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All we Know [Chelvaric]

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#1Adelaide Sokolov 

Default on Tue Jun 27, 2017 2:19 am

Okay today was the day that she was going into the city all by herself. She could do it, there was no need to visit the church, no need to faint or anything. All she wanted was to go and eat some cupcakes. She dragged her little cute companion Ophelia with her and headed to the cupcake shop to figure out what the two of them would eat. With that her eyes wouldn’t have to see the cathedral much apart from simply seeing the towers as she was on her way from the Bed & Breakfast where she stayed. Which was just outside the city of Magnolia. She absolutely loved it here and expected to find more answers regarding her family and with that her blank mind, she only remember the last couple of months, two years and was definitely afraid to get rid of her new memories again. Which would mean that she would lose everything that was important to her. She shivered softly and waved it away when Ophelia looked at her in worry, she would have to distract herself. It didn’t take long for the Neko to arrive at the cupcake shop and they did recognize her and were glad to see her and Ophelia. She talked a little for it wasn’t busy in the shop and she ordered two tea and a strawberry cupcake for Ophelia and a passion fruit one for herself. She took a spot in the back of the shop to enjoy the cupcakes and tea with Ophelia that would be brought to her soon enough. Who knew, she just had to pretend not to be nervous, maybe she could even visit the Cathedral and see what happens.

It wasn't a very special day, it was sunny but the temperature wasn't too warm. It was actually kind of perfect. Her jeans now contained a little spot her tail could go through so that was also easer than before and her ears twitched with the sound but she wasn't better at hearing, she just caught more with two ears. She was wearing jeans and a black crop top and her hair in a ponytail. Trying to not eat her cupcake in one go. She looked at Ophelia trying to sit properly, be able to drink tea and use her fork to eat the cupcake, it looked adorable according to her.

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#2Chelvaric Walderkat 

Default on Tue Jun 27, 2017 10:45 am

It was Early in the morning when Chelvaric woke from a nice slumber. He hadn’t slept as much as he used to do. It’s like his neko instinct was waking him up for every little thing he sensed. He still had to get used to this heightened animal instinct. For the rest, he had gotten used to his tail and eats. He was even experimenting with some acrobatic manoeuvres using his tail wondering how good he could become with it. Maybe he should go out to practice again today. He looked at Scraggy that was still snoring and poked him. “psst, psssssstt scraggy wakey wakey.”, Chelvaric said to him in a whispering motherly tone. Scraggy was mumbling and woke up tired. But he seemed too tired to really reply anything back as a retort for waking him up. Chelvaric started running over the roof in his naked upper body and just his warrior skirt. He was so happy with his new agility. He was used to running over roofs but never in a way like now. He could easily jump from the smallest roof over big gaps and just swing a flag pole and land somewhere else. But today he wanted to try if he could use his tail instead to grab something. At first, it went a bit harshly as his tail was slipping every time he tried to grab something but at least he didn’t fall. The next tries went better and not long after that he was flying trough the streets of Magnolia like a stray cat hunting for a mouse.

He still wondered why his God gave him this present. The one he always wanted. Maybe he was truly knowing what his priests want. In past times many priests were given presents from him for their devotion and time in making his word be spread. Whatever it was Chelvaric couldn’t have asked for anything better. He was happier than he ever was. If he could just find that one person it would have been perfect. With his mind so distracted from the thoughts he missed a pole with his tail and started tumbling downwards. He rolled himself over in the air and caught his fall into a parasol that was standing over a table. Before he landed gracefully on his two feet on a table. He looked up and saw two cute neko ears sticking out of hair. A girl with a black crop top was sitting in front of him. A Neko girl at that. He always dreamed of meeting neko's. so obviously he was exited. “A neko! Where did you come from! I so rarely find any nekos!”, he spoke quickly to her before realizing he didn’t have introduced himself yet. “I am chelvaric Walderkat nice to meet you.”, he said as he looked at her in excitement.

#3Adelaide Sokolov 

Default on Tue Jun 27, 2017 11:04 am

Her ears twitched as she heard something and she was prepared and already took a sip of her tea to make sure that if the table would be knocked over, it would not spill over her, as she held her cupcake up and pointed that out to Ophelia casually. The teacups fell off the table as someone landed on that but Alice swiftly caught them with the fingers of her left hand while her right still held on to the saucer with the passion fruit cupcake, why did people land on tables, what kind of town was this. She gave a look at Ophelia, whom shook her head too and ignored it for now.

Her mouth opened in surprise but she closed it rather quickly and looked at the boy on her table with a raised right eyebrow and a sarcastic look on her face. "Well Hi. Could you get off the table?" she was well aware of not introducing herself but that was the main point of having someone on the table. She placed the tea cups back on the table but her tail swayed aggitated from left to right. If Chelvaric as he just introduced himself would jump off the table, she would kick out a chair for him to sit on being nicer than standing on the table and she would place the cupcake back on the table, the same as Ophelia. "My name is Alice Baskerville. And originally I'm from Magnolia and yes I am a Neko." Which was indeed not very hard to miss, "Hard to find? I know two others."

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#4Chelvaric Walderkat 

Default on Thu Jun 29, 2017 12:57 pm

Chelvaric looked at her and then realized he was still standing on the table. He crawled down and took the chair that the girl had kicked back. Seems she was a nice girl. Oh but she was agitated he didn’t had to look twice to her tail to notice that. He was afteral a neko lover. He listened to her as she introduced her self as Alice. That was quite a nice name. Oh it seemed she was born in this village. That was perfect! “So if your born here you could tell me where the best spots are in mangolia”, he said to her and then heard her talk about her knowing two other neko’s. “I also met one other neko! You should introduce me some time to those other two. The more neko’s I meet the better!”, he said to her in a very energetic way. He looked at her intensly when suddenly a rude voice was heard. “What you didn’t break anything aww to bad master.”, scraggy said loud and clearly hearable to everyone. “yes scraggy cat’s land on there two feet didn’t you know that yet.”, chelvaric retorted back to him. After that he put his attention back on alice as scraggy was quiet now as Chelvaric had a point. “Well two people in a country of millions I wouldn’t call that a lot”, chelvaric said to alice as he ordered some tea and a vanilla cupcake.

“nevertheless I would be happy to meet any neko.”, he said to her.
“So how are you doing on this fine day. It’s nice weather isn’t it”, chelvaric said to her and looked at her with a smile. “oh by the way this is scraggy my companion.”, he added quickly

#5Adelaide Sokolov 

Default on Fri Jun 30, 2017 3:13 am

She couldn't help but chuckle with a hint of sarcasm as he asked for the best spots in Magnolia, "You are right. I was born here. But haven't been here for twelve years. Apart from that.." she held her tongue, she was sure why but she had almost slipped about that she had lost her memory, "My memories are not what they have been, considering I have only been here as a child." she said not entirely lying but also not entirely telling the true. But she smiled at him for he was rather polite, maybe over enthusiastic because of the fact that she was half cat like he was but she calmed down and her ears pitched up in interest and her tail calmed down ending in a curl, meaning that she was alright with looking for friendship. "Depending on what you like Magnolia has a lot to offer though, for example the Cathedral." she said to finish the topic of Magnolia, if she liked him in the end of this conversation, they could maybe see the rest of the city. She wasn't sure and not planned to make any ideas.

The topic of nekos came back up as he said he wanted to meet more and she told him about two. Konstantin and LeeAnn, he had met one himself, "Well I don't know where LeeAnn is but Konstantin is in this town too." for obvious reasons she knew that but again she didn't plan to throw everything she knew or everything about herself on the table. "Maybe I just got lucky to meet a third than." she said, holding her smile and laugh a bit away but she had liked the answer to his companion and she absolutely didn't mind him ordering a cupcake and tea, her eyes flashed towards Ophelia whom didn't seem to mind either. Her eyes were on Scraggy, interested apparently.

"Oh yes, the weather is nice. So is this cupcake. I have been before, so considering points in Magnolia that are interesting, I would suggest this one." But he had already ordered a cupcake and some tea. She looked at Scraggy as he introduced him, "Nice to meet you. This is Ophelia, my companion." she said as she waved her hand to pick the attention to the Clefairy, and she could see the little bluch on her cheeks, she only smiled.

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#6Chelvaric Walderkat 

Default on Fri Jun 30, 2017 10:07 pm

Chelvaric looked at her as she was explaining that she was only her as a child. He wondered what happened that she had to leave her home town so early. But lots of things happen in live so he wasn’t super surprised about it. “oh where did you travel all this time then.”, he asked her as he bit of his cup cake. It tasted really good. It had a sweet sugary taste and then a nice bitter after flavor that worked really well with the sweet bomb. After he heard her answer he smiled and was happy that she mentioned a cathedral in places worth visiting he was always happy when someone else liked to visit churches and other religious buildings. “Oh I love cathedrals! If it’s not too much to ask could you point me the way later or give me directions if you're not too busy.”, Chelvaric asked her curious and then took a sip of his herbal tea. It was very healthy and good for him.

After he heard about who she knew his ears perked up. “You know Lee Ann too! I’ve only briefly met her tough. The world seems to be a small place that we know the same person. What a Coincedence”, he said to her and thought deep about it. So nice that you could just know the same person even though Chelvaric was never in magnolia before. Was something to think about. She also mentioned the cupcake shop and Chelvaric would agree this is a really nice place to visit. Maybe he should take his team to here later in the year. “Aye I love the cupcakes here there taste is extraordinary. ”, he said exited to her. He looked at the little blushing companion standing next to her. “she looks super cute. I guess you two get along well!”, Chelvaric said to her. “Hmm I was actually searching for a sparring partner for scraggy”, Chelvaric thought up loud

#7Adelaide Sokolov 

Default on Sun Jul 02, 2017 7:07 am

After she told him that she had been here only as a child, he asked her where she had travelled and she didn’t want to hear about pity or anything else. ”I stayed near Crocus and after that travelled far and wide when I joined the Rune Knights.” ignoring her moment in Phantom Lord and her stay in Oak town because of that. She wouldn’t ignore that she had been there, just not give the details. She took a bite of her passion fruit cupcake herself but before she would mention that she knew the cathedral of Magnolia, which was an impressive sight even though she wasn’t a believer of the illumin herself. She was still unforgiving for what they had done to her, but she decided that she wouldn’t show her feels to a person like that. As in someone she had never seen before. The fact that he was a neko like her, didn’t change that. Of course, he did like cathedrals. He was enthusiastic about it and it took her quite some strength to not roll her eyes. This guy should meet her sister, probably happy about cathedrals together. Although she wasn’t sure if Lacie did like that at all right now. ”Sure,” she tried to sound as happy as he was, ”I would guide you there if you like.” she would say it was a weird question considering you could see the cathedral everywhere throughout the whole town.

The conversation turned back to nekos and she mentioned LeeAnn and Konstantin, he seem to have met LeeAnn too. Small world indeed. ”She is my friend as well as fellow Guild member. Well if you lucky you bump into Konstantin as well since he is here in town.” Her eyes darted to Ophelia as she introduced her companion and smiled at her, ”We certainly do.” Ophelia took a sip of her tea because it was too embarrassing for her. Her eyes turned from Chelvaric to his companion, ”For your companion? Well Ophelia is support, so she wouldn’t be able. But if you would like to..” she stopped talking and stared at him, ”I have seen you before. In Sieghart mountains.”

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#8Chelvaric Walderkat 

Default on Sun Jul 02, 2017 9:20 am

Chelvaric listened close to Alice and it looked like Lee Ann was a rune knight he didn’t know that. His ears perked up a bit and the silver fur was shining in the sunlight. He dind’t realy think about his earlier question of the cathedral as he looked up he could see it. He was quite embarrassed by that. Why did he even had to ask the directions he blushed a bit and took a sip of his tea quickly as he didn’t wanted her to notice that he was blushing. He then heard she was a rune knight and had traveled many places.

“It must be nice to travel around a lot and see everything. I didn’t travel till I was twenty one. Well I did travel at the age of four to the Church academy but that was it. The rest of my days were spend training to fight demons and learning about them. it’s only recently I got to travel a lot. I really envy you that you could travel so much without any problem.”, he said to her. Chelvaric was a very open man he didn’t really had anything to hide so he didn’t. she then said her companion was a support and suddenly that she had seen him before.

“really you did? I was there! Oh wait hmmm if I check your hair and face you are very familiar. You were that girl in armor besides the guy!”, he said to her. “wow I didn’t recognize you at all! Maybe its because your not clad in armor right now.”, chelvaric said to her as he wondered about that. “Well yeah I gues you can spar with me and scraggy then it would be an even fight since I am a support as well. Well In even I mean a fair fight I don’t know how strong you are. Just a friendly spar ofcourse no bad feelings about who wins or loses. Both of us and the companions will have gained experience.” , he said to her and agreed with her opinion.

#9Adelaide Sokolov 

Default on Sun Jul 02, 2017 12:27 pm

She looked at him, she was kind of curious. She had been changed into a neko, had he been one all the time. Considering how enthusiastic he was about it, she wouldn’t doubt it but it was a bit too personal to ask. She took a sip of her tea as she listened to him talking, something about travelling when he was twenty-one. She would turn twenty-one in August. That’s what she thought about when she took another sip of tea, which she shouldn’t have done. She heard him talk about the training of fighting demons and learning about them and she spit out her tea, luckily missing Ophelia as well as everyone else. Her face turned a solid red because she had just spit out tea, such a great thing to do! She stared at Chelvaric with big eyes, ”You are kidding.” She tried to avoid getting more red but this person could bring her answers, more than she could expect, she tried to wave away her paranoia idea, maybe her sister had found her, send this man to her. ”Have you ever met a Lacie? Lacie Eventide.” she asked because she needed to know, ”She believed people could be possessed by demons. Got me rather curious.” Blame everything on Lacie was what she tend to do more often lately. As soon as that conversation was over and her many questions but that would mean she had to be more open to and she didn’t dare yet. The only one who knew was Konstantin and LeeAnn knew a part.

Alice stared at Chelvaric, the moment she realized she had seen him before. She couldn’t remember the ears and tail but that didn’t matter for now, she simply said it. Besides the guy, that was Kon. She couldn’t help but laugh a little about the armour comment, ”This is more comfortable.” she said with the giggle in her voice. She was at least past that embarrassing moment. ”A spar is fine. I like the no bad feelings part. Let’s go to the Cathedral first and find a spot to spar after that.” She smiled, she didn’t mind fighting, considering Konstantin, she knew she still had a lot to learn.

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#10Chelvaric Walderkat 

Default on Sun Jul 02, 2017 1:19 pm

He sipped of his tea when suddenly Alice spit out her tea over the table. He didn’t get nor did anyone else but he was very surprised that it happened. She was looking very red as she seemed to not have wanted to do the action that she did. She suddenly turned to him and asked if he knew a lacy. Chelvaric thought deep but not too long and remembered the girl lavy who looked quite similar to alice. How didn’t he notice it sooner. Weird that some memories could be pushed so back in your mind that it takes a while to resurface.

“Oh yes a while ago I did meet lacy. She was a fun girl to talk too.”,
he said to her although they didn’t spend much time together. [color=#00ccff]“Yes I have handled lots of cases like that. I rather stay away from them for now”[/color, Chelva]ric said as his face turned rather grim. He remembered his friends on that faithful day. He wondered if they ever knew what fate would lay in store for them that night. It was his failure that they were all gone. He shook his head and threw the thoughts away. He then heard her say its more comfortable. He got pulled back down to earth and into the conversation. “and it looks better on you too.”, he said without thinking and then responded on the rest of her talk. “Alright lead the way ill follow you, common scraggy lets bounce.”, he said to alice and then to scraggy. Time to have a fun day of no job’s.

#11Adelaide Sokolov 

Default on Mon Jul 03, 2017 2:33 am

With the realisation that her answers could be this close, she simply couldn't help but stare at Chelvaric, really she believed he was kidding. This was all one big joke from her sister whom she had never seen before or well not that she could remember. She had to ask about Lacie, maybe she could see when he was lying but he immediately told her that he had met Lacie and that she was a fun person. Alice couldn't really believe that, "Oh." was all she said at first. She narrowed her eyes a little as they continued their conversation, because he said he would rather stay away from humans possessed by demons, "Would you immediately notice if someone was possessed?" she said trying to act as if she didn't really care, maybe she had to be honest about this funny Lacie that he met. She would maybe if he would ask her why she was interested or what her sister had to do with it, maybe he didn't even noticed they were twins.

The conversation drifted to the Sieghart Mountains as she had realized she had seen him before. He did remember her too, but admitted that it was difficult with the armour and she could imagine, she gave a small smile when he gave a compliment, or well she thought it was one but she wasn't sure what to say, the only thing being "Thank you.". That brought them to a spar between first Scraggy and Ophelia, which wasn't really an option but they could spar with the four of them, two support and two offensive, Alice her brown eyes travelled to his companion, not sure what to think of him but she would see.

She took the last sip of her tea and looked if Ophelia was done, who had even finished her cupcake. Alice put the last bite into her mouth and nodded, as she finished eating she said: "Sure, but let's take it easy. I'm not in a hurry or are you?" The enthusiasm that he produced was contagious and she couldn't help but smile, her ears open and upright and her tail still ending in the curl that showed others that she was friendly and open for friendship. She would make sure that they all paid before she would leave to guide Chelvaric to the huge Kardia Cathedral.

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#12Chelvaric Walderkat 

Default on Mon Jul 03, 2017 8:08 pm

The girl seemed to not really believe him or something was amiss as her expression was changing. Only slightly tough. Most people wouldn’t notice but he was trained to see the slightest change. As demon possessions could be very subtle and it could take a while before you could actually notice that they were possessed. He just heard the exorcist question and chuckled that he was just thinking about it. A lot of people were sceptic about it as it wasn’t super common to see a real and strong possession. Most possessions were from lesser demons that only steal a bit of life force and not really control the humans. “how stronger the demon the easier it is to notice and how harder it is for the demon to hide his true nature”, Chelvaric said to her without going to deep into it as it could be boring to people. Se thanked him for his remark he was happy that she was friendly enough to tank for small things like that. She was at least good somewhere deep in there. He bit the last Piece of his can and laid the gold that was needed on the table.

“Oh no don’t worry I am not in a hurry. I have all the time in the world. I hope I am not taking too much time away from you tough.”, he asked a bit concerned as they started to walk to the cathedral. “So I was wondering. Is Lacie a friend of yours. You seemed rather interested in her”, he said carefully. He didn’t want to anger her with any question. While Scraggy was walking next to Ophilia.

#13Adelaide Sokolov 

Default on Mon Jul 03, 2017 9:21 pm

It was a little bit difficult conversations like these. She tried her best not to immediately act on her feelings, if people liked Lacie they would immediately hate her if she said something bad. The good thing was till now it looked like Lacie didn’t talk about her. She had asked her question about how he would notice if someone was possessed and she didn’t dare to ask more because she didn’t know him. But the answers were within reach and maybe he would judge her lightly considering she was a neko, was Lacie that too? She wouldn’t believe it, she obviously didn’t remember much of her sister but what she did remember was that she had always tried to be the very best in everything and Alice had always been taller. She stared at the table, not entirely sure what to say, she also didn’t want many people to overhear them but the suggestion was to leave Olly’s cupcake shop and head to the Cathedral, ha that would be funny as the Cathedral was where she got her answers first. If they would go inside, she hoped Father Jerad would be there, he seemed to appreciate her enough.

She would ask him to slow it down, mostly because she could consider what to say to him before they reached the Cathedral. ”Oh no, I had no plans. This is already better than doing nothing at all, all day.” She waved away his concern as she took the first steps through the streets towards Kardia Cathedral, time was ticking so she better hurry. Before she could say anything he asked her if Lacie was her friend, especially because she seemed interested, she couldn’t help but laugh shortly out loud, it was funny when people didn’t know yet it was dreading. ”She is my twin sister.” she said testing the grounds of what she would say, and decided to avoid most of the details but give some information, ”She tried to kill me because I was supposed to be possessed by a demon.” She wouldn’t casually look in front of her, she would look at Chelvaric to see his reaction. Ophelia was rather interested in Scraggy but she was also a bit shy but she eyed him from time to time, although she was very aware of Alice her feelings.

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#14Chelvaric Walderkat 

Default on Sun Jul 16, 2017 12:13 am

It seemed Alice didn’t have any plans today. Well, that was a reliever he shouldn’t be too overly concerned about it then. The streets seemed to be a bit filled with people all around walking. He wondered if some event was going on somewhere or if the city was just after a busy day. He didn’t really know much of this city in the first place. Magnolia the city of fairy’s after all. There supposed to be some magic around here. He suddenly heard her laugh really loud as she was mentioning that she was her twin sister. Chelvaric was quite surprised although he sort of recognized that they were similar looking. But their personalities were definitely way different. He then listened to her story as that her sister tried to kill her for being possessed by a demon. Well you don’t have to kill people you can get the demon out if you want too he thought. But he made mistakes too at first and he understood.

“well we all mistakes when we first start out. It’s maybe hard to do but don’t be too harsh on your sister. I know the pain of making a mistake in your past.”, he said as he looked away from his face in pain. He remembered his class. He pushed it back out before it settled too deep in his mind. He didn’t want to think about it. He didn’t want to hear their dying screams again. Not be reminded of the failure he was and how scared he felt. He tried to push the conversation to more happy thoughts as he saw some kids play together in the sand. “ah I remind my child hood days. Playing in the sand was always one of my favorite things to do.”, he said to Alice.

#15Adelaide Sokolov 

Default on Mon Jul 17, 2017 3:33 am

She clenched her fist, trying not to show Chelvaric because she didn't want to offend him. Obviously he knew what he talked about, and she understood that if Lacie had been an exorcist it could happen, "I understand." she said, her hazel eyes darting towards him and even though she couldn't see his face, it was clear he didn't like the topic but she had to finish this conversation. "She is not an exorcist. Far from it. For her it was the only option. She believed she had killed me. She doesn't know I am still alive at this moment." Soon enough she would figure out bumping into too many people here in Magnolia but for now, not such thing has happened. Alice didn't like making this conversation but than again, she needed answers more than anyone.

She did notice that the conversation was turned into something else and as much as she wanted to give in, into not talking about her sister and the possessive idea she had, it made it slightly impossible. She looked away, trying to look very airy and as if it didn't matter much for the sake of Chelvaric, "Oh.. well eh.. I can't remember anything from my past." She entered the plaza that held the Kardia Cathedral, "I know these conversations mustn't be easy but I knew my sister made a mistake. Thanks to her ritual I can't remember anything before I turned eighteen. I am trying to find answers, to figure out who I am." her eyes darted back from him to the Cathedral, "The first time I got back to here, I fainted by the sight of the Cathedral, I went in for answers and kicked out because I was called a demon. As I consider that being an exorcist isn't a fun and happy job, it's also not very fun and happy to be called a demon. I need to know if I really am one or that it was all just a mistake." She didn't need to tell that she would never forgive Lacie for what she had done no matter the answer. But that was up in the air anyway.

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#16Chelvaric Walderkat 

Default on Wed Jul 19, 2017 9:52 am

Chelvaric looked at Alice and tried to figure out if he didn’t step out of his boundaries. He didn’t want to offend her ofcourse. And he knew his talking was a bit provocative, but it had to happen. Better get the bad stones out of the way before you start on the good ones. Was something people said all the time. At least she seemed to be understanding. Although he got a bit of a hostile feeling. She then told him more about lacy and his opinion quickly changed about what he had said before.

“Well fake exorcist is the blight of this planet too. People shouldn’t mess with stuffs they don’t understand. I apologize to you in the name of every exorcist. It must have been horrible to go through something like that”, Chelvaric said and he was quite pissed off now. His body was trembling all over. Alice looked away before she continued speaking. But Chelvaric kept his eyes on her to make sure she was okay as it seemed she was telling a lot of herself already. While they actually only met a few moments ago. He wondered how that happened but it’s all right. Part of his job was always to listen to people who were grieving and that attracted bad demons. He listened carefully to her and let her finish before he spoke. He didn’t want to interrupt her so he waited and listened carefully. In the mean time they had arrived at the plaza of the cathedral.

“hmm, I wish I could help you somehow. But nothing is coming to mind for the moment. It’s horrible too lose your mind like that. Although we all wane forget stuffs. No one wants to forget everything. And be assured at the moment I don’t feel any demonic energies from you. To be fair Lacy got me fast out of that church too. They have some weird rules about clothing”, he said to her. “But let’s get the bad air out and clear our mind with the spar. It would do good to both of us I am sure.”, Chelvaric said to her and walked to an open spot behind the church.

#17Adelaide Sokolov 

Default on Wed Jul 19, 2017 12:16 pm

If only she could remember how horrible it had been. She nodded and she was actually, even though it didn't change anything, happy about his apology. Mostly because he took her serious and the conversation went more her way than she hoped. She would have to answer him about her memory and she was sure that this topic wouldn't be more pleasant for the both of them, but she couldn't let it slip. She needed to know and get answers and understand more of what had happened. She was sure he did understand now, for she noticed the look in his eyes for that matter, and she thanked him. For some reason she felt more relieved about this whole meeting than any of the last ones she had.

She shrugged when he said he wished to help, "One day I'll find Lacie and get the answers." she muttered because that's all she wanted. If only she knew where her sister was and had the guts to talk to her. But there was a relieve that none of the energies around her were demonic, since she knew the ritual failed or well so she guessed, it meant that Lacie had been wrong all along. Something she had known but it felt better to hear it from someone who would also know. "Thanks." She said and she laughed a bit about the clothing comment.

She followed him behind the church for a spot where they could spar. It was best to go easy on the companion. She had Ophelia next to her and decided against changing into the armour. She held up her left hand and let the spear that she always used show up, "So Scraggy, what's your specialty?" she asked the companion.

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#18Adelaide Sokolov 

Default on Fri Jul 21, 2017 8:53 am

The fight was something new. As Ophelia was mostly supportive but Alice first wanted to try out how much Scraggy could handle. She wasn't full of herself but she knew little companions, Ophelia could take a lot but couldn't inflict any damage herself. She didn't want to kick Scraggy to the moon for obvious reasons. She had gone easy with her spear and no armour to see also how much damage he could do and to challenge him for she believed that's what Chelvaric wanted.

Even though he was a small companion the fight wasn't over in a blink of an eye and she liked that. She and Ophelia both had learned a little. She would show the Cathedral to Chelvaric later now that everything about the demonic possession topic was rested and they sort of had fun. The spar was a bit of that, it was of course an attempt on a serious fight but also taken lightly and just enlighten the mood and keep it that way.

Since most of the day had gone, after eating a cupcake and fighting, Alice decided to say goodbye and hope to meet another day. Mostly she wanted to enjoy her dinner either by herself or with the person that was perhaps waiting for her in the Bed & Breakfast. She would tell Konstantin about the other Neko she met if she got the time, or if she didn't forget.


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