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The day and the Knight [Social: Alice]

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Default on Wed Jun 28, 2017 7:27 am

A warm day greeted the city of Magnolia. The lack of clouds and the presence of the sun made the town so, even though it was early morning. Thankfully it was not too hot, just pleasant. Videns was already up and taking a nice stroll through the quiet streets. Wearing a sleeveless navy shirt and pants Videns was enjoying his stroll immensely. Today he had finally managed to convince himself to talk a stroll through the city and not get distracted thinking about it while off doing a mission. That being said he knew if he seen someone in need of a hand he wouldn't turn a blind eye. Despite not being in any light guild he always found himself helping others rather than anything associated with the darker factions of Fiore.
But before he began to dwell too much on his moral compass, Videns shook those thoughts from his head and gazed at the large body of water to his left. This town was so perfect for a family it almost seemed comical. But again Videns knew he shouldn't dwell on this either, but for different reasons. Sighing heavily Videns would go into the nearest coffee shop and order some, well coffee. Videns only took his black, he couldn't stand the new trends where you had to measure every ounce of ingredients so it would be perfect (primarily because he was waiting behind someone who took 30 minutes until they were finished ordering.) But once he had gotten his beverage, Videns would continue on his stroll, taking some sips from his cup as he did.

#2Alice Baskerville 

Default on Thu Jun 29, 2017 1:15 am

As it was a Sunny day, Alice decided to try and find more answers in Magnolia, even though there was hardly anything to find the first time she came here. She had now even visited the house of her mother. She had thought it would be made one with the ground but it was still there and it looked as if someone was living there. She shrugged about that idea, that was normal at least. She had the idea of going to the library and find information but that came maybe a little too close.

Ophelia was strolling behind her and she understood that without doing any jobs or fights Ophelia was happy but she was getting a little bored in the town that she started to like more often. Especially since the priests of Kardia Cathedral no longer seemed to hate her. Still avoid her but she could live with that. She wondered where she should go now, she didn't feel like going to the spa: too much water. She didn't feel like eating a cupcake or a cake or anything. A coffee would be nice though, she thought as she saw someone pass by with one cup. Right while she was looking at him and the cup of coffee, deciding where to get it, some girl around the age of 6 came running out of nowhere and bumped into him.

Either he would have to act fast or Alice, who had already stood up and gave the girl another push, let her fall on the ground but save her from drips of coffee as she grabbed the cup out of the air. Even surprised herself that she was this fast, "Are you alright?" she looked at him and her before she handed him his coffee back.


Default on Thu Jun 29, 2017 11:05 am

As Videns strolled down the street he was still in a world of his own looking dreamily at the stunning scenery, he didn't even notice the speed demon that was the six year old run into him. Before he knew it his coffee had flown out of his hand and Videns was falling over. Videns landed hard on his back which caused an involuntary "Uff" to escape Videns. The girl seemed to notice this and rather then getting in trouble she ran away, at the same blinding speed. Videns picked himself off the ground and looked to see where his coffee had fallen to pick it up and salvage whatever remained in it. But as he looked up and scanned the ground briefly he realized that he had only heard himself fall over and did not hear anything else. As Videns scanned the ground he had come across someone's feet. Before he stared at them too long he looked up and sure enough those feet were attached to a person.

The Girl asked if Videns was alright, holding onto a to go cup. Before Videns knew it she was handing it to him. "Oh you caught this?" Videns asked in surprise, completely forgetting the other question she had asked. He was far to amazed that someone could react as fast as the speed demon 6 year old and to catch a boiling hot cup of coffee too, Videns was incredibly impressed. Before he realized it he was answering her previous question. "Oh yeah I'm fine thanks." He replied. Normally he would want to walk away and avoid a social interaction, but he at least wanted to know how she caught his cup so easily.

#4Alice Baskerville 

Default on Thu Jun 29, 2017 12:24 pm

Her ears were on the back of her head, showing how unsatisfied she was with the child running away. There was no parent near them that she could scold, thank god the coffee didn't fall over the two of them or over him or over her in any way because that would make this story a lot more nasty. He looked at her surprised when she offered him the coffee, "Surprisingly I did." her cat ears came up straight again and twitched a little out of curiosity.

She waited for him to get up to hand him the coffee and looked at Ophelia whom came near them but she didn't need to heal him she wondered. Maybe she should offer but he said he was fine. She wasn't sure what to say but it was easier to just walk away. "Aparently they need to put up signs: beware of speedy children." she tried to make a joke, apart from that the coffee smelled delicious and she had seen him pass her before and decided to buy the coffee too, but where did it came from, "If you don't mind me asking, where did you buy this coffee? It smells incredible." She felt a bit stupid from asking it, there were many coffee stands were she could buy coffee, why ask him. Her ear twithed again, the left one and her tail swept aggitated from left to right, something she tend to do more often unfortunately since she had become a neko.


Default on Thu Jun 29, 2017 1:36 pm

The girl too seemed surprised that she caught it too. "Yeah you really have the reflexes of a caaaaaa.... oh I'm so sorry!" Videns said as he seen the girl's ears pop up. She was a neko! That made sense for her reactions and her timing to be so impeccable.

The girl then made a joke about signs and running girls. Videns gave a nervous laugh, since he was not sure how to act. this was why he hated social iterations, the awkwardness! Sadly that was not the end of the iteration as she asked where he had gotten the coffee. Videns looked down to his cup as if looking, searching for an answer. "Um I don't know actually, I kind of got lost." Videns said still not looking up. He was not lying entirely, he was somewhat lost but more so because he couldn't be bother keeping track of his surroundings. Although he would rather jump into the ocean, Videns stayed there. "If you want I can give you a hand finding it. I think I have a general idea of where to find the place. I'd give you my coffee but germs and all." He said rubbing the back of his head. Weather or not the girl agreed Videns would turn around and walk back where he came. Hopefully he could fins the place, he had already made a big enough fool of himself. Hopefully she didn't ask his name that would be the worst, but for all he knew they could be walking for hours. Videns sighed mentally, this was very taxing.

#6Alice Baskerville 

Default on Fri Jun 30, 2017 3:23 am

She couldn't help but chuckle because of his way of talking, she wasn't offended at all. "Yes. Surprisingly I'm half cat, but that only involves better eyes, new ears and a tail. A few more things but I think this was considered more luck than anything else considering the fact that I'm half cat." She noticed that he was nervous, maybe it was her being half cat? She didn't know and well if she hadn't asked about the coffee after that, she might have just left him. She wasn't entirely sure what to do, "Well if it's not a problem than that would be great." She tried to give a nervous giggle herself about the fact that he mentioned his coffee and so on, but she would follow him none the less to find that coffee store, "Do you always, eh, get lost? Or just not interested?" She wasn't sure if he was ready for a conversation because he didn't seem to think like that but it would feel awkward to just follow around and not talk but she would see how it goes.


Default on Fri Jun 30, 2017 3:46 am

The girl did not seem to mind Videns more or less calling her a cat. She even said that being half cat came with a lot of advantages, but it was more luck that made her catch the cup than anything else. "Well, in some cultures cat's are considered lucky, and in other's they are even worshiped. Maybe you inherited the lucky gene from those cat's that were really lucky?" Videns said, wondering if she was only being modest now. Videns hoped she wasn't otherwise he would just look like some weird guy who knew a lot about cats! "My parent were historians you see... Videns began so she did not think he was crazy. "And when you mentioned cats and luck it just triggered some memories I had." Videns silently prayed to himself. Hopefully that statement didn't make things worse.

The Girl agreed to Videns' proposal of trying to show her where the shop was and as they walked she had attempted some conversation. It was an odd question Videns could not help but take some offence too. Although it was true his sense of direction was mediocre at best, he didn't get lost often, and to an extent he didn't care where he was going but he did care about the scenery he was admiring. "Well I don't get lost often really, but I suppose you could say I didn't really care where I was going. Just enjoying the scenery since this is my first time here. Have you been here before?" Videns asked looking at his coffee cup rather than the girl. His attempt at conversation even made it awkward for himself. As he spoke the sun peaked it's head from behind the clouds, now beaming at the neko and the mage. Videns was dressed for such a warm day with a sleeveless shirt and shorts. As they walked nothing looked familiar to Videns so every now and then he would take a random turn.

#8Alice Baskerville 

Default on Mon Jul 03, 2017 2:59 am

She had made the comment that it was just luck that she had caught the cup of coffee, where as the stranger explained that some cats were considered lucky and she only frowned and bit her lip very softly as in not to laugh out of sarcasm, she was everything but lucky, "Well, I recently turned into a cat but I could use some luck." was all she said to not go into the details of her unknown past and the dark fragments that she knew. She looked at him sideways when he mentioned his parents were historians, at least someone knew about his partents she thought bitter, "Interesting." was all she said, but she tried to say it in a tone that showed that she really was interested. It wouldn't even be a lie.

She wasn't sure if she had offended him, it was by no means the idea she had in mind. She was just wondering out loud, "I was born in Magnolia. But I haven't stayed here very long but I have returned before. I travel a lot." considering it was his first time here and he was enjoying the view, she could understand for getting lost, the first time she had arrived her it hadn't been easy herself because she couldn't remember anything from Magnolia as a child. She had stayed her quite a while so was now pretty aware of most streets, not every shop or cafe of course but that wouldn't be necessary.

She decided to lift up Ophelia who was trying to keep up with the pace. She was a bit too big to carry her all the time but since Alice had always done it when she was a Cleffa, she liked to make the exception from time to time. It wouldn't be far anymore, hopefully.

#9Alice Baskerville 

Default on Sat Jul 08, 2017 2:49 pm

When they finally found the coffee store, Alice thanked the stranger with no name and entered the shop to order some coffee. She should drink coffee a little less lately, although she wouldn't call it addicted. She would carry Ophelia in her arms while she patiently waited for her moment to order from the barista. She would order a black coffee with some syrup from hazelnut and wait for it at the end of the counter till it was finished. She and Ophelia decided to share a muffin together in the shop before she would head back to the Bed & Breakfast with the to go cup in her hand and carefully keeping an eye on her companion. She had promised long ago to do something fun together and so she would do that now.


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