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Hot in Here [Quest: Kerii]

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on Wed Jun 28, 2017 10:39 am

Kerii woke up with her arms feeling sore. She did hammer a lot of pieces of metal after all. Even though they were soft metals, that didn't mean the repetitive motions of constantly pounding out the pieces of metal felt like nothing. After a while, her arms started to get tired, but she wasn't done, so she kept hammering the metal until Barras told her she could stop. When he did tell her that, she was so thankful that her day of working with Barras was finally over, but she didn't expect her arms to be this sore the day after. They weren't too sore to go on another quest though. Not even close.

After taking a shower, brushing her hair, brushing her teeth, getting dressed, or in other words, getting ready, Kerii left the inn. She didn't go straight to the request board as usual. Instead, she went to get some breakfast first at one of Magnolia's cafés. She chose to go inside a quaint looking one. She went up to the cashier and ordered a large hazelnut coffee with a blueberry scone. It didn't take long at all for her order to be ready. She sat down at a bar stool, coincidentally right next to Barras' assistant. His arm wasn't in a sling anymore. She guessed that when she saw him the day before, his arm was in the final stage of healing and just needed it to get checked out by a doctor first before he went back to work. She was glad that he was feeling better though.

"Hey, aren't you that girl who helped Barras yesterday?" Kerii looked to the assistant with a mouth full of blueberry scone. She swallowed and answered, "Yeah, why?" The assistant shrugged. "Just wanted to thank you I guess." Kerii gave him a smile. "Oh, it was nothing. It's sort of my job to take on quests and help people anyway. How's your arm doing?" "Better. Much better, actually. I'm going back to work today, but I don't think my boss would want me doing too much work yet. The same thing happened when I sprained my wrist," he explained. "In fact, I'm pretty sure he'll be looking for some more help then." Kerii had the feeling that he was tipping her off, giving her a hint that she could take on that job today. "Do you know if he's found anyone to help him yet?" she asked to confirm her suspicions. "Not yet." Kerii couldn't help but let a small smile escape. The assistant seemed to notice and chuckled. "If you want to help, you should probably wait for him to put out a request though." He was right. She should probably wait. It would be awkward showing up and offering her service randomly without him even asking for it, let alone offering payment for it. "Yeah, you're right," the elf said, followed by taking a sip of her coffee. After finishing her scone and coffee, she left the café and slowly made her way towards the request board.

WC: 510/1000


on Wed Jun 28, 2017 10:46 am

She took the longest route possible and went as slow as she could to give plenty of time for Barras to submit and post a quest on the request board. Sure enough, when she got there, a request was put up by him. He was asking for some more help and Kerii was obviously more than willing to do so. She took the request without a second thought and started to make her way towards the Black Anvil. She wondered what she would have to do though. Last time she had to hammer out some metal, but that was when the assistant was unable to do so. This time, the assistant was able to use both his arms to flatten chunks of metal into sheets. Unless, of course, the assistant was supposed to not do as much hammering. Maybe Kerii would have to take over while he took breaks to rest his arm. As a healer, Kerii knew that it was bad to overuse something that recently recovered from an injury, especially when your job or hobby required the use of that specific body part. For example, a runner who hurt his or her ankle shouldn't go and do track and field for hours after recently recovering from the break or sprain. It would instantly increase the likelihood of another injury happening.

Kerii entered the Black Anvil to find a very similar setting. It was like déjà vu. She walked up to Barras again and said that she was here to help again. Just as he was surprised to see an elf the last time she came, he seemed equally as surprised to see Kerii again responding to his request, especially since he put the request out not too long before she arrived. "Well... great," he began, still hammering his chunk of hot metal. "I need you to basically switch roles with the assistant from yesterday. Remember how he took the metal out of the fire and put it on your anvil? That's what you need to do for him today. I just don't want him doing too much work today." Kerii nodded her head in understanding. "Of course," she said, going over towards the forge. After putting on the proper safety equipment, she put a piece of metal in the forge. After it was heated up, she took it out with the tongs and put it on the anvil for the assistant to pound into a sheet of metal. Like when she did it, she had to reheat the metal each time it cooled so that it would be malleable enough for the assistant to shape and flatten into a sheet. She did this over and over again. Each time she felt as if the pieces of metal were getting heavier and heavier, but she didn't see the assistant getting a break and if he wasn't resting, she wouldn't either.

At the end of the day, Kerii was paid for her service and both Barras and the assistant thanked her for her help.

WC: 1014/1000

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