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Eyes Wide Open [Quest: Kerii | Videns]

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Default on Tue Jun 27, 2017 12:11 pm

There was still time left in the day for one, possibly two, more quests. "Want to try to do another?" Kerii liked the little streak they had going. This was by far the most productive she's been in a while, and to think that it would happen in Magnolia. She would expect herself to do this in her guild's town. In fact, in her guild's town, it would probably bring in even more publicity for her guild, which would strengthen the bond Orchidia has with its resident guild, but here she is, in Magnolia, feeling like she's spamming all the quests. Maybe it would give Lamia Scale some publicity in Magnolia, but come to think about it, she really didn't introduce herself as a mage from Lamia Scale. She just introduced herself by her name and said that she was going to help out with whatever was needed.

If Videns agreed to go on another quest with her, Kerii would say, "Well, back to the board then," and would head for the board. Along the way, she would ask, "So, your first day of school, huh? Were you home schooled then?" There were one of two possibilities. Either, he was home schooled, or he didn't go at all. Her guess was that he did do home schooling because he definitely didn't seem to be uneducated.

Upon arriving at the request board, Kerii took a look at the requests. There weren't nearly as many of them as there were before though, so their choices were limited.

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Default on Tue Jun 27, 2017 12:13 pm

"Of course. You hardly think I'd stop here." Videns said with a smile. It was a genuine one now, unlike his polite one he had done when they first met. Besides Videns would have thought it was a given. The two of them were storming through the request board in Magnolia and it would be a waste to stop now. Videns had almost forgotten how he wanted his name to go around as he did these quests with her. It was odd for him since it was a primary goal of his. Still he was happy with expanding his knowledge like he did at the school, that class was very insightful. Videns had at least met the criteria of one of his goals but he at least needed to make sure he would follow through. At their next mission he would be sure to do just that.
As they walked it was Kerii this time to start the conversation. SHe had wondered if he was home schooled, something Videns had said aloud but didn't really know anyone was listening. Despite this he played it off as if he knew. "Yeah, first time I set foot in a school ever really. Me and my parents lived kind of out of the way to really make it a regular thing so they just home schooled me in the essentials, nothing to special. How about yourself? You seemed right at home at that school." VIdens asked. As they reached the board Videns took a slip and showed it to Kerii. "This one?" wc 259


Default on Tue Jun 27, 2017 12:14 pm

So Videns was indeed home schooled. He asked her how schooling was for her and commented on how she seemed to feel at home around school. Kerii just shrugged. "I guess you could say that, but I was only in school for two years before my parents pulled me out and started home schooling me because of some stupid elven traditions, values and stuff." Rather or not Videns caught on that she was an elf was unknown to Kerii. If he did, he certainly didn't say anything, but she thought that he would have seen her pointed ears at least once by now, but maybe her hair was covering them this entire time. To be honest, she didn't know and she really didn't care, but if Videns went around thinking that she was a human because he didn't see her pointed ears, then she would kind of feel bad not revealing that she was an elf to him. Not that it was a secret, but it would be weird thinking someone was a human when they really weren't.

After looking at the request board for only a few moments, Videns selected a quest put out by a man by the name of Khalash Saton. He wanted someone to take care of his store while he was gone. It sounded like a simple enough task. "Yeah, that one sounds good," Kerii said. "But I've never heard of the Mag Drug Magic Shop. Have you seen it yet?" It was an odd name and she was sure that she would have noticed it at some point in the day, especially while they were delivering donuts, but nothing came to mind when she thought of it.

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Default on Tue Jun 27, 2017 12:18 pm

Kerii had said that she was only in the a school for 2 years before her parent shad pulled her out because of elfish traditions. Videns kept his shock hidden as best he could although it was a rather huge thing to say in his opinion. Videns had only known humans and to be with an elf was certainly something that never happened and he considered himself very lucky. Videns wasn;t sure if he should bring it up and sound rude or leave it for now. Maybe he culd ask her as they went back to the board again and had their usual attempt at conversation. Yeah that seemed like the best bet. Videns decided to leave the subject of Kerii's race and return to the request at hand, quite literally.
Kerii had looked over the quest and asked if Videns had seen it. "Actually yeah, I think I seen it, or something like it on my way here, kinda like you with the bakery. Hopefully I can retrace my steps correctly. I kinda got lost cause of the scenery. this place is really nice in summer. Sorry I'm rambling, Follow me." He said as he would turn quickly, hopefully hiding his pink cheeks. Videns had rarely rambled. The last time he could think he did that was when he was a child. Videns led and in almost no time at all they were at the shop. "Oh good." Videns sighed. Luckily he had not messed up. Videns would lead the way into the shop to talk with the client. 261+259=520


Default on Tue Jun 27, 2017 12:19 pm

Videns started rambling on about how he knew where it was and how it was similar to how she knew where the bakery was, but went on to say that he could hopefully retrace his steps (which sounded like something one would say to themselves) and that he could have gotten lost in the scenery because it was really pretty in the summer. He was right, it was, but it was also pretty unnecessary to say so. However, Videns seemed to realize that and apologized for rambling and just told her to follow him, and so she did. Kerii smiled to herself as she saw his cheeks begin to take on a rosy shade of pink, but Videns turned away quickly to hide it. Why he rambled on, she had no idea. She didn't think he would get nervous just for not knowing for sure where to go, but he could.

When they arrived at the Mag Drug Magic Store, Videns seemed relieved that he got the location right. Honestly though, the store looked pretty sketchy, but then again, so were a lot of magic stores. The shady merchants in Orchidia typically sold rare and often illegal items, but they were rather powerful so some light mages didn't even mind buying from them. They both entered the shop and Videns began talking to the client who proceeded to explain what they needed to do while he was away. They were to basically act as vendors but were explicitly told not to go into the back room. Kerii assured him that his shop was in good hands and with that, he left the shop leaving her and Videns to look after it.

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Default on Tue Jun 27, 2017 12:21 pm

Although Kerii did not say anything, Videns could feel her eyes on him. It was why he had turned around so quickly, he was feeling off from his usual self for whatever reason and was not sure why. It could of been the lack of sleep or the lack of food, but wither way Videns was acting abnormal. As they walked again like when heading to the bakery and the school neither spoke, primarily because the journey to the destination was so short. However since they were going to be shop sitting for god knew how long they were bound to start talking about something.
As they entered the shop the swell up of dust caused Videns to sneeze, although Kerii seemed unphased by it. The client came up to Videns rather suddenly in his sneezing state as if he was going to knock him over but stopped inches from Videns' nose. Videns seemed to stop sneexing at once and looked at the man. "You are here because of the request?" He began his shill voice speaking very fast. Videns decided to nod rather than speak in case he began to have a sneezing fit again. The client nodded and looked pleased. "Good good. You two are to act as vendors, if anyone wants to buy something- well you know the gist. The prices are on tags on each item, and no refunds. Oh and you are not to go into the back or you will receive no reward!" The man added throwing a nervous glance to the back door. Videns nodded but the man was already leaving. Videns and Kerii would get ready, and await any customers. It was a quiet half hour until one person entered the shop. 289+520=809


Default on Tue Jun 27, 2017 12:21 pm

As soon as Khalash said not to go into the back room, like any kid told not to do something, Kerii instantly wanted to go in there or at least have a peak, but she didn't want to jeopardize the outcome of their job by doing so. Kerii imagined that even if she didn't touch anything in the room, Khalash would notice a smudge on the doorknob, a thinner layer of dust on the door, or something like that. It was probably her just thinking of the worst case scenario, but it could happen. "What do you think is in that door?" Kerii asked, brewing up ideas of her own. It could be something illegal, something powerful, something rare, or maybe all three. Or maybe it was something embarrassing. Whatever it was though, Khalash obviously didn't want anyone but him seeing it.

After about thirty minutes of doing noting and having no customers, someone came through the door. Kerii greeted them and asked if they were looking for anything in particular, but the person said that he was just browsing. He ended up buying some potion ingredients. Other than that, there really wasn't anything more to do, that is until some teenagers showed up insisting they wanted to go into the back room. Perhaps there were some rumors about this back room that spread beyond the store. In any case, they were absolutely not allowed in the back room and had to be dealt with, and they were dealt with in a reasonable manner. She didn't want anything to get out of hand and she didn't think Videns wanted to either. It wasn't until midnight when Khalash came back. At this point Kerii was exhausted and thankful that she could finally get some rest.

"Well, that was fun," she told Videns before leaving. "Maybe we can do it again?" she suggested, hoping he would agree. They flew through those quests and she didn't see why they couldn't be as productive another time. No matter what answer Videns gave, Kerii would go back to her room at the inn and get some well deserved rest.

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Default on Tue Jun 27, 2017 12:22 pm

Videns smiled. So Kerii was a curious little kitten? Videns never really had an overwhelming curiosity but he couldn't help but wonder what was behind the door. "Well it could be anything but given that this is a magical drug shop, Ima say magical Drugs." Videns said with a toothy grin. "But really who knows? Maybe it's some super sensitive concoction he's making and if we go in there it could make it go bad?" Videns wasn't too interested but it was fun imagining what was inside. Him and Kerii kept guessing until the new person entered the shop.
After half an hour someone came in. Luckily Kerii dealt with him. Videns would have preferred not to have to talk to anyone however that was not the case. The last customer was very quick but not too long after some teenagers came in. "Hey let us in the back there's something we want to buy there." They began however Videns and Kerii were very stern with the young hoodlums and wouldn't even let them past the corrosive ingredients. Thankfully they were all talk and less action which Videns felt very conflicted about. He was almost itching for some decent training but that would have to wait for now. After they finished which was at about Midnight Videns was fit to collapse, and by the looks of things so was kerii. She had said that they should do this again some time. Videns gave her a genuine smile and nodded his head. "Of course, see ya around Kerii." Videns was kind of disappointed he never got to talk to her about her race but that was a story for another time.

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