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Flier Funky [Quest|Eva]

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Default on Thu Jun 29, 2017 4:58 am

Eva sat across Bella in her office. She was called down early that day as she was just passing through, hoping to take a relaxed bath. When she was done, Bella had something to tell her. She looked as pretty as always and despite how much Eva wanted to point out the woman’s age and laugh at her, she knew very well that wouldn’t go down so favorably for her. In the end, they enjoyed a very refreshing cup of tea as Bella told her about the lack of customers.

“I have been in this business for years,” she started with a hand placed below her chin. “We have never lost out to the other bathhouses but lately, it’s really difficult,” she glanced at Eva as if she was trying to tell her something. Honestly, Eva wanted to answer that look with a ‘so what’ but she kept herself in check with a smile. “What can I do for you?” she asked the question Bella wanted to hear instead. She immediately lit up like a Christmas tree. “I need you to help me with advertisements, of course!” she exclaimed, promptly getting up from her seat to go to the nearest shelf. She took out a stack of flyers and placed them on the table between them. “There should be about fifty of them in here,” Eva wanted to groan as the woman continued, “Except for a few specific locations I want you to place them on, you can do whatever you want with the rest.” She gave her a look that meant you better listen before grabbing a map of Magnolia off the side of the table. She spread it out in front of an amused Eva who was seriously wondering what the need of all that was.

Bella pointed to the south gate park. “This is where I want you to start. This is an important place; you wouldn’t guess how many people visit this park every day. You must place an ad here,” She told her and then pointed to the next place. “The Fairy Tail guildhall. Those hooligans aren’t the best kind of guests but again, you won’t believe the number of people that visit them every day. One of the ads go there. Next,” she went on, pointing to another place on the map. “it’s Olly’s bakery. That place is quite popular, too. You have to place an ad there. The rest can be placed wherever you want under your own judgement. But do not forget the places I just pointed out to you. They are important,” she repeated again before placing the map away and dropping the stack of ads onto her lap. “You can go now. Thanks for your hard work,” she said and was walking Eva out before she could actually say something. This woman hadn’t even truly asked if she wanted to do this or not. She had basically slapped the job onto her. “If you do your work and come back early, I’ll let you take that special bath again”.



Default on Thu Jun 29, 2017 4:58 am

Thus Eva went around the town that day, carrying a bunch of flyers and handing them out. She gave them to every elderly women and men she saw and then to those people that seemed to be taking care of their body more. She made sure to tell them why they should pay a visit to the bathhouse. Some of them recognized Eva from her ads and mage work and came over immediately, which made it easier for her to hand some flyers over to them. As decided by Bella, the first place she went to was the south gate park.

It was as crowded as it always was. She wasn’t exactly sure why, either, but a lot of people in Magnolia loved visiting the park at least once in day. It was kept open for citizens and tourists alike with the carefully well-kept flowers and other displays. The fountain was a favorite place to take pictures around and the sakura trees were kept in blossom all year around with magic. She placed a few flyers near the entrance of the park before handing some out to the ones that were already there. She mainly targeted the mothers and newlyweds.

Next was the fairy tail guild hall. She didn’t linger around the area for long since the sun was already beginning to go down. She had taken a while in running around the city. When she noticed a notice board sort of thing outside the guild hall, she placed a couple of flyers there, handed some over to the ones visiting the guild and quickly left. Even though there were a lot of people with the fairy tail mark running around, Eva didn’t notice the more famous ones at all. She guessed that they were out on their own mission.

The last pace was Olly’s bakery. This one turned out to be pretty easy since she had met Olly before. Not only had she helped him with delivery, she had even filmed a commercial for him and his shop. When she talked to Olly about her mission, the cheerful baker was more than happy to place a few of the flyers inside and outside his shop. He told her to send his regards to Bella since he often visited the bathhouse, too and Eva handed a few of the flyers to Olly’s attendants and customers before leaving.

After making sure that she had given away all of the flyers, Eva went straight to Bella’s bathhouse. She seemed to be waiting for her when Eva arrived. The woman made her narrate everything and beamed at the end when she heard that Eva had successfully managed to lure some customers in. “You did great. I got some customers around noon after you left, too. Now, if you’ll come this way, I have prepared that special bath for you right here,” she said as she led Eva into the same bath that Eva had taken previously. It was glowing the same green that Eva had seen before. “Enjoy the bath!”


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