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Emergency [Eva | Invite]

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#1Adelaide Sokolov 

on Tue Jun 27, 2017 8:28 pm

It was around the beginning of noon and the summer day was alright starting to become quite hot. She was still in the Bed & Breakfast just outside Magnolia and she planned to go out but the weather didn't make it really attractive. As a red haired girl, she wasn't gong to tan or so, she would immediately get red and that would hurt and well she wasn't very happy about the freckles that arrived on the bridge of her nose thanks to the summer as well as on her cheekbones.

After thinking she had used the right amount of lotion on her bare arms and face, she decided that it was time to go out. She looked at Ophelia but decided not to braid her hair just yet, it wasn't necessary on a day like this. Though maybe things would happen. She put on some black tights and a see through skirt over it, it was easier to move her tail thanks to that. As a top she wore a laced white shirt that showed her bare stomach. She took her blue backpack and Ophelia and headed out towards the town. It was awfully busy according to the noise around the city centre but here it was empty. Her orange cat ears twitched and she looked left and right, something was wrong.

That's when she heard someone scream that they needed more water and water mages, people that were able to get the fire out. She looked at Ophelia, "Let's see what this is about." She lifted up her maxi skirt and ran towards the noise on the small heeled sandals that she was wearing, she knew Ophelia wouldn't be able to keep up with her but they would meet soon again, she was sure of that. When she arrived in the town centre, she had already seen where the fire came from, the place she hated most in Magnolia: The Cathedral. She grabbed a bystander at her upper arm, "What's happening?" The woman shook her head and didn't say anything, possible a illumin believer, "Tell me! I am a Rune Knight." she clearly didn't look that way. "The Cathedral someone put it on fire. There are so many people inside." She turned her brown eyes on to the flames and knew she had to do something, she wasn't afraid of the fire, but the water wasn't what she liked now that she was a neko.

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on Tue Jun 27, 2017 9:52 pm

Eva hid her face behind a book. She sat outside the open café with a cup of chamomile tea on the round wooden table beside her. Above her was a baby blue parasol, shading her from the harsh sunlight. It was one of those days that Eva wanted to do nothing more than laze around by herself. On these days, she tended to lose all company including her manager while she just relaxed all by herself.

Satisfied with the silent solitude enveloping her, Eva placed her book down and took a sip off the tea. She leaned back on the chair with a sigh. It was a wonderful day and so far, nothing seemed to be disturbing her peace.


Ugh, did she just jinx herself? Eva sunk back further into the chair, hoping that she wasn’t really hearing someone panicking but that it was just a hallucination. She closed her eyes when the noise got louder and more and more people started running down the same direction. No, she wasn’t going to care nor was she going to get herself involved.

“Aren’t you a Rune Knight?!” she heard a voice above. ‘Damn it,’ she resisted the urge to curse as she opened her eyes with a faked shock. “Oh! What? What happened?” she looked around and then at the woman that had woken her up. Eva wanted to whack herself over her head for wearing a shirt with low cut neck that displayed her Rune Knights symbol for everyone to see.

“There’s a fire at the cathedral!” ‘Oh great,’ Eva thought as she made a show of quickly getting up and rushing to the scene as if it was all her problem. She saw the furious glow of the fire before she rounded the corner and actually came face to face with it. Seeing the actual situation snapped Eva’s mind into its right place as she was truly worried now.

She grabbed the next person, not even bothering to take a proper look at them, and asked, “Hey, what’s the situation right now?”

#3Adelaide Sokolov 

on Wed Jun 28, 2017 12:02 am

Alice who planned to do something looked up in surprise when someone grabbed her shoulder, nearly taking her tail and she let it curl around her left leg. Still not very used to it, "Well fire. People inside. I say bad news." She waited for the girl to let go of her hand and held up her arms in a horizontal positions by taking a step away from people and transform into a better outfit, her lancer gear. It wasn't that heavy, would protect her from the fire and all but she shivered and her cat ears would lay almost on top of her head when she looked at the water that was thrown at the fire, "Right.. I'm ehm. going in." she said to no one in particular but she had to do something, like safe the people inside of the place she hated the most. She looked at the girl next to her and noticed the Rune Knight insignia, "Oh. Hi.. colleague." she muttered still not really convinced she should go in but she heard some kid scream from inside. "Right if you do not go in, which is fine, try to stop the water as soon as I come out. Don't ask why."

But she was still a bit shivering when she looked at the water that was used by mages as well as buckets. She took another deep breath and ran towards the door, something had collapsed just when she ran towards it. This would be all restored in seconds with mages. Oh god why was she offering herself for the illumin Cathedral.


on Wed Jun 28, 2017 10:43 pm

Eva turned to look at the person she had grabbed in all the confusion. She wouldn’t have given her another glance if the next few things hadn’t occurred either. Eva thought she saw the glimpse of a Rune Knight symbol on her arm and before that could actually be confirmed, the woman’s clothes were transforming out for a set of armor. But more importantly, Eva was pretty sure she saw pretty vibrant orange cat ears on the girl. It was in her reflex to move away but she didn’t want to seem rude and endured. However, the next few words that she said made a lot of sense.

She told her to make sure that the people stopped splashing water at the building while she came out of it. If she belonged to the neko race, which Eva was pretty sure about by now, she would definitely not want to be going anywhere near water. “Alright, I’m going in with you. But don’t worry, I’ll instruct them to stop the water for a little as we come back out,” she decided that her judgements and reactions could wait until the situation was better.

Following the girl that ran into the blazing cathedral, Eva clicked her tongue at the annoying heat. She took the nearest bucket of water and dumped it over herself before walking into the slowly falling apart Kardia Cathedral. She couldn’t care less whether the building totally collapsed or not but she did care for the innocent lives trapped inside it. Eva heard a lot of screaming as she ran further, often dodging the falling pillars and unidentifiable bits of fire. The last thing Eva wanted was to get herself burned somewhere when she had a shoot to attend the next day.

She wasn’t sure what the orange haired girl was doing but when Eva saw a group of children, she made them group together and grab herself before levitating and flying them out of there. It was a bit difficult to control the direction and speed when she was levitating more than one person at a time but she still made it back outside where there were more mages trying to put the fire out. Just as she was out, she raised her voice to tell them to stop. “Hey, water mages and everyone, please stop throwing water at the cathedral for a minute. There is someone inside who will be coming out soon,” she instructed each mage that looked confused at her but agreed. They obviously didn’t see the relation between stopping their actions for someone coming out of the fire but she wasn’t going to explain or elaborate.


on Thu Jun 29, 2017 12:39 am


cold as ice swift as wind the whole world i'll acquire

It was of common occurrence to find Snowflake with her particularly unkempt silver hair in the most austere locations at the most random of times. At best, she was a wanderer by accident – not because she wanted to, but it was almost as if her significantly awful directional sense granted her encounters by chance and apparently, her fortunate wanders had led her to Magnolia once again. The town was bustling and loud as always; something she had an aversion to and had never been fond of big crowds for she always finds it uncomfortable being around numerous people.

Summer season had just begun and so, it was then, under the blistering heat that blared down upon the Magnolia town and had her sweating bullets. Clothes clung to her body like a child to its mother while the roots of her messy bob stuck to her sweaty neck. Excitement could be heard from the whispers of the people as the citizens prepared themselves for the warm weather to come. Snowflake, on the other hand, hated the summer like no other since the heat would exhaust her rather quickly and it would sometimes even warm up the metal parts that had been embedded in her body.

Eyes turned to look at her direction as she weaved through the crowds, their stares both welcoming and unwelcoming, partially due to her strange appearance that looked rather unfamiliar to those living here and the blindfold that rested around her eyes. It made her appear as if her sight has been disabled although, the apparent reason of this particular item was to conceal the bright colour of her eyes and it also acted as a visor which enabled her to see the numbers that only had meaning to no other than herself. Vysella, her fellow companion, rested on her head all cuddled up and was enjoying the view up above whilst struggling with the heat as well.

”I really don’t like this heat.”

The youth complained to no one in particular and continued to shuffle through the streets of Magnolia aimlessly. Beads of sweat glistened on everyone’s foreheads and many faces turned red due to the sweltering heat. Everyone seemed to be content with the chores and daily businesses of their own until a noise from a distance disturbed everyone. The ground shook from the numerous footsteps that pounded against the hard ground and screams could be heard over a distance. People within the area exchanged curious glances among each other, with a hint of fear in the eyes before they began to panic, grabbing everything they could and started to break into a run without even knowing what was actually happening.

Vysella leaped off her head, onto her shoulder and to the ground, demanding her owner to follow her lead. And so, she did, which led her to a horrific scene of the cathedral on fire with people running around to fetch buckets of water while others attempted to save the ones inside the building. Screams and shouts could be heard throughout the vicinity and while everyone was agitated by the sudden chaos, Snowflake preceded onwards into the building without any care in the world. Since she had a body that was able to withstand the burns, she might as well save a few people remaining in the building.


#6Adelaide Sokolov 

on Thu Jun 29, 2017 4:05 pm

Right she had first assumed to go in alone but the girl next to her or well the other Rune Knight had decided to follow. She gave her a short smile because she said she was coming along and still would follow the instructions, "Thanks, I appreciate that." and she made to run towards the building, the door was at least open, that made it easier, but as soon as she came in her eyes looked up to make sure that wherever she was walking, it would be alright. For a few seconds she was afraid that Lacie might be here but she didn't know why exactly for she hadn't seen her and the last time she thought about it and was here, it didn't happen either. Her surprised and searching expression changed into a harder one. She had seen and heard the children but there were more people in the back so she continued to run and jump away from falling debris. Being a neko at this point made it a lot easier, she could run over the edges of fallen benches(?) and still don't lose her balance. In the back of the Cathedral she found two priest and a mother with a baby, of course baptizing just had to happen before this, why?

She helped up the mother and demaned for the priest, even the one she had seen before to follow her, her ears on top of her head out of anger and maybe a little bit of being afraid. "Now Hurry!" she said as she kept looking at the ceiling, she didn't hear other people at the moment but she had to push that damn priest out of the way to make sure the wall part that fell wouldn't fall on him, unfortunately, it fell on her, "Go on.. I will follow." she said as calm as she could while sturned around and looked at her left food, great she needed Ophelia for this but not right now, her Clefairy would probably be somewhere outside.

It did hurt and it was difficult to carry up and get herself out from under it because she couldn't really make that angle. She wasn't going to sit down and wait for help but she should hurry, she didn't like the heat and the idea of the water and for a second while trying to get her foot out, she wondered why she had done this. She thought she heard footsteps, oh please do not let the priest come back to her, "Anyone there? You better get out." she called out but maybe, someone could hear the slight of panic in her voice.


on Thu Jun 29, 2017 10:07 pm

Eva despised the heat that was licking up her arms from being near the burning building for a long time. However, she made sure that people stayed far away from the cathedral that was falling apart little by little. Sweat rolled down her back and face as she swept back her hair again and again. Her fine platinum blonde bangs were starting to stick to the beads of sweat over her forehead and cheeks which was increasingly becoming a hindrance to Eva’s sight. When she couldn’t stand it anymore, Eva fished into her pocket for a pale blue headband and pushed her hair back with it.

Once that was done, Eva looked back at the cathedral. A mother and child along with someone that looked like a priest came out. Eva caught the mother and child, holding them and infecting them for any serious wounds before helping them to the emergency medics at the back of the crowd that kept parting like the sea of Moses and falling in. All in all, they tried to stay out of the mages’ way as much as possible while watching everything unfold.

Eva wanted to instruct the other mages and go back in again but just as she moved a step forward, a silver shadow rushed past her into the burning building. Eva wasn’t exactly sure who it was but she guessed that it was also someone trying to help. Seeing that there were two people in there already, Eva stayed back to help the other mages with putting the fire out. Dark smoke gathered up like thunder clouds over the building. It swirled and lingered as a sign of disaster as Eva looked up the sky. This whole thing would have been easier if someone could make it rain. However, the day was perfectly sunny and she also guessed that it wouldn’t go well with the neko inside the cathedral.


on Fri Jun 30, 2017 12:48 pm


cold as ice swift as wind the whole world i'll acquire

Plumes of smoke and ash rose into the air, darkening the sky while flames engulfed the building, singeing the surrounding trees. Cries and screams echoed within the crowd, some running for their lives while others tried to calm down the wildfire that was spreading as fast as it started. People began to rush out of the building, stepping on each other in a hurry to save their own lives. Inside the cathedral was a mess. What was once a beautiful building has now been brought to ruins – the benches all thrown apart, the ceiling collapsing slowly with bricks and concrete falling upon the victims, the colourful glasses shattered open and it was when she realised there was not much time left until the entire building would be brought down.

Snowflake was not sure how the fire had started although, she figured that the blistering heat could be one of the reasons why. The moment she stepped inside the building she could feel that the air was crisp, smelt of burning and choking as the smoke filled her lungs. The coughing was instant to the victims albeit, it did not affect her since she was just a machine. The smoke was blinding to the eyes but with the help of the cloth that rested around her eyes, Snowflake was able to get through it easily. Her eyes flickered from each corridor, in search of any one that might be remaining inside as people pushed through her. Most of the people have already departed the building however, it was always better to ensure that no one would be left behind.

Through the smoke and ashes, she could barely see anything in front. Blue orbs wander around the area until numbers emerged before her eyes, indicating that someone else was definitely inside with her. These numbers were the statistics of this unknown person and after witnessing them, she could ascertain herself that this person was a mage. The cyborg walked further, still not knowing the exact location of the person until she caught a glimpse of coral floating slightly in mid-air. A feminine voice followed afterwards and without any hesitation, the youth sprinted towards the direction and would be greeted by the sight of a young girl, her hair bright orange. The sweat beads on her forehead and the worn out features on her face was enough to tell her that she was exhausted. Perhaps, the girl had been helping the victims exit the building by risking her own life.

”Are you alright? Hurry, we don’t have much time.”

The silver haired mage enquired and her eyes would run over the young girl’s visage. There was a hint of fear in her eyes, mixed with anxiety. Mayhap, the girl might have been terrified by the situation although the question flashed into her head – who wouldn’t? Without bothering to wait for a response to her question, Snowflake grabbed her hand and began to pull her out of the place. There was not much time left to waste after all. Seconds passed by and the longer they waited, the closer they were to their death. Her body parts could be fixed afterwards but not the other girl, she assumed.


#9Adelaide Sokolov 

on Fri Jun 30, 2017 7:01 pm

Laying on her stomach she tried to wriggle herself out from under the huge block of brick, she tried to push it off with her free right foot, had no other way to try and she whimpered the moment she tried to get her foot free, this made her so weak but it was possible that she stopped off the pain, she was at least low enough to avoid the smoke just above her but her ears were flat on her head, she knew this was going the wrong way and there was nothing she could do. Screaming for Konstantin or anyone else had no us.. she heard someone?! That's when she called out, someone would have to leave her alone, better her alone than two of them.

"I'm stuck!" she said when the person finally came into view, and had asked her if she was alright and to get out. She was pointing at the brick behind her and with the help of the other woman, she seemed to get out of this problem. She couldn't help but scream once when her foot was getting out of the block, she would limp towards the door with her rescuer. She had wished it would go a different way but at least the two of them would make it out alive hopefully. She looked at the ceiling and tried to go as fast as possible, she didn't even mind the water anymore if only they would go out that would be enough.

The limping did hurt her foot but she was sure her companion Ophelia would be outside able to heal her foot. She hoped that the water wasn't there, she would shiver but she hoped her rescuer wouldn't notice, "Thanks by the way." she said as she pushed open the door of the Cathedral and was glad to be able to breath in fresh air.


on Sat Jul 01, 2017 10:18 pm

Eva considered running after the two girls inside the cathedral time and time again. Yet, there was a great need of someone to take care of everything outside the still burning building. She spoke with the other mages about what could be done. A group of water mages were already gathered in addition to the many number of brave people manually carrying in buckets of water to throw at the viciously grinning fire. It seemed to be resolute in the complete extermination of the great monument of the church, the Kardia Cathedral. Still, Eva didn’t care much for it. She was never really religious or devout enough to live her life in fear of God.

And more than the burning cathedral or the people inside, as selfish as it was, Eva was far more concerned with the report and paperwork she would have to deal with once all of this ends. She had been gathering intel from the locals in the middle of helping others and while a few of them shook their heads, the majority was quite sure that they had seen a cloaked figure set fire to the cathedral. This was going to be even more annoying because this meant someone will have to investigate into the matter much further.

As she stood lost in thoughts, the door fell off and she saw the same orange and silver from a while ago. Her eyes went from the silver haired woman to the neko. With a simple gesture of her hand, she instructed the water mages to stop using their magic. “You’re hurt,” she stated while walking towards them. “Come this way and get help from a medic. You too,” she told the two woman with a fake sincerity. She wasn’t as concerned for them as she was concerned for the kind of annoying work she will have to go through later. It wasn’t going to be just her, either. This neko was going to go through the same pain she was, though Eva wasn’t sure if she saw it the same way Eva did.

On the other hand, the silver woman standing next to her was intriguing. Despite having run through all that suffocating whirls of smoke and lashing fire, this woman didn’t look the least bit fazed. While she could already guess the many reasons for this, Eva just played along with the best of her appearance.


on Tue Jul 04, 2017 3:44 pm


cold as ice swift as wind the whole world i'll acquire

The sheen of sweat that lined her forehead and temple had become even more pronounced as the heat clung tightly to her thick clothes, mimicking how several strands of silver stuck to the corners of her face in a grubby fashion. They tangled over her slowly reddening complexion insistently, framing his already irate features with the notion of exhaustion reaching his bones. Ashes were drawn on some features of her face due to the fumes that rose high from the large flames of the cathedral. With her arm linked around the other girl’s, Snowflake began to drag her out hastily, so as to prevent themselves from being underneath the rubble.

Citizens and travellers who remained to stay despite the burning flames assisted the victims to help exit the area while the available water mages use their abilities to cool down the flames of the cathedral. As a result, Snowflake and the other girl was able to escape rather easily, although their lives were at a risk. The loud rumble from the cathedral resounded throughout the vicinity, followed by a shook of the ground, causing her to lose balance. The white haired mage would glance over her shoulder, only to see the rubble collapsing onto the ground. A sigh escaped her lips, not out of exhaustion but of relief that they had succeeded in departing the area without any harm.

Upon exiting the building, they would be greeted by the sight of a young lady approaching towards them, most likely around the same age as hers, perhaps even older. She demanded them to follow her lead, suggesting that she would get a medic to cure the injuries. ”I don’t need it but she probably does,” she said, while walking towards the area where a group of medics gathered to aid the patients. Slowly, she would let the orange haired girl settle on a rock, before allowing her leg to stretch out in front of her. Snowflake was neither a cleric nor a nurse, thus, she had no idea how to she could do to make her feel better. The medics could probably handle their job however, most of them were busy dealing with other patients.  

@Evangeline & @Alice

#12Adelaide Sokolov 

on Tue Jul 04, 2017 7:35 pm

It was definitely a relief for Alice that they were outside the burning church. She couldn’t help but cough and was brought to a rock to sit on, which was a great moment. She took a deep breath and looked at her foot, her boot was sort of destroyed and her ears were flat on her head because of the looks of her foot, thank god it wasn’t bleeding very much but it hurt like hell. The medics were busy with the other people and they were in a hurry, however she noticed a small pink ball walking between those people, ”My medic is close.” she said with a grin on her face as Ophelia hobbled towards her and immediately looked angry by puffing up her cheeks and pointing at her foot, which she was going to heal anyway by singing. Alice turned to look at the mess around her, ”Any news about how this all started?” she said turning her hazel eyes towards the other Rune Knight, ”Sorry, thanks to both of you. My name is Alice Baskerville.” She watched her foot but that was easily healed thanks to the Clefairy and as soon as Ophelia was done she stood up and lifted up her companion and looked at the others, ”Since I heard someone did this on purpose, I think it’s best to seek the culprit. Eh.. well I don’t want to bother you two.” she looked away a little and shivered when she noticed the water, great, this was going to be a tough job. She didn’t want to demand the others to help her, this was looking for a needle in a haystack anyway but she was a Rune Knight, no matter how much she hated the church it wouldn’t be good. She wondered if there were other knights already working on the job, she quickly used her magic to change into a Rune Knight attire, the blue coloured jeans and a white blouse, her hair changed into a neat ponytail and apart from some ash spots on her cheek, you wouldn’t suspect her being inside a few minutes ago.


on Mon Jul 10, 2017 10:29 am

Eva followed the two girls to the back, standing quietly to the side as a puffy little creature healed Alice. The other one was standing beside her with no sign of injury or exhaustion despite having breathed in all that smoke. Eva crossed her hands in front of her chest. She wasn’t sure where to go about with this predicament. As a Rune Knight, it wasn’t like she could leave this alone and leave but as it was in her general nature to be selfish, she didn’t want to waste her time with it all the more. She wasn’t all that religious either to do this for the ‘Gods’.

She just decided to introduce herself first. “I’m Evangeline. You can call me Eva though,” she spoke, still smiling at the two of them. Her attention turned to the snowy haired girl next. “You were quite incredible. There was all that fire and small bursts, all that smoke, too. But you seem to be fine. That’s really amazing. I wonder how you could be so strong,” she praised, her eyes widening. She tried to make it seem as genuine as she could but rather than wanting to fan-girl about her high resistance, Eva actually wanted to figure out what this girl was. She was definitely no one ordinary, now was she?

On the other hand, there was also the matter of concern with who started the fire. She shrugged. “I’m a Rune Knight, too, so I don’t mind helping. In fact, I had been talking to all the people that gathered here. None of them saw the incident but most of them recalls a cloaked figure loitering around the area. Could be anyone at this point. It could be some religious fanatic, someone from a dark guild, someone from a cult, or someone that simply hates the church. There are a lot of possibilities if we are to think about it. We could split up and search, however. But, by this time, whoever that started the fire could have taken off his cloak and just blended in with the public.”

#14Adelaide Sokolov 

on Wed Jul 19, 2017 8:26 pm

Alice was happy that Evangeline or well Eva agreed on wanting to find the culprit that had done this. So that's what she planned to do, it was smart to split up, and if Snow would join them it would make everything much easier but with the two of them it was something to do. In the end they would find a cloak perhaps and the culprit in the end spitting his heroic story to some drunk girl in a bar. They all returned to the crime, he was in a bar looking at the Cathedral that was damaged and some last flames that needed to die out.

Alice had arrested him together with Ophelia and taken him together perhaps with Evangeline towards the Rune Knight Office that was in Magnolia to interrogate him about a dark guild, cult or any other reason to why he did this and have him locked behind bars for his own stupidity. She didn't mind at all, she didn't feel bad for him, she was glad that no one had been badly injured.

She thanked everyone that worked with her and would leave back to the Bed & Breakfast. It was a double feeling, she didn't like the Cathedral but it wasn't the Cathedral that had done something to her. She had to believe that she was glad that she had done something.


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