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Hammer time [quest Videns]

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Default on Wed Jun 28, 2017 10:33 am

Videns awoke in a medley of blankets and sheets of the bed he was sleeping in. Luckily Videns had found accommodation in a decent Inn and was spending the night there. He hoped he could get a few more days out of the place before leaving though. He enjoyed the warmth of the bed, it was far better than sleeping in some random forest without any memory of the last few days. Videns lazily sat up and rubbed the sleep from his eyes, his auburn eyes still looking quite tired. Videns was only wearing a pair of underpants as it got too hot in his room at night, still he would have slept in his underwear, he was always too hot! Videns removed the sheets from himself and went over to the window. He opened them and immediately regretted it. The sun was bright and pierced Videns' retina. He quickly closed them and would let his amber eyes adjust. Videns hated when that happened. After a moment he reopened them. The light was still strong but not nearly as unbearable. Today seemed like a decent day. The sun was shining, but it still seemed rather cold. There was some due on the grass, which usually meant that it was still chilly. Videns sighed, he was not too fond of the cold, but maybe he could train or do a few jobs to keep warm? Videns shrugged and went and got changed, He wore a warm t-shirt then a blue hoodie over it. He also put on some sweatpants and would wash himself rather quickly. Videns would then put on some sneakers and head downstairs. Instead of using the elevator, he decided to use the stairs. Videns was on the fifth floor, so running down it would be some good exercise. After about the second flight, Videns decided to just slide down the railing, he was lazy like that sometimes. Videns then ran outside and decided to try and explore a little. He was very interested in learning the landscape of Magnolia and also very interested to take on a few more requests. Videns inhaled deeply as he walked around, taking in the fresh summer air. The fragrance of freshly cut grass wafted from the neighbouring parks and lawns which made the place more beautiful than ever. Without even realizing it Videns was back in the city square where he had arrived first when he came to Magnolia. Videns had also met the elf called Kerii who he thought he struck up a friendship with. Videns fought the urge to check the request board, but lost. His legs were moving b y themselves and before he knew it he was at the board scanning over requests. Sighing heavily Videns looked over each quest until he found one that caught his eye. It would meet both his goals, or so he thought. It could definitely get his name around and even make him stronger, who knew maybe there would be more rewards that he didnt even think about? Wc 508


Default on Wed Jun 28, 2017 10:33 am

Videns began to stroll to the blacksmith where he was to work for the day. According to the quest Videns was to help him forge some weapons. Videns had never heard of this particular blacksmith but according to the request sheet he was fairly popular and couldn't quite keep his supply in proportion with the demand. Videns also thought that it was weird that the smith had no one else to call and as a result asked mages. Maybe all these questions would be answered when he got there? Videns continued to walk what he hoped was the right directions. Luckily enough it was. There was actually a sign or two pointing in the direction of the blacksmiths, which definitely made Videns aware of its popularity. Eventually Videns found his way to the smiths and entered the place. Videns was surprised about how spacious the place was. Armor, weapons and even decorative metal was hung on every inch of the wall. As he walked in a person in a sling came up to him. Im sorry Im afraid we are very busy making new pieces of requested ware and cannot take personal requests at this time. The man with his arm in a sling said. Oh no, Im here to help. Videns said showing him the request he had taken from the board. The man in the sling seemed almost too relieved about this. Oh good. I was afraid he was going to die if he had to work any faster. He said looking over his shoulder to the back room. Follow me. Videns said as he followed the man, who he realized was the assistant. As you see I hurt my arm so I cant give him a hand as much as Id like to. We keep getting more and more requests but we cant keep up. And we are afraid to hire any permanent staff because we had issues regarding creativity before, so we just need someone temporary to craft plain objects quickly. The assistant explained. I see, that does sound rather troublesome, but a good idea about hiring temps. Videns said. As they entered the workshop Videns almost fell over as the heat wave hit him full blast in the face, the assistant however seemed used to the blast. Over the smouldering stove was a smith drenched in sweat. Oh thank god, I think I need a break. He said as he seen Videns. He then walked past the two and the sound of running water could be heard. Okay Ill carry over some of those slabs of metal and I need you to hammer them out. Videns nodded and did as instructed. After only a few minutes Videns could see why the smith needed a break. Working in the heat and trying to force the metal into a decent shape was not easy, but eventually Videns did all that was asked of him. He was payed and left, feeling a little stronger than when he had entered. 501+508 =1009

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