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Dozing Kids [Quest|Eva]

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Dozing Kids [Quest|Eva] Empty on Thu Jun 29, 2017 2:43 am

Eva wasn’t sure why she had picked up this particular mission out of all the other ones. Was it because it sounded easy or was it the urgings of her manager to increase her popularity among the masses. If it was about popularity, she was sure people already knew her well enough. But maybe it was something about appealing to the masses? Ah, she didn’t know and it wasn’t like Eva was going to sit down and think about it much either.

Anyhow, when a cloudless morning rolled in, Eva was already out of the doors, all fresh and feeling light. She wasn’t grumbling or complaining today. For some reason, she had woken up at the right side of the bed that day. With a white top with lace border and the end and baby blue jeans shorts and white converse shoes, Eva looked like a bubbling teenager as she walked down the streets to the local school that taught by a teacher named Sandine, a weird name to have, in Eva’s opinion, as people could easily mispronounce it as Sardine just for giggles.

The kids were already going in when Eva arrived. She noticed a short haired kind looking woman standing near the gates, greeting each children and their parents. Eva stood to the side for a moment as she talked one of the mothers about their son not being attentive in class, something about having to teach them from home as well. When they left, Sardi…no, Sandine finally turned to look at Eva who was already smiling. Eva wasn’t so bitter as to not smile genuinely now and then. It’s when people start irritating her that she puts on her masks. This woman didn’t seem like she was going to cause any problem for her.

“Oh, hello,” she started, pushing her thick rimmed glasses up her nose. For a moment, she thought Sandine was talking to her as if she was talking to a child as well but brushed the thought off once she started explaining what Eva was supposed to do that day. “I would like you to attend my classes and take care of the kids falling asleep today,” she continued as they started to walk inside the school. “Students who can’t concentrate in class have always been my number one problem. These days, I figure that having someone to stop the kids from dozing off would be much easier. They will most likely listen to you if you talk to them kindly. Otherwise, some might start to cry. Do anything you can to make them listen to my class while not bothering me at the same time. Would that be ok with you?” she asked as they went into the staff room. Eva nodded. “Of course, I don’t have much experience with kids before but I believe I can be interesting enough to stop them from falling asleep in your class, Sandine san,” Eva said with a confident smile. But, would it really be that easy?

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Dozing Kids [Quest|Eva] Empty on Thu Jun 29, 2017 2:44 am

Before the class started, Eva could hear the chattering and giggles of the students from outside the door. As she stood baffled by the amount of noise the kids were making, she was surprised to see Sandine go in with ease. She must have had to go through this everyday, Eva thought. “Kids! Sit down and say hello to my assistant for the day,” she screamed a few words at them and everything went silent. It was silent to the point that even the sound of a needle hitting the floor could be heard. For justified reasons, the way Sandine took care of the kids in that class reminded of a zoo officer taking care of mischievous animals.

On cue, Eva entered the class as most of their mouths formed an ‘O’. She wasn’t sure why they seemed surprised. Maybe they knew her from one of her ad shoots or maybe they knew her as a mage. Or, if it was none of those, it was just her elegant presence that made them all go silent for a little. “Hello,” she started with a cheerful smile lighting up her face. “I’ll be your teacher’s assistant for today, my name is Evangeline,” she told everyone, all of them looking really interested at her. Some of their gazes made her feel as if their excitement stemmed from having a new toy to play with.

As the class proceeded, Eva noticed two children at the back dozing off. It was in the middle of a history lesson and while she understood where the urge came from, Eva still had to tap on their shoulders with a disarming smile to keep them attentive. They gave her slights pouts but where back to listening in class in no time. One thing she noticed though was that the children really loved Sandine. They were mostly attentive and even Eva felt that Sandine was a good teacher. She tried all sorts of tips and tricks to keep the students attentive in her class.

Eva noticed only a handful of children nodding off and she made sure to wake each one of them up as gently as possible. The last thing she wanted was to take care of a crying child and children at this age was already ready to burst out a dam if necessary. One of them even gave Eva a teary eyed look as she woke them up. But before the small pigtailed girl could even utter a mewl, Eva had gotten her interest with her wind magic. During lunch, she was forced to perform a few of her spells for them which she did with no particular problem. They seemed a lot more interested in her after that, some of them even coming up to her and asking about her powers and how they could become a mage as well. As much as Eva wasn’t sure about how they could become mages, Eva managed to give them some tips she heard from other mages. After all, Eva’s powers came out of a contract and wasn’t exactly normal.

By the end of the day, she was getting along with the children fine. Once they were sent home, Sandine gave her the rewards with a thanks before they parted.


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