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Flier Funky [Quest: Kerii]

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Default on Wed Jun 28, 2017 4:57 pm

Kerii had healed the sick, ran a magic shop, helped brew a potion, assisted at a blacksmith's shop twice, each time doing a different task, delivered cupcakes, and helped out at a school twice as well and more. Kerii was on a roll and she didn't want to stop. She did deserve a break from questing though. Magnolia would be a beautiful place to take a nice break, but to be honest, she was getting tired of it. Hargeon would be a nice town to vacation in. The warm waters, hot sands and golden beaches sounded really good to Kerii, but honestly, she felt like even though she deserved a vacation, she couldn't have one. Doctors rarely took a break so why should Kerii when she was trying to become even better than doctors? Heck, she was trying to become better than surgeons. She wanted her magic to be strong enough to heal complicated surgical cases. It was a lot to aspire for, but she believed it was possible, especially with her natural talent and the history her ancestors have had with their magics.

Elves have always been known to be magically inclined. Their intelligence and careful nature only supplemented that talent. Kerii's ancestors drew power from celestial bodies and infused it with the powers of the wind in order to create a few different special magics. The first that they developed was a healing magic and along the way different elves who had Celestial Sky magic were known to be some of the best healers in their respective towns. It's not like Kerii felt pressured into becoming a great healer because of her ancestry though. It was something she wanted to do personally. She was just lucky that she had the talent for it running in her blood.

With all of that going through her mind, Kerii almost didn't even realize it when she came across the request board. She stopped and took a look at any requests she could take. There were quite a few new ones up there, some of which she didn't care much for, but others were ones that she found pretty interesting. However, those interesting ones still seemed to be well above her skill level. If she had someone to quest with then she was sure that she would be able to complete a good number of those more interesting quests, but unfortunately that was not the case. Kerii carelessly selected a random low ranked quest, barely looking at what it required her to do. All she saw was a low pay, which meant that it was most likely very simple, and after actually reading it, the low pay made sense. Bella Missandra, the owner of the Magnolia Bathhouse, needed help handing out flyers to promote her business. Apparently not enough people were visiting and it also seemed to have a direct correlation with the amount of advertising she'd been doing, which admittedly wasn't a lot. Kerii supposed that this would do though. It was a simple job and she thought that she should be finished with it if she moved fast enough, especially since she knew Magnolia better than before.

WC: 527/1000


Default on Wed Jun 28, 2017 6:33 pm

Kerii went over towards the bath house. She knew where it was. Even though she had no reason to go there besides for a job, it was kind of hard to miss so it was just a location she knew. Just like she didn't have a reason to go to a casino, she'd know where one would be in a town in Magnolia. It just sort of stood out and you can't help but to notice things like those.

When Kerii arrived at the bath house, an employee seemed excited that someone came until Kerii asked where she could find the owner, Bella Missandra. The employee directed her to where she would be and Kerii gave her thanks. She went up to Bella and introduced herself as both Kerii and a mage from Lamia Scale and informed her that she was responding to her request and would be more than happy to deliver flyers for the bathhouse. Bella was relieved that someone finally came to help out with the advertisments and explained to Kerii where to put the flyers. "I need some placed at the Fairy Tail guild hall, South Gate Park, and Olly's Bakery. Oh, and I'd also like you to hand some out to people on the streets. Easy, right? Good." Bella handed Kerii a stack of flyers. "Now get advertising!" With her instructions and the multiple flyers, Kerii left the bathhouse and began her job.

While Kerii was on her way to each location, she handed out fliers to anyone who she happened to pass. Most people took one glance at the flyer and shoved it in their pockets, but others did actually take the time to read what was written on it. To be honest, Kerii didn't even look at the flyers herself. She didn't have any particular interest in bathhouses and was just doing this to get another job done - and to help Bella of course.

Upon arrival at the South Gate Park, Kerii searched for the bulletin board and found it pretty quickly. She thumbtacked one of the flyers up there and went on with her job, taking the time to hand out flyers to people at the park too of course. Next up though was the Fairy Tail guild hall. She'd never seen the guild hall before, at least not up close. She pinned a few flyers close enough to the guild hall in noticeable places so that any member of Fairy Tail would fail not to notice it. After the guild hall was the bakery. She put up some flyers near it and remembered to hand out flyers to people along the way. Once she was out of flyers, Kerii returned to Bella who was very pleased with her work. In addition to the reward she received, Kerii was offered a free bath. Bella told her that she had an herbal mix perfect for mages. A bath did sound relaxing and with all the work she'd done, Kerii was more than happy to accept the offer.

An employee prepared it for her. The herbal mixture let off a wonderfully pleasing smell and felt amazing when she soaked in it. Combined with the warm water the whole bath made Kerii feel rejuvenated. In fact, maybe a little too rejuvenated. She wasn't too sure, but she was almost certain the bath made her have the same feeling Khalash's little surprises made her feel. Only this time, the extra energy felt more gradual and soothing rather than sudden and energizing. After she was done with the bath, she thanked Bella for it and left feeling like she had a well deserved break, only if it was for a little bit.

WC: 1142/1000

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