed on the stone road in a crouched position and quickly launched herself at max speed into a nearby alley allowing the darkness to consume her body once more.

Yumi quickly began to move making her way through the streets of Hargeon towards dock number eight in order to meet up with Reagan. As soon as she could hand the map over the better. She didn't want to be discovered with the map, who knows the consequences. Yumi increased her pace no longer running but sprinting. Her speed began increasing with every passing second as she became a blur. It wasn't long before finally dock number eight came into view and she could see a man waiting their patiently. yumi came to a skidding halt in front of the man, who smiled and identified himself as Reagan. Yumi greeted the client and removed the map from her bosom and handed it over to Reagan. The smuggler unrolled the map and began to examine the map making sure it was the product.

Reagan rolled the map up and put it away with a smile before grabbing a bag of jewels and tossing it over to Yumi. The demonic lolita opened the jewels and began to examine the money, counting it up to make sure it was the exact moment. Once she confirmed the funds YUmi bowed and bid the merchant goodbye. Yumi turned and began walking away from Reagan moving away from the docks in order to return home. She had a nice amount of fifty thousand jewels inside her bag. With what she already had it would be a decent amount. Soon she would be able to buy some better equipment as long as she continued doing quests and saving up.

Yumi walked through the town of Hargeon late at night returning to the apartment complex she was staying out, entering inside and making her way to her apartment. She walked up to the second floor and opened her door entering in and shutting it behind her.

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