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Hot in here [Quest; Videns]

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Default on Thu Jun 29, 2017 2:27 am

“Ugh..." Videns moaned as he awoke from his bed. The cold pierced his exposed flesh like a Knife. He really despised the cold with a passion. Getting up from bed, covering his whole body in the duvet, Videns went over to his wardrobe and got out some warm clothes. A thick t-shirt, a large jumper and thick sweat pants. That'll help somewhat...

After he covered himself in layers of clothes, Videns left the duvet down and went over to the small kitchen area. Looking through the names of cereal provided by the hotel, he ultimately decided on eating some "Oey O's". Loads of fiber and stuff, sounded good. Getting milk from the fridge and a spoon from a drawer, Videns began to eat his cereal. It was cold, sadly, but hey he couldn't have everything. Besides, he was lucky enough to be staying in this fancy hotel. He was surprised that there was even rooms still available here.. Videns didn't bother asking why, but he guessed it was for the best. But at least he had a great place to stay. after his cereal, Videns headed into his bathroom and brushed his teeth, he didn't need to have a shower since he had one yesterday and it was too cold anyway! After his morning routine Videns sighed. "Oh well, time to be brave." he said heading out the door and going down the stairs. Videns always hated the cold but he needed to get some fresh air and train. After about two flights of stairs, Videns headed out of the hotel and into the city of Magnolia.

After a few moments of walking through the city, Videns became bored. He loved the city almost as soon as he entered, but he had seen almost everything it had to offer. Videns was rather bored and kinda wanted to head out on a request again. He had fun with the last few he did. They really brought Videns out of their shell, granted at the cost of Videns’ time, but alas, a minor casualty in an ever growing reputation and strength. Videns decided to head over to the request board, where he could find some jobs to do. He was usually there looking for any job to quell his boredom. After heading in and looking around, Videns found a request very similar to the one he had completed the other day. After scanning through it Videns would head to the designated area. So the assistant’s arm was all healed then, sounds great. But that begged the question why Videns had to go at all. As he took the same route as he did the last time Videns thought about it. Maybe there was even more demand for products and they needed more help and they thought that hiring more temp workers would help in that regard. Videns always thought that was funny how they relied on temp workers but he did not bother questioning it, a job was a job and he didn’t mind their reasoning, as long as he got some recognition and grew a little stronger as a result. Wc 519


Default on Thu Jun 29, 2017 2:27 am

As Videns followed the signs to the black anvil, he realised that there were waaaaay more signs for the place now. Could it have really grown in popularity that much? Videns decided to enter the blacksmith’s again and sure enough as Videns had read the assistant was all healed up. His arm was now out of the sling and he was putting up more swords, spears, axes, armor, and even decorative metal on the wall. Videns was surprised that he could even managed to hang up anything given how much was on the walls already. As the assistant seen Videns, he beamed at him. “Good to see you back.” He said to Videns walking over to him. “I see you’re all healed up.” Videns said looking at his arm. “Yeah good as new.” The assistant replied moving his shoulder causing his arm to rotate. It was obvious the man was trying to show that it did not hurt. Videns wanted to go and do the job he had taken but curiosity overtook him. “So why do you two still need help if you are all healed up?” He asked kicking himself over this question he could've clearly left. The assistant seemed to have expected this question and turned a shade of pink. “Well ya see I’m only an apprentice and I need practice, so that’s why you’re here really.” He explained. Videns nodded and without another word the two headed to the spacious workshop. As they entered sure enough the blacksmith was covered in sweat and was panting heavily. “Oh good, now I can take a break and you can learn somthin.” He said as he looked at Videns. “Kinda scrawny though, you might find it hard moving everything.” The smith commented. Videns however decided to ignore it. “So what are we to do?” He asked the assistant more than the smith. The assistant ushered Videns to a boiling hot oven, where there was a long metal pole sticking out. “Basically I’m doing what you were yesterday. Just bring the metal in and out of the oven and I’ll flatten it out. It takes a lot out of you and be careful, you might break your arm like I did.” He explained. Videns nodded and proceeded to take the almost molten piece of metal in and out of the furnace. Videns was pumping sweat like a machine within the first 30 minutes. The assistant was right it did take a lot out of you. All the while the smith was watching his assistant and coaching him on how to hammer the metal. He even gave Videns a few helpful pointers on how to carry the metal over easier. Eventually after a few hours the metal was shaped perfectly. “Phew any longer and I would have melted!” The smith said slapping his assistant on the back. After that Videns was given his reward, and a towel to wipe off the sweat. Videns took both and went back to the hotel to take a well deserved shower. 507

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