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Substitute Teacher [Quest: Kerii]

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Kerii awoke in the small inn she was staying at for the time being. The previous job she had done went exceedingly well, especially at the end. She didn't expect Khalash to give her that magical licorice root. Not only did it taste good, but she was fairly certain it made her stronger as well. She couldn't be one hundred percent sure, but the root certainly made her feel stronger. Why else would she suddenly feel a rush of energy after chewing on it? Sure, it could have rejuvenated her, but she didn't think that was the case. It wasn't the feeling of getting water dumped on your head on a hot summer day. It was something that somehow made her feel stronger then before, but she couldn't quite place her finger on it. It frustrated her just thinking about what it did. Kerii supposed that she would just find out some other time one way or another. Or maybe not, who knows. She wasn't exactly doing anything at the moment that would draw her attention towards her capabilities. At least, not yet.

After getting ready for the day, Kerii looked out the window. It was a nice day, she thought. The sky didn't look cloudy so she didn't think it would rain that day. It would be either a good day to relax or a good day to take on a quest. Kerii took one look at her wallet and decided that it would be better to spend her time completing a quest, especially if she was going to be spending more time at the inn. She would need money for both her stay and for her rent back home. Being a mage wasn't cheap, but it paid well and gave Kerii a sense of satisfaction.

The elven mage exited the inn and made her way to the request board. She saw no sign of Videns. Perhaps he took a quest already or maybe he was taking a day off. Maybe he just didn't take one yet today. She didn't know why she was thinking of him so much though. They only did a few requests together and they didn't even talk much while they did them, so why? She needed to get him out of her mind and focus, and after a few moments, that's exactly what she did.

Kerii selected a quest put out by a woman named Sandine. She was a teacher at a school in Magnolia and she needed a substitute. Attached to the request were the notes on the lessons she wanted to be taught. Elves were known to value intelligence and often prided themselves on it as well. In elven villages, the wise were just as equally respected as the powerful. If not, they were even more respected. And, since Kerii grew up respecting and valuing intelligence, she would be more than happy to share some of her intelligence with some of the little children in Magnolia. Kerii took the request along with the notes and set off towards the school.

It didn't take Kerii long to find the school. It was one of the first notable buildings she saw when she first came to Magnolia. It was a nice school she thought. It was better than most schools she saw in Orchidia, but then again Orchidia wasn't exactly the best town to raise a child in. It certainly wasn't any Magnolia or Crocus, but it was sufficient. Kerii entered the school and asked where she could find Sandine's class. She was directed to a classroom that was already half full of students. Once the bell rang, the class became completely full and she began writing her name on the board: Ms. Virrel. She turned to the class and said, "Hello, I'm Ms. Virrel, your sub for today. Unfortunately Ms. Sandine's mother is sick so she's going to go visit her. First, I'm going to take attendance." Kerii took attendance just like any other teacher or substitute would and tried her best not to mispronounce anyone's name, but of course, there was always that one person in class with a strange last name that almost nobody knew how to pronounce. Kerii knew the pain of mispronounced names. The way elves pronounced letters, mostly vowels, differed from how most people in Fiore pronounced them. But after attendance was taken, Kerii was able to move onto something she knew she couldn't mess up: simple math.

First up was addition and subtraction. Afterwards, it would be lunch and recess followed by a lesson on division and multiplication. She had no idea what level these students were at yet, but she assumed that they knew the basics. "So, we'll start with additon. Who can tell me what the number is called when it's the result of numbers added together? For example, when 2 and 2 are added together, what is 4 called?" She saw a couple hands go up and called on a blonde haired girl who said that it's a sum, which was correct. At least the class new that much. She moved onto doing some practice problems. She gave them completely numerical problems and also real world word problems to make it easier to understand. She did the same with subtraction after she made sure that the class knew what a difference was.

It didn't seem like much time had passed before it was time for lunch and recess, but for the class it seemed like an eternity. She guessed that teaching was more fun than learning. Kerii was actually really enjoying this job. It was much better than delivering cupcakes as some "cupcake courier." The only thing Kerii regretted was not bringing a lunch.

After lunch and recess, the children came back in and all sat down in their seats. Kerii continued the lesson doing the exact same thing she did with addition and subtraction, but with multiplication (and that the result of multiplication was a product) and division (and that the result of division was a quotient). At the end of the school day, she was paid by another teacher and Kerii went on with her day.

WC: 1,024/1,000

Substitute Teacher [Quest: Kerii] EBrRwks
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