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Baska Station to Magnolia Station [Train Travel]

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on Wed Jun 28, 2017 4:33 pm

When Seira arrived in Baska Town after nearly two days of traveling, the woman felt fatigued. Nonetheless, she walked to the train station and decided to check on the current trains and when the next one heading to Magnolia Town would be arriving. There was a middle aged lady sitting inside one of those ticket-selling boxes and while she didn’t appear all too friendly, Seira genuinely couldn’t care less about her attitude and approached her nonetheless. “I’m looking to buy a ticket to Magnolia, when’s the next train?” She asked politely, but with a stoic voice. The lady gave her a long look before typing something into her computer. She said nothing for a while, but eventually answered. “Tomorrow, 9am.” Seira nodded in response to that. “I’ll take it,” she paid for the ticket and searched for a bench to sit down while she sorted out her things.

Going to Magnolia all the way from Baska was quite the journey and even a train ride would take several days until they arrived. Because of that Seira made sure always to rent a cabin where the seats could be pulled out so she could sleep inside it. Usually, the rooms had to be shared with one other person but considering that not many people traveled from Baska to Magnolia, she had her hopes up that she would be alone. Since there was still time to spare, Seira walked into the city, checked into an inn for the night and left all her belongings there. She rested for that day and went out a little to eat, find some blood to drink and buy a book so she had something to do during the train ride. The next day she got up at 7:30am, prepared everything for the long journey and eventually returned to the train station where she would board the train as soon as it arrived.

Seira was fortunate enough to have picked a cabin where she was, in fact, all by herself. It wasn’t as if she had many belongings to store away anyways, and during the long travel Seira spent most of her time in bed, reading or looking outside the window. She also made a few notes here and there in her planner in regards to places she wanted to visit, stores she wanted to shop in and such things and as many train rides, this one was not problematic at all, but also relatively uneventful. They had a few stops here and there so people could get out, buy snacks and all that and Seira used those stops to relax her muscles before the journey, which took a few days, continued. When they finally arrived in Magnolia, Seira decided to rent a room inside a beautiful inn that was slightly more expensive than the one she usually went for, but also had significantly more space and felt much more like a ‘home’ to her.


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