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Dozing Kids [Quest: Kerii]

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Default on Tue Jun 27, 2017 7:37 am

As Videns and Kerii walked back to the board Videns was not sure if he should attempt conversation once more. They had both agreed that their conversation skills were bad however it just seemed rude. Videns thought back to Kerii's statement earlier that day "It would be weird to work with a stranger." and now Videns could see why. Videns thought of what to ask but was drawing a blank. What could he ask? What did he already know about her? She wanted the same request as him, but why? Oh would that be a conversation starter? "So um gonna try this conversation thing again." Videns warned but his smile suggested it was'nt too serious. "What made you want to help those sick people earlier? Was it because it was the first quest you seen or did you already have experience doing that sort of work?" Videns was fairly content with that question if being honest. It had turned out to be a lot more broad than he had thought, much more broad than asking about the weather anyway.
Videns had taken the quest to of course help the sick but he always had the underlying want for something more out of those quests. Not just the money but also to grow as a person in body and mind. Of course most people did but Videns definitely made that one of his goals. He also wanted the job to help throw his name around to be known for something. His parents were a prime example of people who worked but no one cared at the end of the day and Videns didn't want to be the same. SHaking those thoughts from his head he would listen to Kerii's answer. wc 289


Default on Tue Jun 27, 2017 7:38 am

As Kerii walked back to the board with Videns, he tried once more to attempt to have a conversation with her. This time though, he was actually successful in bringing about a good topic to talk about that didn't relate to how the day was. Interestingly enough, he asked about the first request they did together. More specifically, he asked about her reasoning behind wanting to help the sick people at Kardia Cathedral. She thought it was rather obvious that she would want to help people because that's what light guild members do, but she figured that he was looking for a better answer than that. "You mean, besides the fact that I'm a light mage and like to help people?" Kerii began, a smirk tugging at the edge of her mouth. "I actually have healing magic. So while I'm not exactly the best when it comes to fighting some kind of beast or dark mage, I am good when it comes to quests that involve sick or injured people, which I guess isn't many, but still... Do you have magic too?" She was kind of hoping that he did. Magic in general fascinated Kerii. She especially liked it when people had unique magics, sort of like her own.

After having their small conversation, they would return to the request board once more to take a look at all the available ones. Kerii's eye landed on one requested by a teacher. Apparently, she needed help with her class. "Want to take this one?" Kerii asked, pointing to it.

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Default on Tue Jun 27, 2017 7:39 am

Videns listened to Kerii's answer intently. She was some what cheeky but given how they were getting to know each other Videns couldn't complain about rudeness. In fact he found it somewhat amusing that she made the obvious answer a joke. It really showed how smart and how well she thought about her answers rather than giving the fastest answer to get the conversation over and done with. She was better at conversation than she let on. Regardless Videns was very interested in Kerii's answer. She had of course explained it was what the light mages did, but she then began to explain her magic, a form of healing magic. Videns found that very curious as very few mages had healing magic and those who did were usually surrounded by hoards of animals. Kerii then decided to ask Videns of his magic. "You're better at conversation than you let on." He said suppressing a grin of his own. "Well I have a more offensive magic, more for well attacking. Its kind of a hands on magic since I can make defenses as well as attack and can even buff my strength with the magic, but it's kinda hard to do especially the buffing part." He admitted. He wasn't sure what it was but his buff's never gave him that extra kick he needed and as a result he kind of shyd away from that form of magic. "It is more or less your basic wind magic." He added. Videns looked at the quest Kerii had and nodded. wc 257+289=546


Default on Tue Jun 27, 2017 7:40 am

After she gave her answer, Videns commented saying that she was a better conversation then she let on. "Thanks?" She knew that Videns was trying to give her a compliment (or at least she thought he did) but it wasn't a great one at all. It was sort of an insult mixed with a compliment, kind of like saying "you don't look that bad." But oh well, she knew he had good intentions behind what he was saying. After saying that though, Videns proceeded to answe her question about having magic, merely stating that he had wind magic that could attack, defend, and provide a strength buff. "Oh, my magic can buff too," Kerii added. "Although, I can't do it to myself, just to others. Same with healing. For some reason they just don't work if I try to cast it on myself." It puzzled Kerii's mind how spells worked. It would be great if healing spells and buffing spells worked on herself, but she supposed that magic meant to support others just couldn't be used on herself, which could actually put herself in a bit of a dilemma if there wasn't another support mage around her. If she was hurt, nobody could heal her, which could possibly mean that she can't heal anyone else. She would be rendered useless and basically be dead weight.

Even after Kerii showed Videns the request he didn't give an answer. "Um, Videns? What do you think? Should we take it?" She asked once more, now nodding her head towards the quest she had just pointed to.

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Default on Tue Jun 27, 2017 7:41 am

Videns was getting more and more interested with Kerii's magic. He had heard that some people were immune to their magic and as a result could cast large scale attacks and be un-phased, but being immune to your own healing and buffing spells that definitely sounded more tedious than anything, but Videns didn't mention this. He had thought he had seen a small frown on kerii when he had said she wasn;t a bad conversationalist but wasn't sure if he had really seen it or was just imagining it. Deciding to play it safe he kept his opinion to himself. Kerii even agreed it was weird but supposed that support magic had to support others in the long run.
Kerii must not have seen Videns nod to her question as she asked it again and looked confused. Videns too looked somewhat confused. "Yeah sure. Sorry must not of nodded vigorously enough." It was a bad habit of Videns to move rather than talk. If at all he wouldn't open his mouth and talk in subtle gestures but sadly that couldn't be done. Videns would then hold out his hand for the request slip to see the request in better detail. Videns confirmed the address and would walk with Kerii to the school. The school was hard to miss being so big and it seemed they had come at the middle of recess, a perfect time to go in and get more details about what to do. Videns went int first and looked around. This was his first time in a school. 262+546=808


Default on Tue Jun 27, 2017 7:42 am

"Oh, sorry," Kerii said, actually kind of embarrassed that she failed to notice Videns' reply. She didn't even look at him. She was waiting for a verbal reply like every other time before then. However, that little miscommunication was quickly forgotten as they both looked at the slip of paper identifying both their task and where they needed to go. She figured that the school wouldn't be too hard to find. In fact, she was fairly certain she knew where it was already. It was a hard building to miss and it seemed like Videns thought so as well because he didn't even ask where it was. Sure enough, they both made it to the school with ease. They went inside and Videns began to look around. Kerii asked where Ms. Sandine's classroom was and was pointed in the right direction. She motioned for Videns to follow as she went up to the classroom.

When she entered the classroom, she could already tell why the teacher needed help. Some of the students were good, but others could just not sit down and wouldn't stop talking or just weren't paying attention. Upon seeing Kerii and Videns, Teacher Sandine approached them and explained to them that she really needed help monitoring her students. She wanted them to make sure that nobody was falling asleep and wanted them to make sure that everyone was paying attention. It seemed like an easy enough task to do. Kerii stood at the back of the class and waited for the lesson to begin.

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Default on Tue Jun 27, 2017 7:43 am

Videns only half listened to the teacher as she spoke, he was far too mesmerized to pat full attention. The numbers on the wall, quotes from poets, overly large sentient animals, it was very weird but also very interesting to Videns. He had been home schooled his whole life so even being in an actual school was something new to him. Videns managed to catch the general gist of what the teacher wished for them to do, he was fairly certain it was word for word reading on the request details but Videns didn't verbalize this, instead he went to the back wall wish Kerii and waited for the lesson to begin.
Videns was now in work mode. He tried to keep an eye on the whole class which was proving difficult because of the sheer size of the room and the amount of pupils occupying it. "I'll take the left side you take the right." Videns said realizing they would need to work together to actually get everyone to stay awake. Videns thought if this plan as with their first mission they had split into two groups, Kerii taking the left and treating the more sever patients and Videns to the right, treating the patients who wanted to get out fast. Videns noticed one boy on his side laying his head on his arms. Videns went over before he got to comfortable and his presence alone was enough to make the boy stop his plans for a snooze, Once the class finished the teacher rewarded them both. "Hmm, my first day of school wasn't to bad." Videns said airly, more to himself than Kerii. 275+808=1083


Default on Tue Jun 27, 2017 7:44 am

Kerii noticed that Videns seemed almost mesmerized by the school setting, almost as if he had never seen the inside of a school before. Did he not attend school? He could have been home schooled. Kerii's parents home schooled her as well, but only after she tried public school for two years, so she wasn't foreign to a school like this one in Magnolia. She supposed that her parents just didn't like that the public schools didn't teach Kerii what her parents wanted to be taught to her. Elves tended to be stricter and more disciplined than humans in general, not saying that humans couldn't be disciplined, but it was just part of elven customs. The elves were especially disciplined when it came to education and since Kerii wasn't learning the same more advanced things the other elves her age were learning, she was pulled from public school and was home schooled. She didn't mind being home schooled at all, but she always wondered what she would have learned if she stayed in school like the rest of the kids her age.

Kerii and Videns stood in the back of the classroom and waited to see if any students were either misbehaving or falling asleep. She could understand why they would fall asleep. History wasn't exactly the most interesting subject to learn about. It was Kerii's least favorite, but it was still important to learn. Videns told her that he would take care of the children on the left and she could do the ones on the right. She nodded her head and moved over to the right side. She only had to gently wake up about three students, some multiple times, but it wasn't too much trouble. At the end of the school day she and Videns were paid and they left the school. Nonchalantly, Videns mentioned that his first day of school wasn't that bad, which only confirmed Kerii's suspicions.

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