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Dark Wind [Akai]

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on Thu Jun 29, 2017 10:12 am

Kerii was walking along the streets of Magnolia. She was finally taking a break from doing a bunch of quests and honestly, she didn't know where she wanted to go so she thought that she would just wander aimlessly until she found something she was interested in doing. She supposed that she could always go shopping. After doing a bunch of requests, she had a lot of jewels to spend, but she didn't want to spend them on just anything. She already had plenty of clothes and she didn't think she'd even come close to running out of clean ones while she was in Magnolia. She supposed that she could go looking for a bow, but in all the time she'd spend in Magnolia, she hadn't found a single weapon shop. The only place that came close to it was the Black Anvil, and that was for weapons made by a blacksmith. A bow would need to be made by someone who works with wood, not metal, so as far as Kerii was concerned, shopping was out of the question, unless she happened to stumble across something interesting.

As Kerii walked, she noticed that the wind started to pick up. She looked up at the sky and saw that storm clouds were starting to roll in. That was great. Just perfect. The day she decides to take a day off of questing was the day that it was going to rain. As she was looking up at the sky, she evidently ran into someone by accident. "I'm sorry!" she quickly said, snapping her head back down and looking at the person she ran into.


on Thu Jun 29, 2017 10:20 am

Akai had been sitting calmly along the side of the river being passed by boaters, and the people, being completely ignored, it was perfect. He dabbled his feet in the water occasionally but most of the time he sat and day-dreamed. Finally After sitting there for most of the day he was finally greeted by some dark, looming clouds. Rain, Akai's favorite thing, a nice gentle rain never hurt. He was just about to enjoy it when someone managed to knock into him. Akai scowled mentally and looked up at the clutz that had just managed to walk into him. He saw a pink haired girl with pointed ears, great, an elf, she probably hates me now. Trying to keep things from heating up he calmly replied. "
Are you okay?"


on Thu Jun 29, 2017 10:47 am

After stupidly bumping into a silver haired person and apologizing, the man didn't say anything like "it's fine." Instead, he asked if she was okay, but he didn't sound that genuine. "I'm fine," she said, untucking strands of her hair so that they fell over her ears. Her ears weren't obnoxiously oversized and pointed like some elves' were, but depending on the way her hair fell sometimes it was impossible to cover the points that poked out of her light pink hair. She wondered if the silver haired man wasn't being genuine because he knew she was an elf. Even though relations between humans and elves have never historically been good, things changed as time went by. Kerii's own father did diplomatic work between humans and elves to try to establish a better relationship between them. Even though most elves disliked human traditions and stuck to their own, nobody really wanted conflict between the two races, but old habits die hard. Like the saying goes, the same applies to the bad blood between the two races. She didn't know if the man before her was one of the people that didn't like elves, but she hoped they didn't get off on the wrong foot because of that, but she had to know.

"I'm sorry, but I just don't think you sounded that genuine. Is it because I'm an elf?" She didn't say it in a defensive tone. She was just asking a question, and was actually asking it in an almost timid voice, as if she was almost afraid that he would say "yes."


on Thu Jun 29, 2017 11:06 am

The fact she bluntly asked about being an elf took Akai back, for a brief moment he stumbled. "No, no. I'm sorry if i was un-genuine.
I'm just not always the most conversational person.
Hoping that settled her, he turned up to see if the rain was here yet. To his delight tiny warm droplets hit is glasses. Soon the streets would be empty and he could walk freely, not cramped by people. Quickly turning back to the girl, he decided he might as well rewrite his past opinions, "Sorry if I offended you i wasn't trying to be an awful person or anything. I was just enjoying the moment, and you kind of abruptly ended it, sorry for the attitude." By now the rain had picked up enough to actually get someone wet. Akai wondered if this would deter the elfen stranger. But to make the best of it he hopped up and held out his hand, "Hi, i'm Akai." As the awkward space of waiting for a hand shake got longer, the rain grew rampant, pouring down the sides of windows and onto the streets. Most anyone would be inside by now, the rain was like a Dark wind making people scurry for cover and hiding from whatever the mysterious thing was. He stared up at the rain for another awkward moment, and raised his hand to swipe his glasses clear of the rain.


on Thu Jun 29, 2017 11:31 am

It turned out that her being an elf was not the cause of him being ungenuine. Apparently he was just antisocial. Kerii breathed a sigh of relief. "Oh, okay then. I'm actually an introvert too, so I get it." Well, she got the part of not being that conversational. She was nicer than how the man before her appeared though. Actually, that wasn't a fair assumption. Kerii only knew what she knew of this guy based on first impressions. More often that not, people were quite different than what their first impressions said about them, so Kerii couldn't rule out "rude" yet.

The man apologized once again for the miscommunication and said that he was just trying to enjoy the moment when she mistakenly ended it. Almost right as he finished it, the rain started to pick up and began to get Kerii and everyone else in Magnolia wet. A lot of people started scurrying for cover, but the silver haired man didn't seem to care. Instead, he stuck out his hand and introduced himself as Akai. Kerii shook his hand and said, "I'm Kerii." After looking at him for a few more moments and connecting the name "Akai" to his face, she could have sworn she saw him from somewhere. "Do I know you from somewhere?" She was sure that she's seen that guy before, but she couldn't quite place her finger on it. She travelled a lot so it was entirely possible that she saw him because of that, but that didn't make sense why the name "Akai" rang a small bell in her head.


on Thu Jun 29, 2017 11:52 am

"Kerii" turned out not to be half bad. So Akai decided it was okay if he dropped the attitude. And upon hearing she was also an introvert he was greatly excited, finally someone who shared his detached nature, hopefully it wasnt because they had a similar history, he would never wish that on someone else. For a moment his face slipped to a depressed-wondering look after thinking about his dark and hidden memories . When she asked if they had seen each other before he had only one answer "Unless you have Lamia Scale Tattoo somewhere on your body, I'd find that hard to believe." He wiped his wet hair from his face and glasses for a moment, so it wasn't plastered to his head. Akai rolled up the sleeves of his sweatshirt so they wouldn't be that soaked and so the rain would hit his skin. Turning around for a moment to check the population of the streets, he found them completely abandoned except for the two soaked strangers, which were Akai and Kerii.

Forgetting Kerii was there for a moment Akai looked up and spread his arms wide, smiling a tiny bit, letting the rain hit his face. Turning back to Kerii he awaited a response about her life, and if they were some how in the same guild, which would be a surprise sense he had never seen her. Hoping she wasn't one of those alcoholics that hung out at the bar and smelled like his dead beat dad all the time.


on Thu Jun 29, 2017 12:46 pm

Kerii couldn't help but let a small smile escape onto her face as Akai said that he wouldn't know her unless she had a Lamia Scale tattoo on her body. "Actually," Kerii began as she pulled up the sleeve of her shirt to reveal a tattoo of Lamia Scale the same shade of green as her eyes. "I do." So that was where she'd seen Akai before. She must have seen him around the guild hall at some point. "You probably haven't seen me much because I travel a lot," she explained. Traveling was just something she loved to do, hence why she was in Magnolia instead of back in Orchidia. It was also one of the reasons she became a mage in the first place. Besides the fact that she had healing magic of course. If she didn't want to help lots of people in a large radius and didn't want to travel, she would have become a doctor, but she didn't want to just help a few people in whatever town she practiced in and didn't want to stay confined to a town. It was true that she could travel to different towns that needed her help as a medic, but she would have to become well known before anyone would want to specifically ask for her help.

After Kerii briefly explained her reasoning behind Akai probably not noticing her around the guild hall, he oddly spread his arms out and smiled. Was he... happily soaking in the rain? "Um... do you want to get out of the rain?" Kerii asked, realizing that they were literally the only ones out on the streets without umbrellas. Plus, they were getting drenched.


on Thu Jun 29, 2017 12:59 pm

The Green tattoo on her arm took the oddity out of the conversation, he lifted his shirt just enough so she could see the dark gray Lamia Scale tattoo then dropped it back down quickly. A thousand questions flooded his head to ask her. What's your magic? Whats your story? Where are you from? Why'd you join Lamia Scale? He decided on a few of those for later. " He hadn't traveled in a while, truth be told, this was actually his first trip outside of the safety of Orchidia since the old wizard died. "I wish i traveled more, its actually a promise i made myself. You'd be surprised at how long I've been in Orchidia."

When She asked to get out of the rain, Akai was a little disappointed, " I guess so?
I have no problem with rain, but i know a bridge we can sit under? If you're more of an indoors person finding a place is up to you. The outdoors are my kind of place."
Returning to the dark sky, he let the rain run down his face it finally started running down his back, so Akai had to quickly remove his little razor and place it in his pocket. Hoping to avoid questions about his odd strain of magic, he didn't say anything, but if he was forced too, he was prepared for it, he'd done it before. Now he silently waited for Kerii to make up her mid on where they wanted to go?


on Fri Jun 30, 2017 6:14 am

Akai explained that he didn't travel often and that Kerii would be surprised if she knew how long he stayed in Orchidia. That actually did make her wonder how long he'd been in Orchidia. She wondered if he lived there his entire life and didn't travel at all until recently. That would certainly be a long time, considering Akai looked to be about Kerii's age, but perhaps slightly older.

When Kerii asked if they could get out of the rain, Akai looked surprisingly disappointed. Did he really like the rain that much? Akai told her that he had no problem with the rain, but proposed to sit under a bridge rather than go inside to get dry. He said that if she was an indoors person, then it was fine. She could pick out a place to go, but Akai said that he was more of an outdoorsy type. "We can go under the bridge," Kerii said. She loved the outdoors too. She loved basically anything that had to do with nature. She did like the rain. She liked the way it sounded. It was perpetually calming and was just something she had come to enjoy. Whenever there was a thunder storm, she was never afraid of it. She actually got excited about them. However, Kerii did not like the feeling of wet clothes on herself.

After Kerii told Akai that going under a bridge was fine, she would go on to say, "Almost all elves like being outside." Kerii was sure that there was one elf somewhere who didn't like nature, but that would be especially odd since the elven culture was so focused around it.


on Fri Jun 30, 2017 12:10 pm

Thankfully the razor went unnoticed and rested against his leg, in his pocket. Akai was relieved that he got to stay outside, away from crowded restaurants. Perks of talking to an elf i guess. Waving Kerii along he proceeded down the streets of magnolia to a bridge he had past earlier. Akai was glad to be out of Orchidia for once, away from the bar at the guild house and away from the bustling streets. He'd come here to do some quests, he purposely in a different town so he could be "adventurous". Or maybe it was because he had heard something about a "psycho-lady" in magnolia, which had got him thinking about his mom. The bridge he clearly remembered was stone, so no leaks for Kerii. It had odd spinning swirls carved into it, and the occasional, Heart with a name in it. Plopping down underneath the bottom of the bridge Akai sighed, and looked over at Kerii to ask her a question, one he'd been dying to know, "Soooo,
whats your magic?"
Akai was certainly interested in magic, some times they acted like remedies, drawing power from things, like his bad memories. Akai's mind was debating what kind of magic she would have, her physical figure could have tricked people into thinking she uses offensive magic but, elves are more nature-y so she could be a healer. Akai waited patiently for his long awaited answer.


on Sat Jul 01, 2017 5:48 am

Kerii followed Akai towards the bridge as he motioned for her to follow. It was strange how people met. One moment Kerii was looking at the sky being annoyed because her day off would be spoiled by rain, but instead the rain sort of enhanced it. Kerii wouldn't have thought to go under a bridge to get out of the rain and she certainly didn't expect to do it with another member of Lamia Scale who she didn't even know existed. Well, she sort of knew he existed, but not really. She just saw people in Lamia Scale from time to time as she passed by during her travels, but never really recognized them a whole lot. If she were in Fairy Tail, maybe it would be different. Fairy Tail was apparently a really family oriented guild. Even though a lot of them weren't related (or at least Kerii thought so) they still treated each other like family.

When Akai and Kerii reached the bridge, they went under it and were sheltered from the rain. They both sat down and, for a reason unknown to Kerii, Akai sighed. Right after though, he proceeded to ask Kerii about her magic. "Oh, it's called Celestial Sky magic," the pink haired elf began. "It's a healing magic. Well, actually it's overall a supportive magic, but the main aspect of it is healing. It's kind of a weird magic to be honest. I'm not even sure how my ancestors got it to work, but they did it. What about your magic?" Kerii did always wonder how her ancestors were able to harness the power of celestial bodies and infuse it with their mana to create spells. However they managed to do it though, they taught it in a way that made it easier no doubt. When Kerii was taught how to use her magic though, nobody explained the logic behind it. They just taught her how to use it. Maybe nobody alive knew exactly how or why it worked.


on Sat Jul 01, 2017 7:19 am

Kerii's magic sounded really interesting, especially since it was a family magic, those are pretty cool. When he asked him about his magic, Akai laughed a little, it was always an experience when he told them about his magic. Akai took the small razor out of his pocket, " my particular magic, is an odd one. Its called Sacrificial Arc, its pretty much offensive magic, but to cast any spell, the user has to cut them self. And the caster also has to have some pretty horrid memories to cast the spells too. "
Mentally sighing that he'd gotten the awkward part of the situation out of the way, he decided tying a bit of Lamia Scale in there wouldn't be a bad idea. " An old wizard taught it too
me, actually my mother begged him too, it kind of acts as a way to keep the memories from my u-uh experience at bay. But the old wizard offered to take me to Lamia Scale, unfortunately he died not to long after getting back to Orchidia."
He had decided to leave the part about the human sacrifice and maniacal mother out of the conversation. Kerii could learn that part of the story if they ever became good friends. Peering up at Kerii, he waited to see her reaction to his magic, in his entire life, only one person ran away. Maybe she'd be fascinated, no clue, he just had to wait and see.


on Sat Jul 01, 2017 7:53 am

For some reason, Akai laughed a bit when Kerii asked him what his magic was. The silver haired man continued to explain that his magic was too, an odd one. Akai explained that his magic was an offensive magic, which she knew was not the odd part, but in order to cast his spells, he had to draw blood. In addition to that, the user of the magic had to have some bad memories to make the magic work. "Well, that's depressing," she commented. Kerii didn't know the reasoning for that because Akai didn't explain it, but she assumed that it helped fuel his magic. It was probably a similar concept to how Kerii needed the assistance of celestial objects to make her magic work. Kerii wondered if Akai had to think about those memories every time he cast a spell. It would suck if he did. Most of the time, Kerii didn't even have to think about a celestial object in particular when she was casting a spell, save for the times when she was learning a spell for the first time. It was just kind of an instinct for her to draw power from two different sources - her own and the sky.

Akai continued to explain that the magic was taught to him by an old wizard who unfortunately died shortly after Akai joined Lamia Scale. Kerii didn't know when Akai joined the guild, but she couldn't remember seeing any old wizard. Steering away from the subject of bad memories and cutting oneself, Kerii asked, "When did you join Lamia Scale? I joined about two years ago."


on Sat Jul 01, 2017 8:04 am

Akai tried not to laugh when Kerii stated that his magic was depressing, he didn't know why he thought it was so funny, because his magic WAS depressing. But thankfully she turned to a lighter subject about their guild.

"I joined about three years ago.The old wizard died about a month after that." He didn't particularly remember the old man, probably because Akai was still drifting in and out of sleep thanks to the memories still hammering in his brain. He just remembered the old man being really kind and taking care of him for most of his life, he was just overall a really nice guy, it was a shame Akai never learned his name. Looking out from under teh bridge for a moment, he realizaed that the rain was still pouring, and would probably be for a really long time, this was a pretty big storm. deciding it was time to do something for a moment he picked up a loose stone, and threw it into the water, watching the ripples soothed him.

Kerii was really nice to, she wasn't mean or condescending, she was also an introvert too. " So why did you join Lamia Scale?"


on Sun Jul 02, 2017 6:08 am

It turned out that Akai had joined Lamia Scale only a year prior to when Kerii joined. However, that old wizard died a month after Akai joined, which explained why Kerii didn't see him at all, but Kerii didn't exactly ask to hear that bit of information. Just like she didn't need to know that Akai had a depressing magic and bad memories growing up, she didn't need to know about every little thing that went wrong in Akai's life. In Kerii's eyes, he was trying to get some sympathy out of her, and if that was the case, she didn't like it. Of course she felt bad for Akai and all. Death and whatever else he experienced is horrible, but it's still weird to keep talking about it as if it wouldn't make someone else be annoyed by it.

Akai asked Kerii why she joined Lamia Scale. "Well, I always knew that I wanted to join a guild ever since I learned how to use my magic. I almost went to Fairy Tail, but Lamia Scale just felt right to me. Don't get me wrong, Fairy Tail is great and all. From what I could see, they're a very close knit guild, but Lamia Scale... they just... ugh, I can't even put it in words." Lamia Scale was definitely the right choice for a number of reasons. Although the guild members could get rowdy, she couldn't help but smile whenever she was around them. They took pride in strength and endurance, which were two qualities important for a healer. Kerii needed to be able to defend herself (hence the strength) and also needed to be able to take a good number of hits so that she could keep supporting her comrades. And then, there was just this feeling she got from Lamia Scale that she couldn't describe. She got it every time she thought about the guild but it never happened when she thought about any other. It was hard to explain, but if her instincts were telling her that Lamia Scale was the right guild, then she would join it.


on Sun Jul 02, 2017 11:08 am

Kerii's description of why she joined made perfect sense, her instincts made it so. Sometimes Akai debated leaving Lamia Scale, but the offer from the old wizard had been the first bit of kindness extended to him in a really long time. But being there sometimes felt right, so he hadn't left...yet. Looking down at his feet he saw the first glimmer of sunshine in over an hour probably. Now that the sun was out, it seemed like a great time to finally go do some jobs in Magnolia while he was still here. "I hate to dash out on you like this, but now that the sun is out, I can go earn some money. I hope to see you again maybe we can do a quest together? Who knows?" Stepping out from under the bridge Akai strolled away, happy to meet someone who wasn't impolite or so extroverted it hurt to look at them. Looking to his right he saw a flier for a job, Time to take a job. with that Akai was on his way to his first job. He hoped to run into Kerii again before he left, he really did



on Mon Jul 03, 2017 6:37 pm

After Kerii had explained her reasoning behind Lamia Scale, Akai didn't seem to have a reaction nor give any feedback, which Kerii was genuinely surprised about. The elf did give quite a lengthy explanation. Although what she said didn't make perfect sense at the end, it still eluded to the fact that part of Kerii's reason to join Lamia Scale was due to instincts. It was true. Her instincts did play a part in determining what guild she wanted to join, and Kerii normally trusted her instincts. Sometimes she would even use her instincts when all of her knowledge betted against them and most of the time her instincts won. Now, she couldn't always be reliant on her instincts, but it was helpful to have good ones when in things like battles and such. If Kerii got stronger, then maybe she would take on some quests that involved fighting. Speaking of quests...

Akai ended the two mages' short meeting. The rain had stopped and the clouds had cleared and departed. Akai said that since that was the case, he could head out and take some quests to go earn money. He apologized for dashing out, but ended their conversation by saying that hopefully they could quest together sometime. Kerii smiled at him. "Yeah, sure!" she said. She wasn't sure if she would run into Akai while she was doing any quests or not, but if she did, she would he more than happy to quest with him. When Akai left, so did Kerii, but not to go quest. She was going to enjoy the rest of her day off.

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